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Created bySalim–Javed
(Salim Khan, Javed Akhtar)
Farhan Akhtar
Chandra Barot
Original workDon (1978)
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ComicsDon: The Origin
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Film(s)Don (1978)
Don: The Chase Begins Again (2006)
Don 2: The King Is Back (2011)
Video game(s)Don – The Social Mobsters Game
Don 2: The King is Back
Soundtrack(s)Don (2006)
Don 2 (2011)

Don is an Indian media franchise, centered on Don, a fictional Indian underworld boss. The franchise originates from the 1978 Hindi-language action thriller film Don. In 2006, a remake series began, with the release of Don: The Chase Begins Again. Its sequel was released in 2011, entitled Don 2. It has also been expanded to comics and video games.

The original film was written by Salim–Javed (Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar), directed by Chandra Barot, and stars Amitabh Bachchan in the titular role. The remake series was created by Javed Akhtar and his son Farhan Akhtar, with Shah Rukh Khan starring in the titular role. Other actors who have starred in the remake series include Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, and Om Puri. Don is one of the highest-grossing Indian film franchises.

In the original film, the plot revolves around Vijay, a lookalike of Don who is asked to masquerade as him by a law enforcement officer. In the remake series, the plot revolves around Don himself. Don also has a number of South Indian remakes and spin-offs, including the Billa series, consisting of three Tamil films and a Telugu remake, as well as another Telugu remake and a Malayalam remake.

Original film[edit]


Producer and cinematographer Nariman Irani was in a financial mess when his film Zindagi Zindagi (1972) starring Sunil Dutt flopped. He was in debt for Rs 1.2 million and couldn't pay it off on a cinematographer's salary. When he was doing the cinematography for Manoj Kumar's major hit Roti Kapada Aur Makaan (1974), the film's cast (Amitabh Bachchan, Zeenat Aman, Pran) and crew (assistant director Chandra Barot) decided to help him out. They all recommended that he produce another film and that they will participate in the film. They all approached scriptwriting duo Salim–Javed, who gave them an untitled script that had already been rejected by the entire industry. The script had a character named Don. Bachchan would play Don, and Barot would direct the film. Aman and Pran would play key roles in the film.[1] Don has a concept similar to Shakti Samanta's film China Town (1962) and may have been inspired by it; the movie had Shammi Kapoor playing the double roles of both a gangster and his lookalike, a common man turned informer, who turns out to be his brother. Don was itself remade several times.[2]

The film took three-and-a-half years to complete.[3] Before filming was completed, producer Irani had an accident on the set of another film he was working on, and died as a result. Barot faced budget restraints but he got help.[4] Aman did not take any money for her work in the film.[5] Barot showed it to his mentor Manoj Kumar, who felt that the film was too tight and needed a song in the midst of the action-filled film, and so "Khaike Paan Banaraswala" was added. The song "Khaike Paan Banaraswala" was actually to be used by Kalyanji Anandji for the film Banarasi Babu and picturised on Dev Anand, however since the song was not needed, Dev Anand had removed the song from the album. The film was released without any promotion on 12 May 1978 and was declared a flop the first week. Within a week, the song "Khaike Paan Banaraswala" became a big hit, and word of mouth spread, so by the second week, the film was also declared a big hit. The profits from the film were given to Irani's widow to settle her husband's debts.[6]


The film begins with Don (Amitabh Bachchan) as one of the most wanted criminals in Bombay who always eludes the authorities, marking himself on Interpol's "Most Wanted" list. To that end, the police, led by Deputy Superitendent of Police D'Silva (Iftekhar) and Inspector Verma (Satyen Kappu), is working with Interpol operative R.K. Malik (Om Shivpuri) in their attempts to nab Don. When one of Don's men named Ramesh decides to leave the business, Don kills him, provoking Ramesh's fiancée Kamini (Helen) and Ramesh's sister Roma (Zeenat Aman) to swear vengeance on Don. Kamini tries to seduce Don in an attempt to have the police arrest him, but her plan backfires as Don plays wise to her moves and kills her before escaping once again. Training herself in judo and karate, Roma becomes a spy for D'Silva and enters Don's gang after deceiving them into thinking that she too is on the wrong side of the law, impressing Don in allowing her to work for him without suspecting any ulterior motive.

