Devlet Hatun

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Devlet Hatun
Devlet Hatun Turbesi2.jpg
Devlet Hatun's Türbe at Bursa
Kütahya, Germiyan dynasty
Diedc. 1414
Bursa, Ottoman Empire
SpouseBeyazid I
IssueDüzmece Mustafa
İsa Çelebi
Büyük (The Elderly) Musa Çelebi
Mehmed I
FatherSüleyman Şah Çelebi
MotherMutahhara Abide Hatun
ReligionSunni Islam

Devlet Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: دولت شاه خاتون‎; died January 1414; meaning "State"; also known as Devletşah) was the wife of Sultan Bayezid I and the mother of Sultan Mehmed I.[1]


Devlet Hatun was born in Kütahya to an Anatolian prince, Süleyman Şah Çelebi, the ruler of the Anatolian Germiyan dynasty. She was a descendant of Rumi, founder of the Sufi order of Mevlevis, through his son Sultan Walad, whose daughter Mutahhare Abide Hatun was her mother. The impressive lineage of Devlet descended from the powerful princes and charismatic sheikhs.[1][2][3]

Süleyman asked for Ottoman support against Karaman threat and consequently his daughter Devlet Hatun married to Ottoman şehzade (prince) Bayezid (later Bayezid I) as his first wife. But this support was a very costly one, because Ottomans acquired the most prosperous part of the Germiyan beylik as a dowry. Even Germiyan capital Kütahya was a part of the dowry. She gave birth to Mehmed I who became the next Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Süleyman Çelebi - The First Sultan of Rumelia, İsa Çelebi - Governor of Anatolia 1390, of Balıkesir, and Musa Çelebi - The Second Sultan of Rumelia were all eliminated by Mehmed Çelebi in a decade long succession war that followed Bayezid's defeat by Timur. During the succession tribute they were not given Germiyan support, but in fact the Germiyan ruler Yakup delivered Musa into the hands of Mehmed, while Isa found support with several of the Anatolian principalities but not with Germiyan. Düzmece Mustafa claimed the throne second time after the death of Mehmed I in 1421 and defeated by Mehmed I'son Murad II. She died in January 1414 in Bursa.[1]

Burial place

The tomb of Devlet Hatun stands alone in Bursa neighbourhoods separate from the mosque complexes that contained the tombs of the sultans and other mbers of the dynasty, following two royal mothers, Nilüfer Hatun and Gülçiçek Hatun. It is well tended by the Bursa neighbourhood in which it is situated and functions as a local pilgrimage site.[1][2][4]


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