Chasm Provincial Park

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Multiple flood basalt flows and trees in Chasm Provincial Park
More multiple flood basalt flows and trees in Chasm Provincial Park

Chasm Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada located near the town of Clinton. Expanded to 3067 hectares in 1995, the park was originally created in 1940 to preserve and promote a feature known as the Painted Chasm, or simply The Chasm, a gorge created from melting glacial waters eroding a lava plateau over a 10 million year span called the Chilcotin Group. The walls of the Chasm contain tones of red, brown yellow, and purple and are an average of 300 metres in height. The Chasm is approximately 600 metres wide and 8 km long, and lies adjacent to the route of the Cariboo Road, which limns the northern apex of the Chasm alongside the Canadian National Railway line. In addition to the park upland areas of ponderosa pine, marshes and lakes are included in the park's boundaries.


Bighorn Sheep, moose, mule deer, black bear, coyote, small mammals, songbirds and birds of prey.

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Coordinates: 51°10′45″N 121°26′15″W / 51.17917°N 121.43750°W / 51.17917; -121.43750