Woodward, Inc.

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Woodward, Inc.
Type Public (NASDAQWWD)
Industry Aerospace, Energy
Founded 1870
Headquarters Fort Collins, CO
Products pumps, power convertors, valves, actuators, fuel nozzles, injectors, metering units, solenoids, ignition systems, cockpit controls, governors, motors, electronics, sensors
Revenue $1.71B[1] USD (Green up.png%+17.5 FY2011)
Employees 6,200[2]
Website www.woodward.com

Coordinates: 40°33′13.45″N 105°3′39.82″W / 40.5537361°N 105.0610611°W / 40.5537361; -105.0610611

Woodward, Inc. is an independent designer, manufacturer, and service provider of control solutions for the aerospace and energy markets. The aerospace systems and components are designed to optimize the performance of fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms in commercial, business and military aircraft, ground vehicles and other equipment. The energy-related systems and components are designed to enhance the performance of industrial gas and steam turbines, reciprocating engines, compressors, wind turbines, electrical grids and other energy-related industrial equipment.

Aerospace Market[edit]

The Woodward, Inc. Aerospace segment designs, produces and services systems and products for the management of fuel, air, combustion and motion. These products include pumps, valves, fuel nozzles, metering units, cockpit controls, actuators, motors, and sensors. These products are used on commercial, business and military aircraft, as well as weapons and defense systems. Woodward, Inc. also has significant content on a wide variety of commercial aircraft, rotorcraft and business jet platforms, including the Airbus A320, Boeing 787, Bell 429 and the Gulfstream G650. The company also has significant content on military applications, such as the Blackhawk helicopter, F-35 fighter jet, M1A1 Abrams Tank and guided tactical weapons, such as the Direct Attack Guided Rocket (“DAGR”).\

Energy Market[edit]

The Woodward, Inc. Energy segment designs, produces and services systems and products for the management of fuel, air, fluids, gases, electricity and motion. These products include power converters, actuators, valves, pumps, injectors, solenoids, ignition systems, governors, electronics and devices that measure, communicate and protect low and medium voltage electrical distribution systems. The company's products are used on industrial gas turbines, aeroderivative turbines, reciprocating engines, electrical grids, wind turbines and compressors. The equipment on which their products are found is used to extract and distribute fossil fuels, generate, distribute or store electricity, and to convert fuel to work in marine, locomotive and industrial equipment applications.


The journey began in Rockford, Illinois in 1870 with Amos W. Woodward's invention of a noncompensating mechanical waterwheel governor (patent No. 103,813).[3] Thirty years later his son, Elmer, patented the first successful mechanical compensating governor for hydraulic turbines (patent No. 583,527).[4] Elmer E. Woodward conceived, designed and developed the first successful propeller control in 1933.[citation needed] This model PW-34 propeller governor is on display at the Smithsonian Institution.[citation needed] Today, approximately 75% of all propeller-driven aircraft use Woodward AES controls.[citation needed] A growing number of general aviation and commuter aircraft rely on Woodward AES overspeed governors, synchronizers and synchophasers for the turboshaft, turboprops and reciprocating engines. As engine controls have moved toward electric-based systems, Woodward has responded with a line of electric propeller controls.[citation needed] The engines that are controlled by Woodward Aircraft engines systems are from world wide engine manufacturers. A few examples are from Honeywell, TPE331, General Electric(G.E.90). Pratt & Whitney Canada (PT6A series)[citation needed] For more historical facts and figures check out the oldwoodward.com website.