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This is a complete list of Members of the United States House of Representatives from Arizona and non-voting Delegates to the United States House of Representatives from Arizona Territory. Statehood was granted in 1912.

Representative / Delegate Party District Years District home Note
Barber, RonRon Barber Democratic 8th 2012 – 2013
2nd 2013 – present Incumbent
Bashford, ColesColes Bashford Independent Delegate 1867–1869
Bean, Curtis CoeCurtis Coe Bean Republican Delegate 1885–1887
Cameron, Ralph HenryRalph Henry Cameron Republican Delegate 1909–1912
Campbell, John GoulderJohn Goulder Campbell Democratic Delegate 1879–1881
Conlan, John BertrandJohn Bertrand Conlan Republican 4th 1973–1977
Coppersmith, Samuel G.Samuel G. Coppersmith Democratic 1st 1993–1995
Douglas, Lewis W.Lewis W. Douglas Democratic At-large 1927–1933
English, KaranKaran English Democratic 6th 1993–1995
Flake, JeffJeff Flake Republican 1st 2001–2003
6th 2003 – 2013
Franks, TrentTrent Franks Republican 2nd 2003 – 2013
8th 2013 – present Incumbent
Giffords, GabrielleGabrielle Giffords Democratic 8th 2007–2012
Goodwin, John NobleJohn Noble Goodwin Republican Delegate 1865–1867
Gosar, PaulPaul Gosar Republican 1st 2011 – 2013
4th 2013 – present Incumbent
Greenway, Isabella SelmesIsabella Selmes Greenway Democratic At-large 1933–1937
Grijalva, Raúl M.Raúl M. Grijalva Democratic 7th 2003 – 2013
3rd 2013 – present Incumbent
Harless, Richard F.Richard F. Harless Democratic 2nd 1943–1949
Hayden, CarlCarl Hayden Democratic At-large 1912–1927
Hayworth, J. D.J. D. Hayworth Republican 6th 1995–2003
5th 2003–2007
Kirkpatrick, AnnAnn Kirkpatrick Democratic 1st 2009–2011
2013–present Incumbent
Kolbe, JimJim Kolbe Republican 5th 1985–2003
8th 2003–2007
Kyl, JonJon Kyl Republican 4th 1987–1995
McCain, JohnJohn McCain Republican 1st 1983–1987
McCormick, Richard CunninghamRichard Cunningham McCormick Unionist Delegate 1869–1875
McNulty, Jr., James FrancisJames Francis McNulty, Jr. Democratic 5th 1983–1985
Mitchell, HarryHarry Mitchell Democratic 5th 2007–2011
Murdock, John R.John R. Murdock Democratic At-large 1937–1943
1st 1943–1953
Murphy, Nathan OakesNathan Oakes Murphy Republican Delegate 1895–1897
Oury, Granville HendersonGranville Henderson Oury Democratic Delegate 1881–1885
Pastor, EdEd Pastor Democratic 2nd 1991–2003
4th 2003 – 2013
7th 2013 – present Incumbent
Patten, Harold A.Harold A. Patten Democratic 2nd 1949–1955
Poston, Charles DebrilleCharles Debrille Poston Republican Delegate 1864–1865
Quayle, BenBen Quayle Republican 3rd 2011 – 2013
Renzi, RickRick Renzi Republican 1st 2003–2009
Rhodes, John JacobJohn Jacob Rhodes Republican 1st 1953–1983
John Jacob Rhodes III Republican 1st 1987–1993
Rudd, Eldon D.Eldon D. Rudd Republican 4th 1977–1987
Salmon, MattMatt Salmon Republican 1st 1995–2001
5th 2013–present Incumbent
Schweikert, DavidDavid Schweikert Republican 5th 2011 – 2013
6th 2013 – present Incumbent
Senner, Jr., George FrederickGeorge Frederick Senner, Jr. Democratic 3rd 1963–1967
Shadegg, John B.John B. Shadegg Republican 4th 1995–2003
3rd 2003–2011
Sinema, KyrstenKyrsten Sinema Democratic 9th 2013–present Incumbent
Smith, Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius Smith Democratic Delegate 1887–1895
Delegate 1897–1899
Delegate 1901–1903
Delegate 1905–1909
Steiger, SamSam Steiger Republican 3rd 1967–1977
Stevens, Hiram SanfordHiram Sanford Stevens Democratic Delegate 1875–1879
Stump, BobBob Stump Democratic 3rd 1977–1983
Republican 3rd 1983–2003
Udall, MoMo Udall Democratic 2nd 1961–1991 Resigned due to failing health
Udall, Stewart LeeStewart Lee Udall Democratic 2nd 1955–1961
Wilson, John FrankJohn Frank Wilson Democratic Delegate 1899–1901
Delegate 1903–1905


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