Sineperver Sultan

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Sineperver Sultan
İstanbul 6000.jpg
The tomb of Sinepervar Sultan
at the Fountain (Şadırvan) Courtyard of
Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Eyüp, Istanbul
Valide sultan of the Ottoman Empire
Tenure29 May 1807 – 28 July 1808
PredecessorMihrişah Sultan
SuccessorNakşidil Sultan
Bornc. 1760/1761
Died11 December 1828 (aged 66-68)
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
SpouseAbdulhamid I
IssueMustafa IV
Esma Sultan
Şehzade Ahmed
Fatma Sultan
Ottoman Turkishسینه پرور سلطان
HouseOttoman (by marriage)
ReligionSunni Islam

Sineperver Sultan (Ottoman Turkish: سینه پرور سلطان‎; died 11 December 1828) alias Ayşe (Ottoman Turkish: عایشه‎) was the wife of Sultan Abdulhamid I and Valide Sultan to their son Sultan Mustafa IV of the Ottoman Empire.[1][2][3][4]


Sineperver was born in 1760 [5] or 1761 in Bulgaria [5]. She was brought up as a slave in 1774 and was pressed to Abdul Hamid I. She married Abdul Hamid on 18 March 1775 in a magnificent wedding. The next year she gave birth to a son the prince died young. [6] Then later she gave birth to a daughter Esma Sultan and then she gave birth to her last son Mustafa (later Mustafa IV) on 8 September 1779. [7] Sineperver Sultan performed Valide Sultan's obligations as de facto co-ruler of the Ottoman Sultan for fourteen months from 29 May 1807 until 28 July 1808. She was responsible for his education, but Mustafa preferred to live a life of pleasure instead of focusing on his studies. Her regency culminated by the deposition of Mustafa IV as a result of an insurrection led by Alemdar Mustafa Pasha on 28 July 1808. She apparently fell on hard times, for she wrote Mahmud II a letter in which she asked him for a house to live in.[1]

She lived more than twenty years after the execution of Mustafa IV by order of the next Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II. She died in 1828 in Constantinople. Her burial place is located at The Fountain (Şadırvan) Courtyard of Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Eyüp, Istanbul.[8]


Together with Abdul Hamid, Sineperver had four children:

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Ottoman royalty
Preceded by
Mihrişah Sultan
Valide Sultan
29 May 1807 – 28 July 1808
Succeeded by
Nakşidil Sultan