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3 Idiots
3 idiots poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Rajkumar Hirani
Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Written by Abhijat Joshi
Rajkumar Hirani
Screenplay by Abhijat Joshi
Rajkumar Hirani
Vidhu Vinod Chopra
Based on Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT! 
by Chetan Bhagat
Starring Aamir Khan
Kareena Kapoor Khan
Sharman Joshi
Boman Irani
Omi Vaidya
Narrated by R. Madhavan
Music by Shantanu Moitra
Cinematography C. K. Muraleedharan
Edited by Rajkumar Hirani
Distributed by Reliance Entertainment
Release dates
  • 25 December 2009 (2009-12-25)
Running time
171 minutes[1]
Country India
Language Hindi[1]
Budget 55 crore (equivalent to 81 crore or US$12 million in 2016)[2]
Box office est. 392 crore (equivalent to 579 crore or US$85 million in 2016)[3]

3 Idiots is a 2009 Indian coming of age comedy-drama film co-written, edited, and directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Abhijat Joshi wrote the screenplay. It was loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. The film stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani.

Upon release, the film was the highest-grossing film in its opening weekend in India and had the highest opening day collections for an Indian film up until that point. It also held the record for the highest net collections in the first week for a Bollywood film. It also became one of the few Indian films to become successful in East Asian markets such as China,[4] eventually bringing its overseas total to more than US$65 million at the time—the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time in overseas markets, before being overtaken by Chennai Express in 2013.

The film is distinctive for featuring real inventions by little-known people in India's backyards. The brains behind the innovations were Remya Jose, a student from Kerala, who created the exercise-bicycle/washing-machine; Mohammad Idris, a barber from Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh, who invented a bicycle-powered horse clipper; and Jahangir Painter, a painter from Maharashtra, who made the scooter-powered flour mill.[5] This film was remade in Tamil as Nanban (2012) which also received critical praise and commercial success.[6][7] It has also been announced that there will be a Chinese remake of the film produced by Stephen Chow and that there are plans for a Hollywood remake produced in the United States.[8] A Telugu remake was planned despite Nanban having a Telugu dubbed version titled Snehitudu.


Farhan Qureshi (R.Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) are students at the prestigious Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). Farhan's passion is wildlife photography, but he pursues an engineering degree to appease his father. Raju chooses engineering with hopes of improving his family's financial situation, but his lack of self-confidence results in poor grades. Their third roommate and friend, Ranchodas 'Rancho' Shamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan), has immense interest in robotics, and invents in his spare time. Rancho regularly faces the wrath of the college's director, Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani), known as "Virus", when he gives creative and unorthodox answers in class. He lives by the philosophy that one should pursue excellence, as when it is achieved, success follows. Virus is shown as an extremely strict person—so strict that he caused his own son's suicide by putting him under excess pressure. The star student of their class is Chatur Ramalingam (Omi Vaidya) nicknamed "Silencer", known for his incredible techniques of memorisation but more notorious for his silent but malodorous flatulence in addition to his arrogant attitude. Catering for them and the other college students' needs is Man Mohan, nicknamed "Millimeter".

Chatur, in an attempt to impress his professors, prepares a speech in Hindi for Teachers' Day. He memorizes the speech without knowing what it means due to his poor grasp of Hindi. Rancho modifies this speech by replacing praise words with obscenities. Chatur memorises and delivers the modified speech, humiliating himself, Virus, and the Minister of Education. He vows revenge against Rancho, and also vows that he will be more successful than Rancho. Meanwhile, Rancho falls in love with Pia (Kareena Kapoor), Virus' younger daughter, who is a medical student in residency at the city's hospital. Virus tries to break the trio up but despite the challenges they face, the three manage to stand firm.

The three friends continue to frustrate Virus, although Rancho continues to score highest in every exam, while Chatur is always second, and Farhan and Raju are inevitably in the lowest two positions. The tensions escalate years later when they drunkenly break into the Virus' household at night to allow Rancho to profess his love to Pia, while Raju and Farhan urinate on the house' door inside the compound. They flee just in time when Virus overhears them in his sleep. The next day, Virus threatens to expel Raju unless he blames Rancho for these wrongdoings. Unable to choose between betraying his friend or letting down his family, Raju unsuccessfully attempts suicide, and ends up in a coma. After intensive care from Pia and his roommates, he recovers.

