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South India
Linguistic classification: Dravidian
Glottolog: bada1263[1]

Kannada dialects, in the broad sense incorporating the Kannada–Badaga languages, are spoken in and around Karnataka.

Kannada dialects and languages[edit]

There are about 20 dialects of Kannada, including Kundagannada, Havigannada, and Are Bhashe.

Kannada proper[edit]

Dialects of Kannada proper fall into three groups:[2]

Coastal dialects 
Mangalore Kannada, Halakki, Barkur, Havyaka, Kundagannada, Bellary,[3] Kumta {see also Goan Komarpant}
Are Bhashe or Gowda Kannada, Tiptur, Rabakavi, Najangud
South Karnataka
Aruvu, Bangalore Kannada, Soliga, Kannada Kurumba, Gowdra Bhashe


Badagu is the Kannada-related language spoken by the Badaga community in the Nilgiri region in Tamil Nadu and it is considered as an independent Dravidian language.

See also : R-colored vowel in Badaga


Holiya, also called Holar, Hole, Holu, Golari-Kannada, is the Kannada-related language spoken by a small section of people (500) in Maharashtra and Madya Pradesh.[4]


Urali is also close to Kannada.

Study of Kannada languages and dialects[edit]

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