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Abellio route T33.jpg
Operator Abellio London
Garage Beddington Cross (BC)
Vehicle Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Dart 10.8m
Peak vehicle requirement 10
Night-time No night service
Start Addington Village tram stop
Via Forestdale
South Croydon
East Croydon
End West Croydon station
Length 7 miles (11 km)
Level Daily
Frequency 8-15 minutes
Journey time 24-38 minutes
Operates 05:30 until 00:45

London Buses route T33 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Addington Village tram stop and West Croydon station, it is operated by Abellio London.

It is a Tramlink feeder service, based on the Croydon half of Metrobus' route 354, which was withdrawn when Tramlink was opened to the public. The service connects with the trams at Addington Village tram stop and bus station. TfL introduced feeder routes to connect local estates with the network as a way of replacing the many routes they curtailed or withdrew as part of the scheme.


Route T33 has its roots in Tillingbourne's 'shopper route', numbered 354. Introduced in May 1982, it connected Sanderstead to Bromley via Forestdale. Soon after Tillingbourne's London operations were bought by the local management and became known as Metrobus, and route 354 was altered to run from West Croydon station to Bromley.[1]

In 1986, the service was upgraded to a regular Monday-Friday service, but was withdrawn between Selsdon and Croydon town centre. One year later, after considerable opposition from local residents, route 354 was routed via Selsdon Vale, providing the estate with its first bus service. To coincide with this, it was also re-extended to East Croydon, terminating at the Fairfield Halls.[2]

When Metrobus' main route in South Croydon, route 357, was withdrawn, both routes 354 and 353 underwent major timetable overhauls. In the case of route 354, the Forestdale-Croydon frequency was increased to every 20 minutes, while the Bromley section was cut back to operate only from 08:30 until 18:30.[3]

On 20 May 2000, route 354 was renumbered T33 to coincide with the opening of Tramlink. The Bromley section of the route was withdrawn, with the route terminating at Addington Village tram stop. The route moved from commercial operation to a Transport for London tendered route.

Upon being re-tendered, on 19 May 2012 the route passed to Abellio London's Beddington garage with Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Darts.

Current route[edit]


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