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Ride On
Ride On logo.svg
Ride On 5317 at Glenmont.jpg
A Gillig diesel-electric hybrid bus at Glenmont station, in the most recent paint scheme
Parent Montgomery County
Headquarters 101 Monroe Street, 5th Floor, Rockville, Maryland, U.S.
Service type Bus service, paratransit
Routes 80
Fleet 540
Fuel type CNG, Diesel, Diesel-electric hybrid
Website http://www.MontgomeryCountyMD.gov/

Ride On is the primary public transportation system in Montgomery County, Maryland. Ride On serves Montgomery County as well as the community of Langley Park in Prince George's County. Ride On also serves the Takoma Metro station, and Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Ride On operates 80 routes, including operating three Metrobus routes on weekends.[1]


Ride On began service in 1975.

In 1989, 57 30-foot Gillig Phantom buses, the first buses in the second-generation blue-and-white scheme, went into service. These buses retired in 2004.

In the spring of 1996, Ride On's first CNG buses, the 1996 35-foot Orion V buses, went into service. These buses have since retired.

In early 2004, Ride On's first low-floor buses, the 2003-04 35-foot Orion VII CNG buses (5900-5932), went into service.

In 2006, Ride On's first 5 hybrid-electric buses, the 2006 40-foot Gillig Low Floor aka Gillig Advantage buses (5300-5304), went into service. The following year (2007), eight additional 40-foot Gillig Low Floor hybrid-electric buses (5305-5313) went into service.

Between the summer and fall of 2008, Ride On's first low-floor diesel buses, the 2008 29-foot Gillig Advantage (5001-5006) and 2008 40-foot Gillig Advantage buses (5726-5746), went into service. They are the last buses in the second-generation blue-and-white paint scheme.

In 2009, Ride On introduced a new logo and blue-yellow-green paint scheme with the delivery of new Gillig Advantage clean diesel and hybrid buses.

In the autumn of 2011, Ride On's 12 40-foot Gillig Low Floor hybrid buses (5349-5360) and one clean diesel bus (5758) went into service. All 13 of these buses were purchased with funds from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. 7 additional 40' Gillig Low Floor hybrid buses (5361-5367), which were also purchased with stimulus funds from the ARRA, went into service in mid-2012.

In July 2012, Ride On retired all 62 of its 2007 Champion cutaway buses due to fires and replaced them with 30 1998 30-foot Orion V buses. All 30 of these units were formerly operated by Washington's WMATA.

On September 19, 2013, 12 new 40-foot Gillig Low Floor clean diesel buses (5759-5770) went into service. A week later (September 26, 2013), 28 new 29-foot Gillig Low Floor clean diesel buses (5032-5059) - the largest order of these bus models to date - also went into service. Also, the 2013 29-foot Gillig Low Floor clean diesel buses replaced all of the 2003 model shuttle transit vehicles (STV) that were formerly operated by Pittsburgh's Port Authority of Allegheny County.

In April 2014, 19 brand-new 2014 40-foot Gillig Low Floor CNG buses (5837-5855) entered service. They are Ride On's first new CNG buses in almost a decade (2005 35' Orion VII CNG buses, which went into service in 2006).


Ride On's current fares are $1.75 for riders using cash and for riders using SmarTrip. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities ride free. As with all other transit providers in the Washington Metro Area, as of January 4, 2009, Ride On stopped the issue or acceptance of paper transfers. Riders wanting transfer credit must use a SmarTrip card to get the rail-to-bus discount or to transfer free from bus to bus.