After years of unsuccessful attempts, the police finally succeed in nabbing Don, and D'Silva plans to take him into custody alive in order to reveal the source of crime that Don relies on. Unfortunately, Don dies succumbing to his wounds inflicted by the police during the chase, botching D'Silva's plan. Still wanting a chance to take down Don's gang, D'Silva buries Don's body while ensuring many people to believe he may still be alive as the only ones who know of Don's death are himself, the graveyard priest and his followers. As luck would have it, D'Silva remembers his previous encounter with a slum-dwelling simpleton named Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) who is an exact lookalike of Don. Meeting up with Vijay, D'Silva explains the situation to him and hatches a plan to have Vijay pose as Don so that he can get the police to arrest the rest of Don's gang and find out the identity of their boss.

As a startup, D'Silva and Vijay staged an 'accident' that lands Vijay in the hospital under police custody, prompting Roma and Don's gang, currently led by Don's right-hand man Narang (Kamal Kapoor), to free Vijay, allowing him to infiltrate the gang under the guise of having amnesia. Around the same time, a man named Jasjit "JJ" Ahuja (Pran) is released from jail and wants revenge against Don and his gang, as they got him arrested for a past robbery that he was involved in. It was also told that JJ only took the job with the intention of using the money to save his wife from death, but was caught by D'Silva in the act; JJ also intends to reunite with his children Deepu and Muni, who are currently taken care of by Vijay himself. As part of his mission, Vijay finds a red diary containing evidence regarding to Don's criminal activities. Vijay replaces the diary with a blank one while telling Narang and the gang members that he is going to take revenge on D'Silva for capturing him, but is actually going to him to give him the real diary. As Vijay heads off, Roma tries to attack him in an attempt to avenge both Ramesh and Kamini's deaths. However, D'Silva intervenes and confesses about Don's death and the situation to Roma, who apologizes to Vijay and agrees to help him out in taking down the gang members. Using the diary, Vijay and Roma learned more about Don's past and feigned moments of doing notorious acts to maintain their covers to Narang and the gang members. D'Silva even learned that the diary also reveals the existence of a notorious crimelord named Vardhan serving as the source of crime in Bombay, and that all of the gang members are working for him (even Don and Narang are nothing more than just middlemen reporting to Vardhan). Despite this, there is no indication to finding out Vardhan's identity as it remains unknown.

After Vijay feigns a moment of regaining his memories to the gang members, this prompts them to announce a celebration on Don's return. However, things take a drastic turn when Malik and the police (acting upon Vijay's information) raided the celebration, and D'Silva is killed in the crossfire, leaving Vijay, Narang and the gang members to be arrested as Malik and the police mistook Vijay for Don. With D'Sliva dead and no one to vouch for him, Vijay is forced to escape, and the commotion caused Narang and the gang members to finally learn that Vijay is an impostor just as they too escape from captivity, swearing to kill him. To make matters worse, Vijay learns that the diary (the sole evidence to prove his innocence) is stolen by JJ, who attempts to use it to reunite with his children. Despite this, Vijay avoids getting captured by the police and the criminals with the help from Roma, who maintains her cover to the gang members. Vijay and Roma then meet up with JJ and explain to him about the events, prompting him to ally with Vijay and Roma. However, the trio are horrified to learn that Malik himself is actually Vardhan, as he captured the real R.K. Malik (Pinchoo Kapoor) and posed as the latter to cover his identity. They are even more horrified to learn that Vardhan was the one who murdered D'Silva during the raid-up, and that he already exposed Roma's identity to the gang members before having them kidnap Deepu and Muni so that they can force the trio to surrender themselves and the diary to Vardhan.