Farhan and Raju adopt Rancho's outlook after this incident. Farhan decides to pursue his love of photography, while Raju takes an interview for a corporate job. He impresses the interviewers with his frank answers, however they sense his poor upbringing and discuss the company salary. An unsympathetic Virus vows to make the final exam as hard as possible so that Raju is unable to graduate. Pia overhears this, takes Virus' spare keys and gives Rancho details of the exam, before he and Farhan break into Virus' office and steal it. Raju, with his new-found attitude, refuses to cheat and throws the paper away. But Virus catches the trio and expels them on the spot. Pia hears him and angrily confronts him about her brother's suicide, after Virus persuaded him into a career in engineering despite his love for literature. A sobbing Pia then flees to the hospital.

The three friends earn a reprieve when Virus' pregnant elder daughter Mona (Mona Singh) goes into labour at the same time as a heavy storm cuts off all power and traffic. Pia instructs Rancho to deliver the baby in the college common room; he leads his friends and the students restore electricity using car batteries and a power inverter of Rancho's own design. Rancho then delivers the baby with the help of an modified vacuum cleaner. After the baby is apparently stillborn, Rancho and the students revive it with the mantra "Aal izz well". A grateful Virus gives Rancho his treasured space pen and acknowledges him as an extraordinary student. He lets the three students stay for their final exams and graduate.

Ten years later, Chatur is the vice president of a corporation in the United States, Farhan is a successful photographer, and Raju is married and lives a comfortable lifestyle. The three reunite at the college campus water tower in order to find Rancho. Rancho disappeared shortly after their graduation ceremony and has been out of their lives since. As they travel, they manage to find clues about Rancho's true identity. Stumbling at the Chanchad estate in Shimla, they meet the real Ranchodas (Javed Jaffrey). He reveals that the Rancho they know was "Chhote", an orphaned servant to the Chanchad household who studied in the ICE in the original Rancho's name when the latter went to London for 4 years. Ranchodas' father used the servant in order to fill his son's place and take credits for the degree. After graduation, the servant would later cut contact to start a new life. Ranchodas finishes his story by giving them the address of a village school in Ladakh.

Raju and Farhan rescue Pia from her wedding at Manali despite Chatur's objections; he is in a hurry to set up a business partnership with a world-famous but reclusive scientist and entrepreneur named Phunsukh Wangdu, known for his patents. Upon arrival in Ladakh, they stop at the village school where they see inventions resembling the style of their friend. They reunite briefly with their former caterer, Man Mohan, who shows them that Rancho read and collected Farhan's books, reads and shares Raju's engineering blog, and kept Pia's helmet. The three reunite with Rancho on a sandbar while he's teaching kids how a remote-controlled plane works and flies. The four happily celebrate their reunion as Chatur mockingly watches. He forces Rancho to sign a declaration of defeat and attempts to humiliate him, but Raju, Farhan and Pia ask that Rancho reveal his real name. Rancho identifies himself as Phunsukh Wangdu, Chatur's client. Upon learning this, the no-longer victorious Chatur is horrified, accepts his defeat, and begs Phunsukh to forgive him and establish the business relationship.


