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Events from the year 1956 in France.



  • 2 January - Legislative Election held.
  • 1 February - Socialist leader Guy Mollet becomes prime minister
  • 2 March - Morocco declares its independence from France.
  • 20 March - Tunisia gains independence from France.
  • 23 May - Minister Pierre Mendès-France resigns due to his government's policy on Algeria.
  • 23 June - Loi Cadre passed by the French National Assembly, first step in the creation of the French Union.
  • 10 September - Guy Mollet visits London and proposes a merger of France and the United Kingdom. However the idea is rejected by British Prime Minister Anthony Eden.[1]
  • 28 September - Eden considers allowing France to join the Commonwealth of Nations, but this idea is also rejected.[1]
  • 31 October - Suez Crisis: The United Kingdom and France begin bombing Egypt to force the reopening of the Suez Canal.
  • 6 November - British and French forces seize control of two Egyptian ports before declaring a ceasefire.[2]
  • 7 November - Suez Crisis: The United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution calling for the United Kingdom, France and Israel to withdraw their troops from Arab lands immediately.
  • 23 December - British and French troops leave Suez Canal. region.[3]
  • The Tefal cookware firm is established.

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