Meeting up in the same graveyard where Don was buried, Vijay, Roma and JJ meet up with Vardhan and his gang members, who are holding Deepu and Muni hostage. During a long standoff between the trio and the gang members, Vardhan snatches the diary and burns it before calling in Inspector Verma and the police to the scene to have the trio and the gang members arrested so that he can get away scot-free. However, anticipating the possibility that Vardhan would try to escape, Vijay cleverly revealed that the diary that Vardhan burned was the blank one that he switched, just as he hands the real diary over to Inspector Verma, exposing Vardhan's identity and occupation to the police. As a result, Vardhan ends up being arrested and sent to prison along with his gang members for their crimes, and all charges against Vijay are dropped while JJ is reunited with Deepu and Muni. The film ends with Vijay, Roma, JJ, Deepu and Muni happily walking away from the police station, satisfied that they took down Vardhan and his gang members for good.

Reboot series[edit]

Don: The Chase Begins Again (2006)[edit]


Eighty percent of the film was shot in Malaysia, and was filmed around the tropical Langkawi island as well as the Petronas Twin Towers and the Jalan Masjid India area, which is the "little India" of Kuala Lumpur. Shah Rukh Khan was the first choice for the film and hence he was first approached and the first actor to be signed as the lead.[7] Akshay Kumar was offered the role of Jasjit but he rejected it saying he might have accepted if he had been offered the part of Don.[8] Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra underwent special martial arts training for their roles in the movie and both performed their own stunts.[9]


In 2006, the drug trade is booming. The Malaysian Intelligence and Anti-Narcotic Department are called upon for assistance by their Indian counterparts. The Indian team is headed by DCP D'Silva (Boman Irani), who wants to break the drug operations of a drug lord named Singhania. Helping him along the way is Malik (Om Puri). Both of them know that in order to capture Singhania, they must capture his most loyal ally Don (Shah Rukh Khan). Don is extremely dangerous - he has even been known to kill one of his own men Ramesh, who attempted to leave Don and his gang without informing Don first. Ramesh's fiancé Kamini (Kareena Kapoor) decides to help D'Silva arrest Don but in the process, she is also killed by Don. Now, Ramesh's sister Roma (Priyanka Chopra) manages to get her way into Don's gang by persuading them that she is wanted by the police - her real plan is to murder Don in order to avenge her brother and his fiancé.

Don and his gang, consisting of Anita (Isha Koppikar) his girlfriend and Narang (Pavan Malhotra) travel to India to trade some drugs. D'Silva and his team follow them there - Don is injured fatally during a police chase. D'Silva keeps this a secret - he decides to track down a look alike of Don named Vijay (also Shah Rukh Khan) and asks him to pose as Don so that he (D'Silva) can get the gang arrested. Vijay agrees when D'Silva promises to admit Deepu (Tanay Chheda), a child Vijay looks after, to a good school. Meanwhile, Jasjit (Arjun Rampal), Deepu's real father has just been released from prison and becomes bent on killing D'Silva. This is because Jasjit was committing a crime in order to save Deepu and his wife from a gang of criminals and D'Silva had Jasjit arrested, thereby preventing Jasjit from saving his wife from death.

Vijay is admitted to the same hospital as Don, who is in a coma. Vijay, through an operation, soon gets all the scars which Don has, put on his body. Suddenly, Don dies of heart failure. When Vijay (as Don) re-enters the gang, he will have lost his memory - the more he learns about Don, the more he shall remember. The gang have a disc which contains some of their most vital information. Vijay agrees to take this disc to D'Silva - Roma decides to go with him. When they arrive, Roma attempts to kill Vijay (thinking he is Don). However, D'Silva arrives and tells Roma about his and Vijay's plan. Roma and Vijay now find themselves falling in love. D'Silva soon finds Singhania and kills him. In a police raid, Vijay and the gang members are all arrested by Malik and his team. D'Silva is killed in a blast - this is unfortunate for Vijay because D'Silva is the only person who could prove that Vijay is not the real Don. Now don's gang is against vijay of knowing his true identity. Vijay escapes and tries to pursue the disc he gave to D'Silva in order to prove his innocence.