An Indian man wearing a black dress shirt.
Khan played the titular role as Rancho
  • Aamir Khan as Ranchoddas "Rancho" Shamaldas Chanchad/Chhote/Phunsukh Wangdu – one of the title group of three friends in the engineering college. He went missing after graduation and his two friends traveled across India looking for him, while telling stories of their time in engineering college together. Rancho, as a student, was intelligent and had a brilliant personal philosophy. He rallied against unjust systems of teaching. At the end of the film, he is shown to be a famous scientist and entrepreneur.
    • Shoaib Ahmed as young Chhote
  • R. Madhavan as Farhan Qureshi – the film's narrator and a friend of Rancho and Raju. His father wanted him to be an engineer despite his lack of interest in the career. Instead, he becomes an accomplished wildlife photographer.
  • Sharman Joshi as Raju Rastogi. He comes from an impoverished family with a mother who is a retired school teacher and a paralyzed father who had been a postman. In the flashback story, his family is poor so they can't afford the car that would be demanded as a dowry for his sister. In the present story, he is a settled married man in Delhi who has freed his family from poverty by becoming a wealthy executive.
  • Kareena Kapoor as Pia Sahastrabuddhe – Viru "Virus" Sahastrabuddhe's younger daughter, an intelligent and capable doctor. Rancho is her love interest, and she breaks off her engagement to another to be with Rancho.
  • Boman Irani as Dr Viru Sahastrabuddhe – better known as "Virus", he is the strict college director. He is also Pia's father, and the film's "antagonist". By the end of the movie, he has changed his doctrinal method of teaching.
  • Omi Vaidya as Chatur Ramalingam – better known as "Silencer". a Tamil who has a mere inability to speak Hindi due to two factors; being born in Uganda and having completed basic education in Pondicherry. He believes in mindless memorisation. and sneers at Rancho's distinctive ideas, as does Virus. In the present story, he is vice-president of a company.
    • Baradwaj Rangan of the New Indian Express wrote that Chatur being a Tamil from Uganda makes him "twice removed from the North Indians around him — a stranger to the nation as well as the national language."[9]
  • Rahul Kumar as Manmohan – Better known as "Millimeter" or "MM", a young man who earns a small living in the college such as helping students by ironing their clothes, finishing assignments, and getting groceries; Rancho persuades him to buy a school uniform and go to any school to gain knowledge.
  • Dushyant Wagh as Centimeter/Elder Manmohan – the present-day Millimeter, who works as Rancho's/Phunsukh Wangdu's assistant in Ladakh
  • Mona Singh as Mona Sahastrabuddhe – Pia's elder sister and Virus's first daughter.
  • Parikshit Sahni as Mr Qureshi – Farhan's father, a strict but loving parent who just wants his son to be happy.
  • Amardeep Jha as Mrs Rastogi – Raju's mother, a retired schoolteacher and dedicated mother.
  • Javed Jaffrey as the real Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad – a person Raju, Farhan, and Chatur meet during the Shyamaldas Chanchad funeral service. His character is shown to be a corrupt person right from childhood, taking benefits from 'Chhote' in his homework and his exams. His father sends him to London and he sends 'Chhote' to ICE to gain an engineering degree in his name. He does appreciate what Chhote did for him, giving Raju and Farhan information on where to find him.
  • Arun Bali as Shamaldas Chanchad – father of Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad.
  • Ali Fazal as Joy Lobo – a student with a passion for machines. After Virus tells him that he will not graduate, he commits suicide.
  • Akhil Mishra as Librarian Dubey
  • Rohitash Gaud as Ranchoddas' servant
  • Achyut Potdar as Machine Class Professor
  • Madhav Vaze as Joy Lobo's father.
  • Olivier Sanjay Lafont as Suhas Tandon – a materialistic man who is Pia's ex-fiance.
  • Jayant Kripalani as Interviewer – the company head who conducts Raju's job interview.


Principal photography began on 28 July 2008. Hirani and his team left in late August for the shoot with the principal cast. The film was shot in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ladakh, Chail and Shimla.[10] Aamir and rest of the cast began shooting in early September. Hirani planned to wrap up the film by December.[11] The first scene was shot in an aircraft with Madhavan. From Mumbai, the crew and cast comprising Aamir and Kareena went to Ladakh for a 20-day schedule.[12] Filming of the ICE college scenes took place at the Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore campus for 33 days as a part of the second schedule of production.[13]


The film initially opened up on 2000 prints worldwide.[14] 3 Idiots was released in 1800 theaters in India, which was at that time a big domestic release.[15] 3 Idiots was released in 415 screens overseas.[16] 3 idiots was released in 2,215 theaters worldwide.

Pre-release business[edit]

3 Idiots Pre-release business[17]
Territories and ancillary revenues Price
Satellite rights with a TV channel 22 crore (US$3.2 million)
Worldwide distribution rights 65 crore (US$9.6 million)
Music rights (T~Series) 12 crore (US$1.8 million)
Total 99 crore (US$15 million)
  • The figures don't include the Print and Advertising (P&A) costs.

