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St. Anthony Hall was founded at Columbia College and New York University on January 17, 1847.

Founders of Alpha chapter[edit]

Bookplate from library of the Railroad Financier S.F. Barger, a founding Member. Bookplate created by the prominent engraver Edwin Davis French

According to the 20th edition (1991) of Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities ISBN 0-9637159-0-9, two founding members are cited:

  • Edward Forbes Travis
  • Charles Arms Budd (N.Y.U. 1850), medical doctor [1]

According to the 1st edition (1879) of Baird's [2]), there are four founding members cited, with Charles Budd the only name in common.

  • Charles Arms Budd
  • William Myn Van Wagenen (Columbia College)
  • John Hone Anthon (Columbia College), leader of the Apollo Hall Democracy, a political group that worked to bring Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall to justice.
  • Samuel F. Barger (Columbia College), Lawyer and railroad director and financier associated with the Vanderbilts.[3][4]

The discrepancy appears to arise from editorial decisions by Baird's. Another source provides similar data [5]. A complete listing of the chapter membership in its first few years may be found in an 1881 edition of a Columbia College directory [6].

The book A Tour Around New York contains contemporaneous sketches of life and associates a number of Columbia College students including Barger, Anthon, Col. H.S. Olcott (listed below under Other 19th century) and Stewart L. Woodford (listed below in Congress). [7]

The 1889 Catalogue of the Members of the Fraternity of Delta Psi has been scanned by Google. It lists Samuel W. Barger as a founding member and a lawyer. [8]

Some notable members[edit]


John Lawson Stoddard, (1850 - 1931) famous lecturer and best selling author of travelogues.

Thomas Nelson Page, (1853 - 1922) popular author and diplomat. US Ambassador to Italy 1913 to 1919

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