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Systematic (IUPAC) name
1-(4-fluorophenyl)- 4-{4-hydroxy- 4-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] piperidin-1-yl} butan-1-one
Clinical data
AHFS/ International Drug Names
Legal status
Routes Oral
CAS number 749-13-3 N
ATC code N05AD02
PubChem CID 5567
ChemSpider 5366 YesY
UNII R8869Q7R8I YesY
Chemical data
Formula C22H23F4NO2 
Molecular mass 409.417 g/mol
 N (what is this?)  (verify)

Trifluperidol is a typical antipsychotic of the butyrophenone chemical class. It has general properties similar to those of haloperidol, but is considerably more potent by weight, and causes relatively more severe side effects, especially tardive dyskinesia and other extrapyramidal effects. It is used in the treatment of psychoses including mania and schizophrenia. It was discovered at Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1959.


Trifluperidol Synthesis: P. Janssen, J. Adriaan, GB 895309  (1962), U.S. Patent 3,438,991 (1969).


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