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This article is about the fashion company. For the designer himself, see Giorgio Armani. For other uses, see Armani (disambiguation).
Giorgio Armani S.p.A.
Founded 1975
Founders Giorgio Armani
Nat Stack
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Area served
Key people
Giorgio Armani
Revenue Increase €1.8 billion (2011)

Giorgio Armani S.p.A. (pronounced [ˈdʒɔrdʒo arˈmaːni]) is an Italian fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics and home interiors. The brand markets these products under several labels, from the most expensive to the most accessible.:[1] Armani Prive, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani(EA7) , Armani Collezioni, AJ | Armani Jeans, AX | Armani Exchange. The brand utilizes the association of the Armani name with high-fashion, benefiting from its prestige in the fashion industry. By the end of 2005, estimated sales of the company were around $1.69 billion. Armani is the fastest growing fashion brand.[2]

Giorgio Armani is planning, in collaboration with Emaar Properties, a chain of luxury hotels and resorts in several big cities including Milan, Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Dubai.[citation needed] The company already operates a range of cafés worldwide, in addition to a bar and nightclub.


A Giorgio Armani boutique in Chicago

Giorgio Armani[edit]

Giorgio Armani is a high-end label specializing in men's and women's ready-to-wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, and perfumes. It is available only in Giorgio Armani boutiques, specialty clothiers and select high-end department stores. The logo is a curved "G" completing a curved "A", forming a circle.

Emporio Armani[edit]

Emporio Armani/Chater House in Hongkong

The label features trendy ready-to-wear and runway collections.

Emporio Armani focuses on trends and modern traits. Also, Emporio Armani is the only Giorgio Armani diffusion line that is mainly designed by Giorgio Armani, and has a spotlight at Milan Fashion Week every year while Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, and Armani Exchange do not. Emporio Armani is sold in freestanding Emporio Armani boutiques in high-end department stores and its official website.[3]

Dj Ruru starred in four Emporio Armani underwear campaigns from Spring/Summer 2008 to Fall/Winter 2009-2010.[4] Beckham appeared with his wife, former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria, in the campaigns twice in 2009.[5] All campaigns were photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.[4]

In January 2010, football star Cristiano Ronaldo and Hollywood movie star Megan Fox became the male and female face and body of Emporio Armani. In 2011 Megan Fox was replaced with Rihanna and Ronaldo was replaced by tennis athlete Rafael Nadal.[6] Emporio Armani has teamed up with Reebok to create fashion shoes under the label EA7.

Emporio Armani has boutiques in Frankfurt, Amman, Bahrain, Jeddah, Bogotá, Miami, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Madrid, Chicago, Paris, London, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Dubai, Lima, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, New York, San Francisco, Zürich, Cape Town, Santiago de Chile, Melbourne, Manila, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jakarta, Dominican Republic, São Paulo, and many other cities around the world. Stat shows that because of the lower quality materials used in the manufacturing of,Emporio Armani products is not as popular and therefore are priced accordingly.

On December 2, 2013, the newest boutique was opened in Saint Petersburg, Russia.[7]

Armani Collezioni[edit]

Armani Collezioni at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

Armani Collezioni (formerly Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni) is a sub-label. The line is more expensive than Armani Jeans and Armani Exchange, but less expensive than the high-end, ready-to-wear line Giorgio Armani and the haute couture line, Armani Privé. The main difference between Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni is that the former aims at a younger age group and focuses on each season's trends like other designer brands in Milan fashion week, while the latter is a former & business style aimed at an older age group . The logo is usually displayed black written on a white label, but often varies. "Armani" being larger and "Collezioni" underneath it. It provides made-to-measure tailored suits and shirts where every element can be chosen. In addition to being sold in the two freestanding boutiques (which feature the Collezioni line exclusively) in Milan and Paris, Armani Collezioni is sold in high-end department stores including Barneys New York, Holt Renfrew, Bloomingdale's, David Jones, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and more recently, Lord & Taylor. Last year, a sporty line of this label has appeared named "Armani Collezioni Active" in the same way as the EA7 line from Emporio Armani line.

Armani Jeans[edit]

Armani Jeans store in Dresden

Armani Jeans is a bridge-line collection of denim-related clothing, created in 1981, by Giorgio Armani. Armani Jeans is mainly sold in department stores, although there are many freestanding Armani Jeans stores in the world, in addition to an Armani Jeans Cafe in Milan. Some Armani Jeans items are sold in Emporio Armani Stores.

This line does not feature Giorgio Armani's signature simplicity. The colors used are more diverse than those found in his higher end lines.