  • Route 1: Silver Spring-Friendship Heights. Runs daily.
  • Route 2: Silver Spring-Lytonsville. Runs daily. Service was added to Walter Reed in the late 1990s. This route also provides service to Ride On's Silver Spring bus garage.
  • Route 3: Silver Spring-Takoma. Runs rush hour Monday–Friday with AM service going to Silver Spring station and PM Service to Takoma station.
  • Route 4: Silver Spring-Kensington. Runs Monday–Friday. Was rerouted from Colesville-East West-16th to 2nd Avenue in the late 1990s.
  • Route 5: Silver Spring-Twinbrook Station. Runs daily. Rerouted from 2nd Ave to Spring and 16th Streets in late 1990s.
  • Route 6: Grosvenor-Parkside-Montgomery Mall. Runs Monday–Friday. Service to Wheaton station was discontinued in September 2009 and replaced by route 37.
  • Route 7: Wheaton-Forest Glen. Runs Monday-Friday. Service to Kensington via Plyers Mill Road discontinued in September 2010.
  • Route 8: Silver Spring-Wheaton via Forest Glen Rd. Runs Monday–Saturday.
  • Route 9: Silver Spring-Wheaton via Amherst Ave. Runs daily. Also serves as the midday Wheaton Plaza shuttle, replacing the old route 40 in 1998.
  • Route 10: Twinbrook Station-Hillandale. Runs Daily. Replaced the old Metrobus route C6 (Randolph Road) in 1998.
  • Route 11: Silver Spring-Friendship Heights. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour. Morning service from Silver Spring station, and afternoon service from Friendship Heights station.
  • Route 12: Silver Spring-Takoma via Carroll Ave. Runs daily.
  • Route 13: Silver Spring-Takoma via Sligo Creek Parkway. Runs rush hour Monday–Friday.
  • Route 14: Silver Spring-Takoma via University Blvd. Runs Monday-Saturday. Some midday trips serve Eastern Middle School students.
  • Route 15: Silver Spring-Langley Park via Piney Branch Rd. Runs daily. 2nd highest ridership among Ride On routes at 4,500 per day.
  • Route 16: Silver Spring-Takoma via New Hampshire Ave. Runs daily. Service was extended from Langley Park to Takoma Metro via New Hampshire and Ethan-Allen Avenues in 1997 in the aftermath of Takoma Park's secession from Prince Georges to Montgomery County in 1997.
  • Route 17: Silver Spring-Langley Park via Montgomery College. Runs daily.
  • Route 18: Silver Spring-Langley Park via Takoma Station. Runs daily. On the weekends, this route operates between Langley Park and Takoma only.
  • Route 19: Silver Spring-Northwood. Runs Monday–Friday with morning service to Silver Spring station and afternoon service to Dallas Avenue.
  • Route 20: Silver Spring-Hillandale via Piney Branch Rd. Runs daily.
  • Route 21: Silver Spring-Briggs Chaney Park & Ride. Runs Monday–Friday Rush Hour with AM service to Silver Spring station and afternoon service to Briggs Chaney. Service on this route began in 2007.
  • Route 22: Silver Spring-Hillandale via White Oak Research Center. Runs Monday–Friday rush hours.
  • Route 23: Friendship Heights-Sibley Hospital. Runs Monday–Saturday. Saturday service began on the late 1990s.
  • Route 24: Hillandale-Takoma. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour with AM Service to Takoma station and PM service to Hillandale. Service was extended from Northwest Park to Hillandale in the late 1990s.
  • Route 25: Takoma-Langley Park via Maple Avenue. Runs Monday–Friday with service extended from Maple and Kennebec Avenues to Langley Park in 2009.
  • Route 26: Montgomery Mall-Glenmont. Runs daily. Weekend service to National Capitol Trolley Museum discontinued in 2008. Replaced original Metrobus route C8 in 1996.
  • Route 28: Silver Spring VanGo Shuttle. Runs every seven minutes Monday–Friday from 7:00 am–7:00 pm.
  • Route 29: Bethesda-Glen Echo/Friendship Heights. Runs between Friendship Heights and Bethesda Metro Monday-Friday, and Friendship Heights-Glen Echo on weekends. Replaced Metrobus N8 in early 1990s between Glen Echo and Friendship Heights, and original Ride On route 31 between Glen Echo and Bethesda in mid-1990s.
  • Route 30: Bethesda-Medical Center. Runs Monday–Friday.
  • Route 31: Wheaton-Glenmont. Runs rush hour Monday–Friday. Service began in 1998, coinciding with Glenmont Metro's opening.
  • Route 32: Bethesda-Naval Ship Center/Cabin John. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 33: Glenmont-Medical Center. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour. Before Glenmont Metro opened, service ran between Wheaton and Medical Center stations. In 2003, service was extended to Bethesda station via East Bethesda to replace the old route 27. Service to Bethesda discontinued on September 5, 2010.
  • Route 34: Aspen Hill-Friendship Heights. Runs daily. Also served as a midday Downtown Bethesda shuttle until the late 1990s. AM and PM rush service extended from Wheaton station to Aspen Hill in the late 1990s to replace the old route 41. Service extended from Bethesda station to Friendship Heights station via Wisconsin Avenue on May 4, 1998, replacing the old route 42.