Jasjit still continues to try to find his son, Deepu. It is revealed he is in possession of the disc - he receives a telephone call saying that if he wants to see his son again, he will have to bring the disc to the men who have Deepu hostage. At this meeting, it is revealed that D'Silva has been alive all along and is actually Vardhan, the longtime rival of Singhania. Jasjit manages to escape with his son. He meets Vijay and Roma and reveals that D'Silva is really Vardhan - the three hatch a plot to help Malik arrest Vardhan. The next day, Jasjit arranges a meeting with Vardhan, saying he will hand over the disc. Vardhan and Vijay engage in a fight until Vardhan is defeated and arrested. Vijay gets badly injured during the fight, and is rushed to hospital - before he leaves, Roma confesses her love for him. In a final twist, it is revealed that the real Don is alive and was pretending to be Vijay the whole time. In the hospital, Don quickly recovered from the coma and overheard D'Silva's conversation with Vijay. He switched places with Vijay, meaning Vijay died of heart failure. It is also revealed that the disc Don gave to the police was fake. In the end, Don and Anita both escape, knowing the police nor Roma will ever capture him.

Don 2: The King Is Back (2011)[edit]


"I am wary of sequels having to be made. You should not touch it if you don't have a nice story to tell. With Don 2 I could finally make an action thriller the way I wanted to. Good story, classic and simple plot which has one goal and work towards it effectively and dramatically"[10]

—Farhan Akhtar

The idea for a sequel to Don had been conceptualised ever since the first film released, and it was officially announced by Farhan Akhtar shortly after the release.[11] However, he was involved with other commitments while Shah Rukh Khan needed to recover from a shoulder surgery, so he gave his dates to My Name Is Khan as it required very little physical exertion.[12] In February 2010, Akhtar revealed that the script and locations had been finalised.[13] The film was announced with the original cast reprising their roles, with the exception of Arjun Rampal and Isha Koppikar.[14] Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor were cast as new characters in the film.[15] In an interview with DNA India, Akhtar revealed that he decided to make the sequel to his 2006 remake of the 70s classic as it "had a lot to offer" and because it gave him a lot of freedom to explore the character of Don, which he was very fascinated with.[10]

It marks Akhtar's return to direction after a gap of nearly five years, the last film he directed being Don. Anand Subaya was chosen as the main editor, while Ritesh Soni was chosen to manage the production of music.[16] The digital intermediate and VFX of Don 2 were done by Pixion Studios while the 3D conversion was carried out at Reliance Mediaworks.[17]

Don 2 had a different team of writers from the first film; it included Akhtar, Ameet Mehta and Amrish Shah. Akhtar stated that "The first film was my father's vision, but Don 2 is being written by fans only. These are yours truly and two new enthusiastic boys, Ameet and Amreesh, who came to me with their ideas on how the story can be carried forward. I've thrown my ideas at them. Don 2 is basically being written by three Don fans who are having a ball carrying the story forward."[18] Khan became the first celebrity to register a tattoo in his name, when the 'D' tattoo ported on his arm in the film was registered for copyright protection.[19]

In August 2011, the filmmakers announced that they would release it in 3D. The idea of the 3D conversion occurred to Akhtar while shooting and, after conducting conversion tests in Los Angeles, the producers decided to convert the entire film.[20] The director of photography had shot it with special lenses which made it easier to give it a third dimension. Sidhwani revealed that he had the idea of converting the film into 3D after seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Chuck Comisky, a veteran S-3D innovator who supervised the 3D stereo and visual effects of Avatar and Sanctum, was hired.[21]


The film opens five years after where the original film ended with Don (Shah Rukh Khan) narrating the story. The bosses of the European drug cartel meet in the French Riviera to discuss a new threat emerging from Asia. Don is jeopardising their business because he is able to sell drugs at a much lower price to their customers. The bosses send word out that Don must die. Don has been living in Thailand for the past five years and goes to a remote settlement to pick up a shipment of cocaine. Instead of normal transaction, Don has to fight his way out because the European drug dealers want him dead. He then inexplicably goes back to Malaysia where he surrenders to Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Inspector Malik (Om Puri). Don is sentenced to death and sent to a Malaysian prison where he meets his old rival Vardhaan (Boman Irani). Don offers Vardhan his partnership, Vardhan agrees - they escape the prison by poisoning all the inmates and go to Zurich, Switzerland, where Don meets his trusted companion, Ayesha (Lara Dutta).

