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Basic information
Location 22 Motoyama, Takasaka-chō, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima-ken, 729-0471
Affiliation Rinzai
Country Japan
Architectural description
Founder Kobayakawa Haruhira
Guchu Shukyu
Completed 1397 or 1399

Buttsū-ji (佛通寺?) is a Buddhist temple head one of fourteen autonomous branches of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, founded in 1397 or 1399 by the lord of Mihara—Kobayakawa Haruhira; its first Abbot was Buttoku Daitsu Zenji. The temple is named after its honorary founder, the Chinese master Buttsu Zenji. Located in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, the temple is head of the Buttsū-ji branch of Rinzai Zen, governing forty-seven temples.[1][2]

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