Bada Valley

Coordinates: 1°52′48″S 120°15′00″E / 1.88000°S 120.25000°E / -1.88000; 120.25000
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Two Dutch ladies standing by a statue in Bada Valley in the 1930s

Bada Valley or Napu Valley, located in the Lore Lindu National Park in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, contains hundreds of megaliths of undetermined age that are called watu ("stone") in the local Badaic languages and arca ("statue") in Indonesian. The purpose of the megaliths and their builders are unknown.

Main Megaliths[edit]

Megalithic Baula statue in the Bada Valley
Two tourists next to the Palindo megalith in 2015.
Local Name Translation Size Comments Location
Palindo Entertainer 4.5m 1°51′34.54″S 120°15′17.79″E / 1.8595944°S 120.2549417°E / -1.8595944; 120.2549417
Mesinga Wearing a Scarf
Maturu Sleeping 3.5m
Oba Monkey 1°52′6.99″S 120°13′53.26″E / 1.8686083°S 120.2314611°E / -1.8686083; 120.2314611
Baula Buffalo
Ari Ipohi 1°52′38.73″S 120°15′20.23″E / 1.8774250°S 120.2556194°E / -1.8774250; 120.2556194
Loga Relieved Heart 1°51′49.50″S 120°16′46.68″E / 1.8637500°S 120.2796333°E / -1.8637500; 120.2796333
Langke Bulawa Golden Bracelet 1.8m 1°51′11.23″S 120°17′29.50″E / 1.8531194°S 120.2915278°E / -1.8531194; 120.2915278

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1°52′48″S 120°15′00″E / 1.88000°S 120.25000°E / -1.88000; 120.25000