Ashwood High School

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Ashwood High School
Ashwood Secondary College.jpeg
Ashwood, Victoria
Coordinates 37°51′53″S 145°06′15″E / 37.8648°S 145.1041°E / -37.8648; 145.1041Coordinates: 37°51′53″S 145°06′15″E / 37.8648°S 145.1041°E / -37.8648; 145.1041
Type Public
Motto Vision Inspired Action
Established 1958
Principal Brett Moore
Years 7-12
Enrolment 364
Campus size 16 hectares (160,000 m2)
Colour(s) Blue, White, Yellow               
Ashwood Secondary College
Ashwood High School's facilities

Ashwood High School is a coeducational public school located in Ashwood, Victoria, Australia.

Ashwood offers a wide range of academic subjects and in 2016 introduced an Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment Program (ACE). This program is unique in that it is the only secondary school in the seat of Burwood with an accelerated learning program. Recently the curriculum has expanded to include an extensive arts programme. Recently Ashwood College received a grant to build a performing arts centre. This is located on the Vannam Drive side of the school connected to its school multi-purpose hall. This facility provides Ashwood with a greater ability to run its high quality performing arts productions and musical performances. The school was recently also allowed a grant to rebuild the majority of the classroom facilities throughout the school. This includes the Collaborative Learning Centre (opened in late 2014), as well as the Integrated Learning Centre, which will open in 2016.

In 2006 the school started a new 'I Can' program for Year 9s. This programme allows students to perform in more practical activities such as Dance, Self defence, going into nursing homes and into the Grand Prix with the teachers and a number of Year 11 students (as required).[1] The school also offers the Go Melbourne program for Year 9's, teaching them to navigate the city and develop various travel skills.


Jordanville Technical School was the first secondary school located in the area and it opened in 1954, followed by Ashwood High School in 1958. Ashwood College was formed in 1988 from the merger of Ashwood High School and Jordanville Technical School. The new school was located on the High School site, while the Technical School site, across the road, was eventually redeveloped for housing in 1993. [2] [3]

Ashwood High School (formerly Ashwood Secondary College / Ashwood College) was renamed 'Ashwood High School' in 2016. Notification of the name change appeared in the Victoria Government Gazette No. G3 Thursday 21 January 2016.

House system[edit]

  • Melba- Green
  • Paterson- Blue
  • Cowan- Yellow
  • Flynn- Red


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