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Traded as NYSEUNM
S&P 500 Component
Industry Employee benefits (disability, life and critical illness insurance)
Founded Tennessee
Key people
Thomas R Watjen, President and CEO
Bill Ryan, Chairman of the Board;
Rick McKenney, CFO
Revenue $10.35 billion (2013)[1]
$858.1 million (2013)[1]
Number of employees
9,200 (2013)[1]
Website www.unum.com

Unum Group NYSEUNM is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Fortune 500[2] insurance company formerly known as UnumProvident.[3] Unum Group was created by the 1999 merger of Unum Corporation and The Provident Companies[3] and comprises three distinct businesses — Unum US, Unum UK, and Colonial Life. Its underwriting insurers include The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company and Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company.[1] Unum is the top disability insurer in both the United States and United Kingdom[4] and also offers other insurance products including accident, critical illness and life insurance.[5]

As of December 2013, Unum had 9,200 full-time employees and annual revenue of $10.35 billon.[1] Thomas Watjen has led Unum as its CEO since 2003.[6]


Early History: Unum Corporation[edit]

Union Mutual Life Insurance was incorporated in 1848 in Maine.[7] The company issued its first policy, which covered the life of founder and company president Elisha B. Pratt for $5000, on October 1, 1849.[7] Union Mutual's principal office at the time was located in Boston, Massachusetts, where Pratt resided.[7][8] Union Mutual remained headquartered in Boston until 1881, when the state of Maine passed a law that required the principal office and headquarters of all insurance companies incorporated by the state to be located within the state.[7] The company relocated to Portland, Maine.[7][8]

In 1940, the company acquired most of Massachusetts Accident Company's health and accident insurance business.[8] The acquisition was Union Mutual's first expansion beyond individual life and endowment insurance.[8][9] In 1969, Union Mutual established the insurance industry's first downstream holding company, which facilitated the company's continued expansion and diversification.[10][11] Union Mutual also established its group disability business in the 1960s.[8][9] Group disability would become the company's flagship product.[12][13]

Union Mutual became the first major mutual insurance company to demutualize in 1986.[8] Company CEO Colin Hampton had been pushing for demutualization since 1970 and the company formally began the process of converting to a publicly held company in January 1985.[8][14] Union Mutual, now renamed Unum, began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in November 1986.[10]

The company also began selling off underperforming businesses during the 1980s.[8] From 1982 to 1990, Unum abandoned many insurance products, including medical insurance, individual life insurance, general investment contracts, and individual annuities and pensions.[8] Under the leadership of then-CEO James Orr, the company turned its focus to long-term group disability insurance.[8]

In March 1990, Unum acquired National Employers Life Assurance Holdings, which at the time was the United Kingdom's largest disability insurer.[15] The company later acquired Duncanson & Holt, a reinsurer and insurance underwriter for the accident and health insurance sectors.[16] In 1993, Unum acquired the Colonial Companies, parent company of Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company.[17] Colonial focused on individual insurance products, including accident, cancer and life insurance policies.[17] Unum began offering individual disability policies under the Unum brand once again in 1995.[8]

Early History: The Provident Companies[edit]

The Provident Companies was founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in May 1887 as Mutual Medical Aid and Accident Insurance Company. The company originally specialized in providing both medical-aid and accident insurance to employees in high-risk industries, including miners and coal workers.[18] Within a few months, the company’s founders became concerned that a single disease epidemic would bankrupt the company. Mutual Medical Aid and Accident purchased back all outstanding medical-aid policies and reincorporated as Provident Accident Insurance Company. Provident only issued accident policies.

In 1892, Thomas Maclellan and John McMaster purchased a 50% stake in the company for $1000. The two men purchased the remaining 50% equity in 1895 and Mclellan was the company's sole owner and president by 1900.[18] Maclellan reorganized the company from being mutually held to a stock company in 1910.

Thomas Maclellan served as president of Provident until he was struck by an automobile and unexpectedly died 1916.[19] Robert Maclellan, the son of Thomas, assumed the presidency of Provident following his father's death.[19][20] Provident began selling life insurance the following year, in 1917, and the first life insurance policy issued by the company covered Robert Maclellan's life.[20] The company also began offering railroad insurance.[20]

Provident wrote its first group policy in 1924. The company expanded its operations with its 1926 acquisition of Detroit, Michigan-based Standard Accident Company. Provident operated in 34 states by 1928. It also acquired Southern Surety Company in 1931 and Meridian Insurance of West Virginia in 1938.[20] The company expanded into Canada in 1948.[20]

