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Logo for the Bitflu program.png
Developer(s)Adrian Ulrich
Initial release2009
Stable release
1.52 / 2015-07-11
Written inPerl
Operating systemUnix-like
Available inEnglish
TypeBitTorrent client
LicenseArtistic License 2.0

Bitflu is an open-source, BitTorrent client by Adrian Ulrich. It is available for Unix-like systems and is written in Perl.[1]


  • Multiple downloads
  • IPv6 Support
  • Designed to run as a daemon/No GUI: You can connect to the client via telnet and/or http (AJAX)
  • Security: The client can chroot itself and drop privileges
  • Bandwidth shaping (upload+download)
  • Crash-Proof design: Crashes or a full filesystem will never corrupt your downloads again :-)
  • Non-Threading/Non-Forking: All connections are handled in non-blocking state using epoll (or kqueue on *BSD)


Bitflu has received good reviews, both in open-source software sites [2] and blogs,[3][4] praising it for being lightweight and feature-complete.

Even so, Bitflu seems to be largely unknown, reportedly commanding only 0.000025% of the total BitTorrent traffic.[5] According to one reviewer, this could be due to its non-automated, relatively elaborated install procedure, which could be putting off a "majority of users who can't do anything more complicated than a click-next-until-finish install".[6]

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