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In Russian folklore, the Chuchunya is an entity said to dwell in Siberia. It has been described as six to seven feet tall and covered with dark hair.[citation needed]

Soviet Union[edit]

In 1928, the Soviets sent out an expedition team to gather information about the Chuchunya near the Indigirka and Yana rivers. There they claimed to have found that Chuchunya were remarkably similar to the Mulen (Almas).[citation needed]


According to the native accounts from the nomadic Yakut and Tungus tribes, it is a well built, Neanderthal-like man wearing pelts as clothes and bearing a white patch of fur on its forearms. It is said to occasionally consume human flesh, unlike their close cryptid cousins the Almastis. Some witnesses reported seeing a tail on the creature's corpse. It is described as being roughly six to seven feet tall.[citation needed]