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Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala in the Indian state of the Punjab is located on the Jalandhar-Firozpur line.


Established in 1986, the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) is the second coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways. Its foundation stone was laid by the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. It is located 4–5 km away from Kapurthala and some of its area touches Hussainpur which is a small town. It has manufactured around more than 25,000 passenger coaches of 51 different types including self propelled passenger vehicles. Some of them are:

  • 1st AC Sleeper Coach (BG)
  • 2 Tier AC Sleeper Coach (BG, MG)
  • 3 Tier AC Sleeper Coach (BG)
  • AC (Air-Conditioned) Inspection Coach (BG)
  • AC Chair Car, Executive Class & Economy Class (BG, MG)
  • AC Buffet Car (BG)
  • AC Power Car (BG)
  • MG Diesel Electrical Multiple Units
  • Main Line Electrical Multiple Units (BG)
  • Non-AC Sleeper Class Day Coach (BG)
  • Non-AC General Coach (BG/MG)
  • Non-AC Luggage-cum-Brake Van (BG/MG)
  • Refrigerated Parcel Van (BG)
  • Non AC Inspection Coach (BG)
  • High Capacity Parcel Van (BG)
  • Accident Relief Train (BG)
  • Post Office Coach (BG)
  • Coaching Container Flats (BG)
  • Double Decker Coach (BG)
  • Non-AC Day Coach (BG)

RCF's Environment-A boon for its residents[edit]

This part of Kapurthala District is sandy and semi-arid. Soil of this region is not very fertile ever since the RCF project came in to being ceaseless efforts have been put into make it a worth living place. RCF is planned and erected in such a way as to be compatible to all-round development. In this pursuance, mass plantation was taken up together with the quality work of the building raising simultaneously. Planned species in the lap of mother nature began to grow keeping the pace with the progress of steel and concrete erections.Gradually, they were cared to grow into trees for enfolding the jungle made up of steel and concrete. Now, the barren sandy soil laced with trees has turned into green patch, where once were acacia, thorny bushes and sarkanda grass all over.

The concerted efforts of Civil Engineering Department manifest in the form of the lush green foliage cover of tiny blades of grass and dark tree line over the RCF. The RCF sparkles as if she is encased in an emerald and an eternal brilliance is covering her with ever green trees. Every nook and corner of total 1178 acres of the RCF land has been planned. Nearly 2 lakh trees are adding charm to this engineering marvel. RCF golf course is aimed a beautiful landscape. Its sprawling course soothes mind, Its ridges covered with evergreen trees allure tired eyes. Twittering of birds and cooing of ducks in lake complex fill the surroundings with liveliness. Whenever a tired workman goes to the bank of the serene lake, he gets tranquility in its fullest. The gentle breeze pats the tired workman to put him back into life. Here, the energy cycle rejuvenates and the robust workman revitalizes.At RCF, almost every house hold has grown fruit trees. Residents of the township are encouraged to nourish the flowers and plants and they respond enthusiastically. It is one of the unique features in RCF that people are inspired by the natural settings that they step out to embellish their surroundings and take keen interest in horticultural activities. By-lanes are furnished with ornamental trees, dual carriage ways have various parks along the side blooming blossoms. Trees are along the ways .In flowerings seasons the blooming blossoms greet all and sundry to RCF with smile and fragrance. In spring seasons all lanes bear verdant look and RCF becomes a bride wearing wedding robes of myriad colors.

RCF has a Health Resort[edit]

Heavy Plantation in RCF has helped check the evil effects of green house gases as photosynthesis process of food making by the trees utilize more carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen in abundance. Therefore, plenty of fresh air is everywhere. The large number of trees in RCF also mitigate severe effect of rising mercury in summer and stimulate clouds for rain.

Various opportunities are present for RCF's people for enhancing their health. RCF's management has provided many opportunities for the people seeking for their health imrpovement as well as physical exercises by constructing:



A 65-bed Hospital equipped with latest machines which supplies free medicine and free check-up to railway staff and their family members.

A Lake complex in which boating channel is present. Various rides are present and a park in the memory of martyr of War of Kargil in 1971. It also have 'Lakshman Jhula' tied with metal ropes between two hills.

2 football stadium having track in one stadium for runners

Various 'Open' Volleyball courts equipped with sufficient flood lights

1 cricket stadium

1 Olympic size swimming pool and one regular size pool

3 Air-conditioned Gyms equipped with latest machines

3 badminton halls for Badminton lovers with each hall having 2 courts and wooden finished floors

1 Lawn Tennis court having 2 courts

1 Skating ring, 8 Basketball courts

3 Clubs for Parties and other arrangements.

Various parks have been built which have different types of rides for kids's enjoyment .

A Golf Course

Residents Needs[edit]

A. Schooling Facilities :

Five Schools are functioning in RCF Township. Details are as under:-

1. Kendriya Vidhyalaya :

This School offers education in English medium from 1st to 10+2 on CBSE pattern. The School is run by Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan. It is situated near Type ? IV D/S Quarters.