Box office[edit]

After its initial run, the film's adjusted worldwide lifetime gross was 339 crore (equivalent to 501 crore or US$74 million in 2016).[18]

According to Box Office, 3 Idiots grossed 11.92 billion (equivalent to 18 billion or US$260 million in 2016) worldwide at the end of its theatrical run.[19][20] The film was listed in Guinness World Records for the record of highest box office film gross for a Bollywood film.[21][22]


The film broke all box office records upon release. It created the highest collection record for paid previews with Rs 27.5 million that time, which was broken by Chennai Express (2013).[23][24] In its four-day first weekend, the film netted 38 crore (equivalent to 56 crore or US$8.3 million in 2016), and broke the record held by Ghajini for the first weekend collections.[25] By the first week, the film netted 79 crore (equivalent to 117 crore or US$17 million in 2016), again breaking the box office record held by Ghajini.[26] 3 Idiots had nett grossed 56 crore (equivalent to 83 crore or US$12 million in 2016) in its 2nd week, 302.5 million (US$4.5 million) during the third week, 16 crore (equivalent to 24 crore or US$3.5 million in 2016) in its fourth week and 9.75 crore (equivalent to 14 crore or US$2.1 million in 2016) in fifth to make a total of 191 crore (equivalent to 282 crore or US$42 million in 2016) in five weeks.[27]


3 Idiots became the then highest-grossing Bollywood film in overseas markets with overseas gross of US$25 million.[4][28][29] 3 Idiots first weekend opening collection in overseas was $4 million.[30][31] It set record collections for Indian-produced films in territories such as United States,[32] Australia,[33] Fiji, and some African territories.[citation needed] In the United States, the film earned $6.5 million since its opening,[32][33] in addition to over $2.5 million in the United Kingdom, over $2 million in Canada, nearly $1 million in Australia, and over $3 million in South Korea.[33] 3 Idiots has the biggest first week total in US with around $3 million over its first four days.[34]

Unusual for an Indian film, 3 Idiots has become a major success in East Asian markets.[35] The film had the longest showing period at cinemas in Taiwan, for more than two months from December 2010, breaking the record of Avatar, with over TWD $10 million grossed. The film was the first aired Indian film in Hong Kong, where it grossed HKD $22 million since its showing from 1 September 2011, as of January 2012,[36] and the equivalent of over US$3 million as of 4 March 2012.[33] In China, where it is known as San Geshagua ("Three Idiots"),[35] the film grossed $1.15 million in four days in December 2011,[37] eventually crossing the $2 million mark within 18 days,[4] and nearly $3 million within a month, as of 5 January 2012.[38] Alongside the original Hindi version, a Chinese-dubbed version was also released, with the popular actress Tang Wei (best known for Lust, Caution) voicing Kareena Kapoor's role.[39] One reason for its success in East Asian markets such as China and Hong Kong is because of their similar education systems, thus many students were able to identify with the characters,[35] with some Chinese universities "even prescribing the film in their coursework as a kind of stress-relief in their classrooms."[39] 3 Idiots added US$7 million from a wide release in far eastern markets like South Korea, China, Hong Kong etc.[40] Following its success in other Asian markets, Japanese distributor Nikkatsu has announced plans to release the film in Japan.[41] Upon its release in Japanese markets in June 2013, it went on to collect around ¥100 million (61 million) in its first two weeks of run – That makes the film the highest grossing Hindi film ever in Japan.

Critical reception[edit]

3 Idiots received universal critical acclaim. Subhash K. Jha stated: "It's not that 3 Idiots is a flawless work of art. But it is a vital, inspiring and life-revising work of contemporary art with some heart imbued into every part. In a country where students are driven to suicide by their impossible curriculum, 3 Idiots provides hope. Maybe cinema can't save lives. But cinema, sure as hell, can make you feel life is worth living. 3 Idiots does just that, and much more. The director takes the definition of entertainment into directions of social comment without assuming that he knows best."[42] Nikhat Kazmi of the Times of India gave it four and a half stars and suggests that, "The film is a laugh riot, despite being high on fundas […] Hirani carries forward his simplistic 'humanism alone works' philosophy of the Lage Raho Munna Bhai series in 3 Idiots too, making it a warm and vivacious signature tune to 2009. The second half of the film does falter in parts, specially the child birth sequence, but it doesn't take long for the film to jump back on track."[43] Mayank Shekhar of the Hindustan Times gave the film three and a half out of five stars and comments that "this is the sort of movie you’ll take home with a smile and a song on your lips."[44] Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave 3 Idiots four and a half out of five stars and states: "On the whole, 3 Idiots easily ranks amongst Aamir, Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra's finest films. Do yourself and your family a favour: Watch 3 Idiots. It's emotional, it's entertaining, it's enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal and feel-good factor to work in a big way."[45] Kaveree Bamzai of India Today gave 3 Idiots five stars and argues that "it's a lovely story, of a man from nowhere who wanted to learn, told like a fairy tale, with the secret heart carrying its coded message of setting all of us free."[46]