  • Route 36: Bethesda-Potomac via Hillandale Rd. Runs Monday–Friday. AM and PM rush hour service diverts to Hillandale Road in 2003, replacing a portion of the old route 27.
  • Route 37: Wheaton via Grosvenor-Potomac. Runs Monday–Friday. AM and PM rush service extended from Grosvenor station to Wheaton station via Strathmore Ave and Plyers Mill Road in September 2009, essentially replacing Ride On route 6 between Wheaton and Grosvenor.
  • Route 38: Wheaton-White Flint. Runs Daily. This route used to operate between Wheaton station and Montgomery Mall until January 13, 2013, when it was truncated from Montgomery Mall to White Flint station (see Route 42 below for more information).
  • Route 39: Glenmont-Briggs Chaney Park & Ride. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour. Service diverted from Wheaton station to Glenmont station in 1998 after Glenmont Metro opened.
  • Route 41: Aspen Hill-Glenmont. Runs daily. Replaced Metrobus Y6 in 1998.
  • Route 42: White Flint-Montgomery Mall. Runs daily. Line was split from route 38 on January 13, 2013.
  • Route 43: Shady Grove-Traville Transit Center-Fallsgrove Center. Runs Monday-Saturday.
  • Route 44: Twinbrook-Rockville. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 45: Rockville Regional Transit-Twinbrook/Rockville. Runs Monday-Saturday.
  • Route 46: Rockville-Hwy. 355 (Montgomery College-Rockville)-Medical Center. Runs daily. This route is extended to Shady Grove station on Sundays.
  • Route 47: Rockville-Montgomery Mall-Bethesda. Runs daily. This route ran between Rockville and Grosvenor stations via Montgomery Mall on Monday–Saturday before being rerouted in 2002 to Bethesda station to replace the route 35 on Greentree and Fernwood Roads, along with the addition of Sunday service.
  • Route 48: Wheaton-Rockville. Runs daily. This route replaced Metrobus Q4 in the early 1990s.
  • Route 49: Rockville-Glenmont. Runs daily. This route replaced Metrobus Y4 in 1998.
  • Route 51: Glenmont-Norbeck Park & Ride. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 52: Rockville-Medstar Montgomery Medical Center. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 53: Shady Grove-Glenmont. Runs Monday–Friday Rush hour. Service was extended from Olney to Glenmont metro along Georgia Avenue in 1998, coinciding with the opening of Glenmont Metro.
  • Route 54: Rockville-Lakeforest via Lakeforest Mall. Runs daily.
  • Route 55: Rockville-Germantown Transit Center. Runs daily. This route is the most heavily used route with over 8,000 passengers a day. On Sundays, this route does not serve Rockville station as it operates between Germantown Transit Center and Shady Grove station only. As of October 21, 2013, every other weekday midday trip operates between Rockville station and Lakeforest only.
  • Route 56: Rockville-Lakeforest via Lost Knife Rd. Runs daily.
  • Route 57: Shady Grove-Lakeforest via Redland Rd. Runs daily.
  • Route 58: Shady Grove-Lakeforest via East Village. Runs daily.
  • Route 59: Rockville-Montgomery Village. Runs daily.
  • Route 60: Shady Grove-Montgomery Village. Runs Monday-Friday rush hour. AM service to Shady Grove station and PM service to Montgomery Village.
  • Route 61: Shady Grove-Germantown Transit Center. Runs daily.
  • Route 63: Rockville-Shady Grove. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 64: Shady Grove-Montgomery Village via Centerway Rd. Runs daily.
  • Route 65: Shady Grove-Montgomery Village via Midcounty Hwy. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour. AM service to Shady Grove station and PM service to Montgomery Village.
  • Route 66: Shady Grove-Traville Transit Center via Shady Grove Hospital. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour. AM service to Traville Transit Center and PM service to Shady Grove.
  • Route 67: Shady Grove-Traville Transit Center via Fredrick Rd. Runs Monday–Friday Rush Hour. AM service to Shady Grove station and PM service to Traville Transit Center.
  • Route 70: Germantown-Bethesda Express. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 71: Shady Grove-Kingsview Park & Ride via Hopkins Rd. Runs Monday–Friday rush hour.
  • Route 74: Shady Grove-Germantown Transit Center. Runs Monday–Friday.
  • Route 75: Clarksburg Correctional Facility-Germantown Transit Center
  • Route 76: Shady Grove-Poolesville
  • Route 78: Shady Grove-Kingsview Park & Ride via Great Seneca Hwy.
  • Route 79: Shady Grove-Germantown
  • Route 81: Rockville-White Flint
  • Route 83: Germantown Transit Center-Milestone Park & Ride
  • Route 90: Shady Grove-Damascus
  • Route 93: US-HHS-Twinbrook Station
  • Route 94: Kingsview Park-Germantown Marc Station (all service was discontinued October 18, 2013)
  • Route 96: Grosvenor-Rock Spring-Montgomery Mall
  • Route 97: Germantown Transit Center-Gunners Lake
  • Route 98: Germantown Transit Center-Seabreeze Court
  • Route 100: Shady Grove-Germantown Transit Center Express. Runs daily and operates without intermediate stops via I-270 and I-370.


