Balkan Gagauz Turkish

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Balkan Gagauz
Rumeli Türkçesi
Native toTurkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia
Native speakers
(330,000 cited 1993)[1]
Latin script, Cyrillic alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3bgx

Balkan Gagauz, also known as Balkan Turkic and Rumelian, is a Turkic language spoken in European Turkey, in Dulovo and the Deliorman area in Bulgaria, and in the Kumanovo and Bitola areas of North Macedonia.[3] Dialects include Gajal, Gerlovo Turk, Karamanli, Kyzylbash, Surguch, Tozluk Turk, Yuruk, and Macedonian Gagauz. Although it is mutually intelligible with both Gagauz[3] and Turkish to a considerable degree, it is usually classified as a separate language due to foreign influences from neighboring languages spoken in the Balkans.


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