2. Govt. Sr. Sec. School :

This school offers education in Punjabi medium from 6th to 10+2. The School is run by Punjab School Education Board. It is situated near football ground.

3. Govt. Elementary School :

This School offers education in Punjabi medium from 1st to 8th standard. This School is also run by Punjab School Education Board. It is situated near Type ? I Quarters,

4. Jack N Jill Sr. School :

This ..school ..is run under.. the aegis of RCF.. Women Welfare Organization (WWO) to impart education in English medium & standard.education from Ist to 6th standard.

5. Jack N Jill Jr. School(Balwari School) :

This school is also run under the aegis of RCF/WWO it imparts education to tinny-tots with modern techniques from Pre-Nursery to UKG classes. 6. Kendriya Vidhyalaya 2 :

This School offers education in English medium from 1st to 10+2 on CBSE pattern. The School is run by Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan. It is in the way of West Colony.

B. Shopping Complex Facilities :

There is a main shopping complex and a number of mini shopping complexes located in different areas of RCF campus as under:- 1. Main Shopping Complex :

This Shopping Complex houses all types of shops which cater to the daily needs of the residents. It has a Kendriya Bhandar which provides groceries at subsidised prices. It is located between Type-III Quaters and LLR Hospital.

2. Mini Shopping Complexes :

Besides the main shopping complex, there are mini shopping complexes located near each type of Quarters, for essential commodities. They are located at the following places:

- Near Kendriya Vidhyalaya. - Type ? III Qtrs. - Two Mini shopping complexes near Jack N? Jill school in Type-II. - Near Dushera Ground. - Near Water Tank in Type ? I. - Western Colony.

C. Banking Complex :

All the Banks are situated in a cluster near the Main Shopping Complex : 1.State Bank of Patiala with ATM facility. 2.Punjab & Sindh Bank. 3. UTI Bank (ATM facility). 4. RCF Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society. 5. Post Office.

D. Canteen :

One modern and well equipped statutory staff canteen has been established in the Workshop area, which is catering to the needs of more than 7000 employees, by supplying Tea/Snacks/Cold-drinks and meals (Lunch) etc. It has a seating capacity of 1200 persons.

E. Karamchari Kalyan Kosh :

To provide immediate financial help to the family of employees, who expires in service, a scheme has been launched under the name of Karamchari Kalyan Kosh. Under this scheme, all staff including officers are covered and immediate help is provided to the aggrieved family. Rs. 15/- as subscription is being deducted from the salary. A sum of Rs. 56500/- is paid to the family of deceased employee.

F. Handicraft Centre :

To impart training in stitching, cutting & embroidery to ladies, a handicraft center is functioning from 09.00 to 13.00 hrs in Jack N Jill School.

G. Creche :

To meet the demands of working couples of RCF, RCF /WWO is running a Crèche with modern facilities in Qtr. No. 81-D, Type IV. H. Computer Centre :

To educate RCF employees and their wards with computer related knowledge, a computer centre is run by RCF/ WWO in Qtr No. 81-C, Type IV.

Environment Management Awards[edit]

Golden Peacock Award

· Golden Peacock award for Eco-Innovation-2006

· Golden Peacock award for Environment Management 2008

· Greentech Environment Excellence Gold Award : 2008

· Golden Peacock award for Environment Management 2009

· Greentech Environment Excellence Gold Award : 2009

· Golden Peacock award for Environment Management 2011

· Greentech Environment Excellence Silver Award : 2012


Air-conditioned LHB Coach of Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhani

This output constitutes over 35% of the total population of coaches on Indian Railways. The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) has produced record number of coaches in the financial year 2013-14, as it reached the mark of 1701 coaches against installed capacity of 1500 per annum. During the year RCF produced 23 different variants of coaches for high-speed trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, double decker and other trains. The factory in association with DRDE also developed a highly cost-effective indigenous technology for treatment of bio waste in coaches. Around 2096 bio-toilets have been fitted in 2013-14. [1]

Linke Holfmann Busch (LHB) coaches[edit]

RCF is equipped with CAD centre and CNC machines to undertake design and manufacture of bogies, shell (both with stainless steel and corten steel). RCF has also manufactured LHB Coaches coaches for both Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express. The production of LHB coaches for year 2013-14 was around 400 coaches.[2] The plan is to increase the production to 1500 by year 2016-17.[3]

Double Decker coaches[edit]

Air-conditioned double-decker coach

In 2010, new double decker coaches rushed out from the Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory which now run as a train between Howrah and Dhanbad (Howrah – Dhanbad Double Decker Express ).These coaches are capable of running at 160 km/h tested at 180 km/h. Each coach will have a seating arrangement for 120 passengers inside the reclining chair-car AC train. The seats have been divided in a way that when a person enters from the door at the ends then there are 22 seats fitted on the normal level. Walking further, the coach has been divided—with 50 seats on the upper deck and 48 seats on the lower deck. This has increased seating arrangements increase by 54%.

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