The former Ride On logo, used as the primary logo from the 1990s until mid-2009. It is still used on some older buses.

Ride On operates a fleet consisting mainly of Diesel, CNG, and Diesel-electric hybrid buses produced by Orion Bus Industries, Gillig Corporation and New Flyer Industries.

Year Manufacturer Model Length (ft.) Picture Engine/Transmission Fleet Series (Qty.)
<<< Diesel >>>
1999 Gillig Phantom 35
Ride On Gillig Phantom 5410
DDS 50/Voith D863.3
Cummins M-11/Allison B400R
1996 Orion 05.503 (V) Cummins M-11/Voith D863.3 5550-5566
(17) *all units retired as of September 30, 2013
1998 5572-5579
(8) *all units retired as of September 30, 2013
1999 40
Ride On Orion V
DDS 50/Voith D863.3 5705-5725
2001-02 05.504 (V) 35 Ride On 5618 at Glenmont.jpg 5580-5623
2008-13 Gillig Low Floor 29 Cummins ISL/Allison B400R 5001-5059
Ride On 5755
<<< Diesel-electric Hybrid >>>
2006-12 Gillig Low Floor 40 Ride On 5312 at Glenmont.jpg Cummins ISB/Allison EP-40 HybriDrive 5300-5313, 5314-5367
<<< Compressed Natural Gas >>>
2000 Orion 05.501 (V) 40
Ride On Orion V CNG
DDS 50/Voith D863.3 5803-5821
(19) *all units retired as of May 2014
2003-05 Orion 07.502 (VII) 35 Ride On 5924 at Shady Grove.jpg DDS 50or Cummins Westport C Gas Plus/Voith D864.3
Cummins Westport C Gas Plus/ZF 5HP592C
2005 New Flyer C40LF 40
Ride On New Flyer C40LF
Cummins Westport C Gas Plus/Allison B400R 5822-5836
2014 Gillig Low Floor(CNG) 40
New CNG Gillig Low Floor #5848 on Route 59.
Cummins ISL-G/Allison B400R 5837-5855

The bus fleet, owned and operated by Ride On, is distributed among three garages in Kensington Silver Spring and Gaithersburg. Gaithersburg garage is located adjacent to the Shady Grove Metro rail yard.


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