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A bus ticket, costing 30 Lek

The Bus lines in Tirana (Albanian: Linjat Autobusi ne Tiranë) are the bus lines in Tirana, Albania. Despite the introduction of new buses, passengers experience overcrowding.


Recently introduced buses in Tirana

The Following lines run through Tirana.[1] Some start at the city centre at Skanderbeg Square (hence the name "Qender") or near the Clock Tower of Tirana.

In addition, there are several bus lines linking Tirana to several shopping centers in the suburbs:

Further, there exists a line serving Tirana International Airport from and to Skanderbeg Square:

  • Rinas Express

A useful web and Android application regarding Tirana's Public Transportation such as lines, directions, times and costs can be found at Tirana Bus Stations. An Android application is also available for download at Google Play Apps.

Intercity Buses and Minibuses[edit]

Tirana dos not have a central bus terminal, thus inter-city lines depart in different locations. For up to date information, please refer to [1].


All the buses cost 30 Lek, this includes the tax of the ministry of finance.


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