In Zurich, they retrieve the contents of a locker only Vardhaan could access. The locker holds a tape that shows J.K Diwan (Alyy Khan), the vice president of a Euro printing bank called DZB (Deutsche Zentral Bank = German Central Bank), sent by Fabian Kohl to bribe Singhania (Rajesh Khattar) to kill a competitor. Don blackmails Diwan into giving him the blueprints to the currency center so that he can steal the printing plates. Diwan gives him fake information and hires an assassin Jabbar (Nawab Shah) instead. Don manages to escape and forces Jabbar to work for him. Diwan, left with no choice, hands over the real information.

Don and his new team plan a bank robbery and carry out their plan by using hostages. After stealing the printing plates, Don is betrayed by Vardhaan and Jabbar but manages to escape. However, one of the members, Sameer (Kunal Kapoor) calls the police and Don is captured. Don threatens Sameer for informing the police. Unable to enter the bank and free the hostages, the police are forced to work with Don to get back into the bank in exchange for immunity in Germany.

Don and Roma manage to reach Vardhaan and Jabbar but Roma is shot because she refuses to kill Don when told to do so. This gives an idea that Roma still has feelings for Don, even though he killed her brother five years ago. Vardhaan and his thugs fight and Don manages to defeat them; Jabbar is killed in the process. He then gets his immunity papers and surrenders the disc (containing the information about his associates) and the plates. He takes Roma to an ambulance. Don and Roma exchange one glance at each other before the ambulance doors close. He later detonates a bomb he planted earlier in Diwan's car.

In a final scene it is revealed that Don actually still has one of the money plates, which the police believe is destroyed in the explosion. It is also revealed that Sameer was loyal to Don and giving his information to police was just a part of Don's plan. The police cannot do anything as Don has immunity and do not know that Don has a plate. Don also gives the police a disc of all his associates but it is really a disc with the names of the European drug cartel. All the members of the cartel are arrested and Don becomes the king of the European underworld. Finally Don tells Ayesha and Sameer that they do not know how rich they are going to become. When Ayesha reveals to him that she was afraid he would be caught he narrates his famous dialogue- "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai" (It's not just difficult to catch Don, it's impossible), and an evil laugh of Don is heard as the end credits start to roll.



The titular villainous protagonist of the series. He is a powerful criminal mastermind who, in spite of being one of the most wanted on the list of Interpol, remains elusive to the police. Though not evil, he is still hated because of his activities. Along with the police, Don makes a few other enemies through his merciless approach to running his organization, especially when he kills one of his own men, Ramesh, when Ramesh decides to leave the business. This introduces Don to two new enemies, Kamini, Ramesh's fiancée, and Roma, Ramesh's sister.

Meanwhile, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at nabbing Don, the police finally succeed, but Don dies during the pursuit, botching Officer D'Silva's plan to reach the source of all crime—the man Don reported to—through capturing Don alive. D'Silva buries Don's body, ensuring that people believe that he may still be alive. D'Silva hatches a plan to replace Don with a lookalike, Vijay, who becomes an informant masquerading as Don.

In the remake series of Don, the plot has been altered, with a twist in Don: The Chase Begins revealing that it was right for the police to be nabbing Vijay constantly because he was, in fact, Don. It is revealed that Don was actually alive all along and had killed Vijay to take his place for a little while and later manages to escape. He only has a soft side towards Roma. In the deleted scenes of Don, Anita is seen telling Narang that Don has fallen for Roma.


As luck would have it, D’Silva remembers his chance encounter with Vijay, a slum-dwelling simpleton trying to survive in the hustle and bustle of Bombay in order to support two small foster children, who is an exact lookalike of Don. D’Silva hatches a plan to transform Vijay into Don and place him back into the crime nexus, but this time as a police informer.

In the original film, Vijay is the central protagonist. In the remake series, however, Don himself is the central protagonist.


A simple girl from town, she hates Don because he killed her brother Ramesh and her sister-in-law Kamini. In order to get revenge, Roma trains herself up and joins Don's gang with a secret desire to kill him. Unaware that the real Don is dead, she fights Vijay (who is then masquerading as Don). But when she gets to know the truth, she befriends him.