In November 1993, J. Harold Chandler became president and chief executive officer of Provident.[21] Chandler had previously served as a senior executive at NationsBank.[21] Chandler initiated a company-wide restructuring at Provident, which included the 1995 sale of its health-related business to Healthsource for $231 million.[22] Provident also increased its focus on individual disability and life policies with the 1997 acquisition of the Paul Revere Corporation, a Worcester, Massachusetts-based provider of individual disability insurance, from Textron for $1.2 billion.[23] The purchase of Paul Revere made Provident the nation's largest provider of individual disability policies.[23]

Unum Group (1999 — present)[edit]

Unum and Provident announced their intention to merge in November 1998.[12] When the merger was completed in 1999, the new company, named UnumProvident, was the United States' largest disability insurance provider.[24] Then-Unum chairman and chief executive James Orr was retained in as chairman and CEO of UnumProvident, which was headquartered in Portland, Maine.[24]

Company Chief Operating Officer J. Harold Chandler, who had served as Provident's chief executive prior to the merger, succeeded Orr as UnumProvident CEO in November 1999.[25] The company sold Provident National Assurance, a holding company for its life insurance and variable annuity business, to Allstate in 2001.[26] In 2002, UnumProvident relocated its headquarters from Portland, Maine to Chattanooga, Tennessee.[27] The former Provident Companies was headquartered in Chattanooga.[27]

UnumProvident acquired Sun Life Financial's United Kingdom-based group insurance business in 2003.[28] Thomas Watjen replaced Orr as UnumProvident’s chief executive later that year.[6] The company also sold its Japanese and Argentine businesses.[28]

In 2007, UnumProvident was renamed Unum.[29] The Unum moniker was last used by the Unum Corporation prior to the 1999 merger.[29] In 2012 and 2013, Unum partnered with the Consumer Federation of America to release reports which examined the use of disability insurance by American workers.[30][31] According to numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that were cited by the report, two-thirds of American workers do not carry disability insurance policies.[32] In addition, the report found that, among other things, workers know little about disability insurance, despite expecting financial hardship if they were to become unable to work.[30][31]

Corporate Structure[edit]

Unum Group's Massachusetts headquarters at One Mercantile Place in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts

Unum is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.[1] The company has additional offices in Portland, Maine; Columbia, South Carolina; Worcester, Massachusetts; Glendale, California; and Dorking, England.[1] Thomas Watjen has served as Unum president and chief executive since 2003.[6] William Ryan is the company's chairman.[33]

Unum is divided into three business segments: Unum US, Unum UK and Colonial Life.[1] It provides disability insurance, as well as group benefits, life insurance and other services.[5][34]

Corporate responsibility[edit]

Unum supports corporate responsibility programs in four categories: community involvement, diversity, public policy, and green initiatives.[35] Unum's global charitable giving topped $13.5 million in 2013, including 100,000 volunteer hours logged by company employees.[36]


  • Forbes' America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies 2013[37]
  • Forbes' America's Most Reputable Companies 2012-2013[37][38]
  • Newsweek's Green Companies 2012[39]
  • Center for Political Accountability recognition 2011[40]
  • Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index 2010-2012[41]
  • Human Rights Campaign Corporation Index 2009-2011[42][43][44]
  • UK Corporate Adviser Awards - Best Group Risk Provider 2012-2013[41]
  • UK Health Insurance Awards - Best Group Risk Provider 2011-2012[41]
  • UK Cover Excellence Awards – Best Group Income Protection 2011[41]


In 2002, Unum received negative attention when several plaintiff's attorneys claimed that the company denied long-term disability insurance claims.[45] Unum stated that "only 2% of the policyholders who filed a claim with the company last year [2001] were found not to be disabled, an amount consistent with prior experience."[46]

In 2004, Unum entered into a regulatory settlement agreement (RSA) with insurance regulators in over 40 states.[47] The settlement related to Unum's handling of disability claims and required the company "to make significant changes in corporate governance, implement revisions to claim procedures and provide for a full re-examination of both reassessed claims and disability insurance claim decisions after the January 2005 effective date of the RSA."[48] The review was completed and a final report issued in April 2008.[48] Mila Kofman, the Maine Superintendent of Insurance, said, "The strong new processes and the resulting change in corporate culture – measured by the very low rate and in some cases the 0% error in claim determinations is remarkable," and that Unum had become "a model for other insurers."[49]

Since 1994, Unum has been advising the United Kingdom government on claims. The company has been involved with the UK's controversial Welfare Reform Bill.[50][51] Unum was investigated by the BBC in England.[52]

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