Other critics gave the film a mixed review. Sonia Chopra of Sify gave the film 3 stars and said "Though a bit too calculated and designed, 3 Idiots is still an ok option for the significant message, interesting cast and scattered breezy moments."[47] Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN gave the film three out of five stars and states: "Going home after watching 3 Idiots I felt like I'd just been to my favorite restaurant only to be a tad under-whelmed by their signature dish. It was a satisfying meal, don't get me wrong, but not the best meal I'd been expecting."[48] Shubhra Gupta from The Indian Express also gave it 3 stars, stating "‘3 Idiots' does not do as much for me. The emotional truth that shone through both the 'Munnabhai' movies doesn’t come through strongly enough."[49] Raja Sen of Rediff gave the film two out of five stars and states: "Rajkumar Hirani's one of the directors of the decade, a man with immense talent and a knack for storytelling. On his debut, he hit a hundred. With his second, he hit a triple century. This time, he fishes outside the offstump, tries to play shots borrowed from other batters, and hits and misses to provide a patchy, 32*-type innings. It's okay, boss, *chalta hai*. Even Sachin has an off day, and we still have great hope."[50]

The film has also been highly acclaimed overseas. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a 100% "fresh" critics' rating based on six reviews. Derek Elley of Variety wrote that "3 Idiots takes a while to lay out its game plan but pays off emotionally in its second half." Robert Abele of Los Angeles Times wrote that there's an "unavoidable joie de vivre (symbolized by Rancho's meditative mantra 'All is well') and a performance charm that make this one of the more naturally gregarious Bollywood imports." Louis Proyect described it as a "fabulous achievement across the board. A typical Bollywood confection but also social commentary on a dysfunctional engineering school system that pressures huge numbers of students into suicide."[51] The Korean site Naver gave the film a review rating of 9.4 out of 10.[52]

It was expected to be the first Indian film to be officially released on YouTube, within 12 weeks of releasing in theatres on 25 March 2010. It was officially released on YouTube in May 2012, but its access has since been restricted.[53] The film also went on to win many awards, winning six Filmfare Awards including best film and best director, ten Star Screen Awards and sixteen IIFA awards.


The film won 39 accolades; among these are five Filmfare Awards including best film and best director, ten Star Screen Awards, sixteen IIFA awards and three National Film Awards. In January 2014, it was nominated in the Best Outstanding Foreign Language Film category for 37th Japanese Academy Awards.[54][55][56][57]

Possible sequel[edit]

When asked about plans of a 3 Idiots sequel in an interview with Hindustan Times, screenwriter Abhijat Joshi replied, saying, "Honestly, I don’t know. We have an idea for the 3 Idiots sequel, a Munna Bhai part three, and also for a PK sequel; but the PK and Munna Bhai sequels interest me the most. So, I think the 3 Idiots sequel may happen in the future, but these two I really want to work on." [58]


3 Idiots
Soundtrack album by Shantanu Moitra
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label T-Series
Producer Shantanu Moitra
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Bollywood Hungama 3.5/5 stars[59]
Behindwoods 3.5/5 stars[60]
Rediff 3/5 stars[61]
Planet Bollywood 7/10 stars[62]

The film's soundtrack is composed by Shantanu Moitra with lyrics penned by Swanand Kirkire.