In Don: The Chase Begins Again, she comes to know that Don is still alive and continues to hate him. Her pursuit for Don continues in its sequel where she joins the Interpol. In Don: The Chase Begins Again, she falls for Vijay but by the end of the movie realizes he is Don. In sequel, she wants to seek revenge for his betrayal but when Vardhaan and Jabbar ask her to shoot Don or get shot herself, she chooses the latter indicating that she still has a soft corner for him.


The local DSP who was assigned the duty of capturing Don. He does succeed in capturing Don, but the latter dies in the process. However, only D'Silva knows of Don's death, so he secretly hires Vijay, a look-alike of Don, and advises him to disguise as the Don and give the police information about Don's gang. D'Silva is the only one who knows that Vijay's secret. Vijay succeeds, but D'Silva is killed, leaving Vijay on his own to prove his innocence.

In the reboot series, D'Silva survives and reveals himself to be Vardhan.


An ally of Don, she however doesn't have much to do with the story. She, like the rest of Don's gang, is unaware that Vijay is acting as their leader who is dead. But she does overhear Vijay's phone conversation with D'Silva, thus she finds out the truth. Vijay however quickly manages to trap her, thus saving himself (None of this happens in Don: The Chase Begins Again). In Don 2, a similar character named Ayesha replaces Anita.


The real underworld criminal, higher than Don. Vardhan masquerades himself as Interpol officer Malik. In the end, his truth is revealed and he is captured by police.

In the remake, Vardhan masquerades himself as DCP D'Silva, and his identity is not known to anyone except his gang members who pretend to be against him. Eventually Singhania finds out that D'Silva is actually Vardhan, but is killed before the news can reach anyone. Vardhan, who knows that Vijay is not Don, reveals himself to Vijay, who eventually manages to defeat Vardhan and get him arrested. Vardhan returns in the sequel, playing an important role. He seeks revenge against Don for putting him behind bars from the previous film but Don makes a deal with him and both of them break out of prison. He and Don assemble a team to steal some plates from Diwan but turns on Don and is once again defeated by him and placed back in prison.


The Interpol officer and assistant of DSP D'Silva. He eventually betrays D'Silva by killing him, but not before revealing himself as Vardhan.

In Don: The Chase Begins Again, Malik is not Vardhan. He later becomes an ally of Vijay (who, unbeknownst to Malik, is actually Don). He returns in Don 2, where he gives Roma the duty of capturing Don.


Singhania is Don's boss until he is killed by Vardhan/D'Silva in Don: The Chase Begins Again. He appears only briefly in the films.


Boris was the kingpin even higher Vardhan and Singhania. He was the boss of Vardhan and Singhania until he was killed by Singhania who took over his business when he wanted to give it to Vardhan.

Cast and characters[edit]

Character Film
Don 2
Don Amitabh Bachchan Shah Rukh Khan
Vijay Amitabh Bachchan Shah Rukh Khan
Roma Zeenat Aman Priyanka Chopra
Vardhan Om Shivpuri Boman Irani
Jasjeet Pran Arjun Rampal
Narang Kamal Kapoor Pavan Malhotra
Anita Arpana Choudhary Isha Koppikar
Kamini Helen Kareena Kapoor
Deepu Alankar Joshi Tanay Chheda
Ramesh Sharad Kumar Diwakar Pundir
D'Silva Iftekhar Boman Irani
Inspector S. Verma Satyendra Kapoor
Interpol Officer R.K. Malik Om Shivpuri
Pinchoo Kapoor
Vishal Malik Om Puri
Singhania Rajesh Khattar Rajesh Khattar
(Archived footage)
Ayesha Lara Dutta
Yuvraaj Naufal Azmir Khan
JK Diwan Alyy Khan
Arjun Sahil Shroff
Jens Berkel Florian Lukas
Yana Rike Schmid


Occupation Film
Don 2
Director Chandra Barot Farhan Akhtar
Producer(s) Nariman A. Irani Ritesh Sidhwani
Farhan Akhtar
Ritesh Sidhwani
Farhan Akhtar
Shahrukh Khan
Writer(s) Salim–Javed Javed Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar
Ameet Mehta
Amrish Shah
Composer(s) Kalyanji Anandji Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Midival Punditz
DJ Randolf
Director of photography Nariman A. Irani Mohanan Jason West
Editor(s) Wamanrao Neil Sadwelkar
Anand Subaya
Anand Subaya
Ritesh Soni

