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Blue Mountains Transit has taken over the Blue Mountains Bus Company which was a combination of Mountainlink and Pearce. They have depots in Valley Heights, Katoomba and Emu Heights. They operate commuter and school services, mostly within the areas of Katoomba, Springwood, Faulconbridge, Blaxland, Blackheath, Penrith and Mount Victoria. The network is controlled by the New South Wales Government's transport authority, Transport for NSW, and is part of the authority's Opal ticketing system.

Ticketing and fares[edit]

The bus network uses the smartcard-based Opal ticketing system. Opal is also valid on train services in the area but separate fares apply. Opal's bus fares are the same as those for Sydney's light rail. Bus drivers also sell non-smartcard Opal single trip tickets. The single trip tickets are more expensive than the standard Opal fare. They are only valid for travel on the bus service on which they are purchased.[1] The following table lists Opal fares for reusable smartcards and single trip tickets:

Bus or light rail 0–3 km 3–8 km 8 km+
Adult cards $2.10 $3.50 $4.50
Other cards $1.05 $1.75 $2.25
Adult single trip $2.60 $4.20 $5.40
Child/Youth single trip $1.30 $2.10 $2.70

Card fares as of 4 January 2015. Single trip fares as of 5 September 2016.[2][3]

Tourist buses[edit]

Some buses in the Blue Mountains area are tourist buses (such as Trolley Tours which is part of Blue Mountains Transit,[4] and the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus)[5] running loops starting at Katoomba through various attractions or lookouts.

Bus Routes[edit]

  • See 600 series bus routes page, then show "List of 600 Series bus routes" for a list of bus routes operated by Blue Mountains Transit.


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