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Launched August 1, 1996
Owned by Telefilms Ltda. (1996-2011)
Bethia Holdings (2011-present)
Slogan Por ETC
Formerly called Etc TV (1996-2015)
Website Official site
Movistar (all Chile) Channel 310
VTR Channel 13
Channel 253 digital (all Chile)
GTD Manquehue Channel 9

ETC is a Chilean cable TV channel currently owned by Mega. The channel's slogan is "Todo pasa por Etc..." (Everything Happens on Etc...). Launched in 1996, the company was previously owned by Telefilms Ltda. Starting with a low budget, the channel was originally conceived as a "miscellaneous" channel (the name of the channel, ETC, is based on et cetera), focusing on children's programming and some North American sitcoms in their first year. In 1997 when the channel aired Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya, the station experienced an increase in ratings, leading the station to narrow their focus to include primarily Japanese anime, though in recent years they have also added some South Korean contents including music and kdrama.

Anime aired on ETC[edit]

Some of the following Anime were aired on ETC TV, many of those series were also aired on some local Chilean channels, specially Chilevisión on their program "El Club de los Tigritos" (program later replaced by "Invasión") and some exceptions in TVN (Vision of Escaflowne and Lost Universe), Red Televisión (Detective Conan, also aired in Chilevisión) and Megavisión (Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Korean drama aired on ETC[edit]

Korean drama (Kdrama) aired on ETC:

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