Release and revenue[edit]

Film Release date Language Budget Box office gross revenue
India Overseas Worldwide Worldwide (inflation adjusted)
Don 20 April 1978 Hindi 7 million[22] ($860,000)[23] 70 million[24] N/A 70 million[24] ($8.6 million)[23] 2.179 billion (US$32 million)[a]
Don: The Chase Begins Again 20 October 2006 Hindi 380 million[26] ($8.4 million)[27] 775 million[28] $7.88 million[26] ( 357 million)[27] 1.132 billion ($25 million)[27] 2.6 billion (US$35 million)[b]
Don 2 23 December 2011 Hindi 850 million[29] ($17 million)[30] 1.44 billion[31] $11.7 million[32] ( 599 million)[30] 2.06 billion[33] ($44.14 million) ₹3.61 billion (US$50.78 million)
Billa 14 December 2007 Tamil ₹150 million

($0.34 Million/$340,000)

? ? 500 million[34] ($11.04 million)[35] 1.1 billion (US$15 million)[c]
Billa 3 April 2009 Telugu ? ? ? 260 million[36] ($5.8 million)[37] 470 million (US$7.1 million)[d]
Billa II 13 July 2012 Tamil 400 million[38] ($7.41 million)[39] 430 million[40] ? ₹1 billion[41] ($19 million)[39] 1.3 billion (US$21 million)[e]
Total N/A N/A 1.637 billion ($33.67 million) 2.715 billion $19.58 million (956 million) 5.022 billion ($113.58 million) 10.659 billion ($166.26 million)
  1. ^ Don (1978) domestic gross adjusted for inflation: $34 million ( 2.179 billion).[25]
  2. ^ Don: The Chase Begins Again (2006) worldwide gross adjusted for inflation: 1.132 billion (equivalent to 3.1 billion or US$41 million in 2020).
  3. ^ Billa (2007) worldwide gross adjusted for inflation: 500 million (equivalent to 1.3 billion or US$17 million in 2020).
  4. ^ Billa (2009) worldwide gross adjusted for inflation: 260 million (equivalent to 560 million or US$7.4 million in 2020).
  5. ^ Billa II (2012) worldwide gross adjusted for inflation: 1,000 million (equivalent to 1.6 billion or US$21 million in 2020).


The original Don was a blockbuster. It won a few awards.

Mumbai Mirror's Mayank Shekhar gave the remake a rating of 3 out of 5. He did criticise the treatment of certain scenes in comparison to the original, though.[42]

The remake of the film in 2006 was titled the same Don, was a hit. The sequel to the 2006 film was released in 2011 as Don 2 and it was also a hit.

Comic book[edit]

Don: The Origin[edit]

In October 2011 a comic book based on Don 2, Don: The Origin, was published in Mumbai. A prequel, it details Don's past. About the comic, Ritesh Sidhwani said: "Don 2 takes off from where Don: The Chase Begins Again left off. In these five years, many have forgotten the film and must be curious to know how Don came into being. This original story will help them understand him and also offer a background on other characters like Roma and Vardhaan."[21]


Don – The Social Mobsters Game[edit]

Excel Entertainment collaborated with India's largest video-game company, Gameshastra, on a console game. The firm developed a third-person action-adventure console game in which the player performs actions similar to Don's in the film.[43] A social game, Don – The Social Mobsters Game (developed by Mango Games), was launched on Facebook. It is available on Android and PSN for PlayStation 3 platforms. Sidhwani said, "This is the first time a game is based on an Indian film that will be launched on four platforms. For an iconic character like Don, I think this was the best way to keep the hysteria going amongst his fans."[43]

Don 2: The King is Back[edit]

A PlayStation 2 game, Don 2: The King is Back, was released in India in February 2013 as the final PAL game for PS2.

Other Indian language remake and spin-offs[edit]

Don has a number of Tollywood remakes and spin-off films.

Billa series[edit]

Billa is a South Indian film series based on Don, including three Tamil films, as well as a Telugu remake.

Other remakes[edit]


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