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For other uses, see Fifty-Fifty.
50–50 (Fifty-Fifty)
Fifty Fifty.PNG
Fifty Fifty logo
Created by 2waytraffic Endemol and RTI[disambiguation needed]
Presented by Gerry Scotti
Country of origin Italy
Running time 30–120 minutes
Original release April 21 – May 25, 2008

50–50 is a television game show which offers large cash prizes for correctly answering a series of randomized multiple-choice questions of varying difficulty. The format is a spin-off of the quiz show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The format was created by 2waytraffic Endemol and RTI[disambiguation needed] and aired in many countries around the world.


Unlike the traditional Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, this game is played by a team of two players.

In round 1, the playing pair will answer ten questions. Each question is worth a different random amount, and all the money they win goes into their jackpot. If at any point they get an answer wrong, the value of the jackpot is halved. The team plays together but will answer each question separately.

Only one player in the couple (determined at random) sees the question and its two answers. They will have ten seconds to lock in their answer. After the first player selects an answer, the host turns to the second player and shows them the question and the answer that the first player chose. (They are not shown the answer that their partner turned down.) Player 2 must now decide whether to agree with Player 1's answer, or to switch the team's answer to the other answer, whatever it may be. If the question is ultimately answered correctly, the value of the question will be added to the bank. Otherwise, the current value of the bank is halved.

In round 2, the host poses five questions to one player of the team in succession. After playing them, the other player would have only seen one of the two choices. Now the second player will look at all five answers and determine how many questions the first player answered correctly. If the player guesses too few or too many, the winnings are reduced to zero.

Final phase[edit]

In the final phase, the host asks five questions to one of the two competitors, this will have 10 seconds to answer each question and her partner will on his electronic screen stand the answer. He or she will decide whether to confirm or choose the option that has not been seen. At the end of the questions the contestant who does not see both answers will have to make a prediction of the number of correct answers given. The total prize money can be won only if the forecast is 5 and proves correct, otherwise the part of the prize money that is won will be proportionately less. If the number of correct answers is guessed, the pair win the prize, otherwise they receivee the consolation prize.


Country Name Host Channel Year shown Prize
Fifty Fifty Enkel Demi RTSH
Klan Kosova
April 14, 2013 – present 25.000
 Egypt Fifty-Fifty Ashraf Riad ERT 1 November 5, 2010 – present ج.م250,000
 Greece Fifty-Fifty George Liagkas Mega TV 2008-2009 30,000
 Italy Fifty-Fifty Gerry Scotti Canale 5 April 21 - May 25, 2008 300,000
 Japan クイズ 50-50
Quiz Fifty-Fifty
Toshihiro Itō BS Fuji May 7, 2008 – present ¥3,000,000
 Macedonia Педесет-Педесет
Predrag Pavlovski
Žarko Dimitrioski
A1 June 30, 2008 – present 300,000 ден
   Nepal Fifty-Fifty Madan Krishna Shrestha NTV unknown Rs.500,000
 Spain Fifty-Fifty Silvia Jato Cuatro July 1 - September 6, 2008 50,000
 Sweden Postkodlotteriets 50-50 Sofia Rågenklint TV4 September 22, 2008 - April 23, 2009 55,000 kr
 Thailand 50-50 Ṭhnạth Tạnnuchittikul TV3 November 2, 2009 - October 12, 2010 5,000 baht
 Turkey Birimiz İkimiz İçin İlker Aksum TRT 1 October 10, 2010 – present 100,000 TL
 Vietnam Fifty Fifty Thiên Bảo VTV3 December 21, 2008 - January 21, 2015 20.000.000 VND

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