Track# Song Singer(s) Duration
1 "Aal Izz Well" Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Swanand Kirkire 4:36
2 "Zoobi Doobi" Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal 4:08
3 "Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh" Shaan, Shantanu Moitra 5:01
4 "Give Me Some Sunshine" Suraj Jagan, Sharman Joshi 4:07
5 "Jaane Nahin Denge Tujhe" Sonu Nigam 3:32
6 "Aal Izz Well (Remix)" Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Swanand Kirkire 4:41
7 "Zoobi Doobi (Remix)" Sonu Nigam, Jaive Samson, Shreya Ghoshal 3:29


Prior to the release of the film director Rajkumar Hirani commented on the relationship between Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat and 3 Idiots stating:

Chetan gave me this book to read and I wanted to make a film on it. But I knew right from the start that I could not make a film completely on the book, as it was very anecdotal and a film needs a plot. So I had decided to rewrite it in a screenplay format. You'll see that the film is very different from the book. After I wrote the script, I called Chetan and narrated it to him. I told him that if he did not like the script, I would stop the project. But he was okay with it.[63]

The day after the film opened, Chetan also noted:

Initially I did sit down with Raju and Abhijat while they were deciding to make a film based on '5 Point Someone'. I even went to IIT with Abhijat a couple of times. But it was just not possible for me to be involved at every stage of the screenplay writing process since I was in Hong Kong at that time, working full-time and busy writing other books. Moreover, Abhijat is based in USA, Raju was in the US for quite a while working on the screenplay but it was not practical for me to do that […] The film retains the soul of the book. 3 Idiots is different from the book but at the same time it does borrow many things from the book. The core theme and message of the film is coming from the book itself. And that's why the makers have officially credited the film as 'Based on a novel by Chetan Bhagat.'[64]

A controversy developed a few days after the release, however, over the fact that Chetan's credit, "Based on the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat" appeared in the closing credits rather than in the opening ones.[65] At that time, Bhagat stated that he "was expecting an opening credit and I was quite surprised on not seeing it. They had bought the rights, made the payment and committed to a credit in the contract. It’s there, but it’s not about it being there, it’s about the placement and the prominence."[66] In a 31 December 2009 blog post on his personal website, Bhagat stated that he was told the movie was only 2–5% based on the book, but when he saw it, he felt that it was 70% of the book. He also argued that he was misled by the makers of the film, though he noted, that "this has nothing to do with Mr Aamir Khan […] I am a big fan of Aamir and he has made my story reach people. However, he was told by the makers not to read the book, and he hasn’t. Thus, he cannot comment on the issue in a meaningful manner."[67]

A few people responded to Chetan's statements. According to the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), during a press conference with reporters producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra "clarified that in the agreement between the producer and Bhagat, it was clearly mentioned that the author’s name would be put in the closing credits." IANS also reported that Chopra "lost his cool" and "asked a reporter to shut up after being questioned whether his hit 3 Idiots was lifted from author Chetan Bhagat’s book Five Point Someone."[68] Chopra later apologised, stating: "I really think I’m silly. I was provoked, but I shouldn’t have done this. I saw myself on TV and saw how I was shouting 'shut up, shut up' like an animal. I told myself — 'what nonsensical behaviour'."[69] Aamir Khan also responded to these claims.[65][70] Rajkumar Hirani stated that "We have officially bought the rights for the film. We drew a contract with him and it clearly mentions about the position of his credit. With open eyes he had seen the contract, consulted his lawyer and signed the agreement […] In the contract, we have said that the title would be given in the rolling credits. We haven't changed the font size. We haven't increased the speed of the title. It's exactly there where it was agreed to be."[71] Chetan Bhagat later apologised stating, "I definitely do not have anything against team 3 Idiots. I may have some issues on the mistake they may have made but nothing about their personality or the kind of people they are. I apologise to their families if there was any distress caused to them. I also want to thank all my fans, who stood by me but I don't want them to turn against anyone especially Aamir."[72]


This film was remade into Tamil entitled Nanban, in January 2012.[6][7][73]

Following the success of 3 Idiots in East Asian markets such as China and Hong Kong, the producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra has announced that Hong Kong film star Stephen Chow (known for comedy films such as Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle) will be producing a Chinese remake of the film. Chopra also announced that there are plans for a Hollywood remake, and is in talks with three different American studios interested in remaking the film. Chopra also stated that there is an Italian film studio also interested in remaking the film.[8]

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