Brazilian Midfielder Kaka was signed to endorse the jeans.[when?]

Armani Exchange[edit]

Armani Exchange store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

A|X Armani Exchange was launched in 1991 in the U.S. It retails fashion and lifestyle products and is known for its occasionally provocative ad campaigns. Inspired by street-chic culture and dance music, it is targeted as the more accessible Armani brand.[citation needed]

To accelerate development of the nascent line, Giorgio Armani co-established the joint venture company Presidio Holdings Ltd in 2005 alongside Como Holdings, the company owned by the Singaporean tycoon Ong Beng Seng that, since 1994, has held the production and distribution license for A/X Armani Exchange in the United States, Canada, Central and South America and Asia-Pacific.

Initially, the Italian company held 25% of Presidio Holdings, the remaining 75% in the hands of Como Holdings. Giorgio Armani had nothing to do with the brand itself other than the owners using the name "Armani". In 2008, however, Giorgio Armani acquired an additional 25% stake. It has now acquired the remaining 50% "ensuring full ownership of the brand, which has 270 stores and over 3,000 employees", the company said in a statement.

Armani Exchange products are available exclusively in 270 stores in 31 countries and on the brand's website. The first A|X store opened in September 1991 in the SoHo district of Manhattan and is considered the flagship.

Armani Junior[edit]

An Armani Junior boutique in New York City, United States in 2013.

Giorgio Armani also designs products specifically made for babies, toddlers and teenagers up to sixteen year old adults.[8] He therefore came up with a new label called Armani Junior with a separate label within the product line entitled Armani Baby.[9] The Armani Junior brand was introduced in 1979.[10] The sub-label was often critized in the public eye because Armani occasionally uses real fur for the Armani Junior autumn and winter collections. The brand was also critized as it seems unreasonable for a large amount of the public to dress small children in high-end and luxury clothes which families with a regular or even comfortable income cannot afford.[11] The junior line consists of baby clothing and accessoires as well as t-shits, pullovers, suits, smokings, shoes, hats, shirts, belts, bags, underwear and accessoires for both young teenagers and young adults.[12] This Armani line is often viewed as the direct competitor Italian luxury brand to Young Versace.

Armani Junior has 167 independent boutiques around the globe which sell the sub-label only. The label is also sold in other stores by the label including Armani/Casa, Armani Jeans or Emporio Armani. In total, 308 independent and franchise Armani stores sell the Armani Junior and Armani Baby products throughout the whole world.[13] In addition, the label is available in selected department stores everywhere in the world, for example Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Breuninger and Peek & Cloppenburg.[14]

The label is a multi-million Dollar business, as the sub-label sold products woth of 2600 million Euros and earned about 750 million in 2010 and in 2011, sold products worth of about 3100 Euros and earned about 900 Euros. In 2012, the label boosted the sales, earning 1100 million Euros, selling products worth of 3600 million Euros. In 2013, the label gained sales of about 3550 million Euros, earning again 1100 million Euros that year alone.[15]

In May 2014, Quvenzhané Wallis was named the face of Armani Junior, which makes her the first major child celebrity to be the face of a luxury brand.[16]


An Armani/Casa boutique in Lisbon, Portugal in December of 2007.

The Armani label also consists of a furniture and home collection called Armani/Casa.[17] The word "casa" is the Italian for "house" but here rather means "at home".[18] Giorgio Armani launched his interior design collection in 2000 with a flagship store opening in Milan, Italy the same year. When Armani was asked about why he wanted a furniture line, Armani said that he wanted "people to design their own private home". "Designing this furniture and home collection helped me to stimulate my creative and artistic vein", Armani said. Critics responded very positively to the Armani/Casa label calling the style "simply elegant, a little retro with Ethno elements" to it. A lot of critics also liked the fact that there are only a "few ornaments" used but with "artistic detail" which seem to have a "tremendous effect on the style and furniture" itself.[19]

Armani collaborates with Rubelli and the Molteni Group to build the home collection.[20] As the Architectural Digest reported in February of 2012, that Armani/Casa includes state-of-the-art kitchens, sold under the Armani/Dada name – a partnership with Molteni Group, as well as luxurious fabrics produced in collaboration with Rubelli.[21] Armani/Roca is yet another partnership, which provides Giorgio Armani with bathroom furniture and accessoires.[22] The sub-label consisting of variegated products[23] is sold in 183 independent Armani stores as well as selected retailers throughout the world.[13] From 2000 on, Armani/Casa is a multi-million Dollar success for the label.[24]

Armani/Casa is used in the Armani hotels,[25] equipped John Mayers New York City apartment[26] and decorated the scenes for the 2013 film Paranoia.[27]


A 2008 Armani/Dolci gift box. Since then, Giorgio Armani designed various other packages for the product.

A confectionery is also under the Armani name.[28] The brand was established in 2002.[29] For the creations and collections Armani collaborates with the Italian chocolate manufacturer Venchi.[citation needed] Giorgio Armani and Daniele Ferrero who is the president of the Venchi group talked about their upcoming long-term relationship in 2010: "This new collaboration with Venchi represents the natural fusion of my desire to offer our clients Armani/Dolci products of the highest quality, already recognised and appreciated throughout the world, with the exceptional skills and traditions of the Italian market leader in the quality chocolate sector.", said Armani. Later Ferrero replied: "Our intention is to build Armani/Dolci into the benchmark for fine Italian confectionery throughout the world".[30]

Armani/Dolci sells chocolates, jams, honey, tea, shortbread biscuits, sugar, marrons glaces, fruit jellies and pralines.[31] The brand is mostly part of other Armani stores but has got an independent boutique in Taichung, Taiwan.[32] In total, 152 stores sell the Armani/Dolci products.[13]

Over the years, Armani created various limited Armani/Dolci products to celebrate special occasions.[33] For example, Armani designed chocolate easter eggs,[34] heart-shaped boxes with red, pink and lilac chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day,[35] as well as a Ramadan collection for the Muslim holiday[36] featuring refined colours of Islamic art and no alcohol.[37] In addition, Armani/Dolci sells special delicate collections for Christmas[38] and its significant anniversaries.[39]

The Armani/Dolci brand is well received by both critics and the public.[40]


The Armani/Fiori boutique at the Chater House in Hong Kong.

The Giorgio Armani label has also got a florist under its name, called Armani/Fiori.[41] The exclusive floral service is active since 2000 in major independent flower boutiques and other Armani stores around the world.[42]

The flowers used for the Armani/Fiori arrangements come mostly from Holland. The label uses a large selection of orchids, as well as exotic and tropical flowers alongside more traditional flowers such as hydrangeas, roses and peonies. Each collection is personally designed by Giorgio Armani himself as he wants to transport an "Asian feel".[43] In addition, Armani/Fiori offers decorative elements like vases, flowerpots, candles and lanterns.[44] For the colletions, Armani uses precious materials like alabaster, black marble, lacquered wood in the shape of cylinders, cubes, and rhomboids.[45] Giorgio Armani also designed special floral arrangements for occaisons like Valentine's Day[46] and spring collections.[47] The labels floral arrangements are used in the Armani hotels.[48]

According to the brands official website press release the label "brings essential and refined taste and the sophistication of the Armani style to the world of flowers and floral décor. For Giorgio Armani the relationship between clothes and living areas is harmonious and on a continuum. The boutique offers arrangements and decorative elements with clean lines in sophisticated colours, a sign of private luxury that is never ostentatious. The Armani/Fiori boutiques offer complete and personalised services. Clients, whether private, from a hotel or a company are attended to and guided through the selection of their ideal floral arrangements or décor. The style is unmistakably Armani: it is perceptible in the placement of flowers and leaves as it is in the objets d'art, vases, flowerpots, candles and lanterns found in the boutiques. Each element has been carefully studied to bring out the best in the flower arrangements in relation to the living area they will be placed in and the needs for which they have been chosen".[49]

Armani/Fiori is well received by fashion critics as well as professional florists.[50] The Hong Kong boutique was rated as one of the best flower shops in the nation,[51][52] due to flower arrangements the critics call "stunning" and "just as chic as the designer’s wearable collection".[53] Further reviews showed, the Armani/Fiori collection seems to be an innovative project for other major luxury fashion brands to fulfill.[54]


Giorgio Armani and Herrera Global signed an agreement in 2005 for Herrera Global to build and operate at least seven luxury hotels and three vacation resorts under the Armani name. Armani would be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the interior design and style of the hotels. The Armani hotel was opened in Burj Khalifa on April 27, 2010,[55] comprising the bottom 39 floors of the supertall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has 160 guest rooms and suites, and 144 residences. Giorgio Armani also designed the interiors of the Armani Residences, also within the skyscraper, and its specially designed line of products from the Armani/Casa home furnishings collection and the Armani/Fiori flower arrangements.[56] The "Burj Khalifa Armani Residences Road Show" toured Milan, London, Jeddah, Moscow and Delhi. The exhibition[57] was designed by Brash Brands, and won an International Design Award for its Signs, Exhibits and Point of Purchase (POP) Displays.[58] The London event was housed in the Armani Casa Showroom in New Bond Street.[59]


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