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Medrek (officially the "Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Ethiopia") is an Ethiopian opposition political coalition founded in 2008 which contested the Ethiopian general election, 2010. In that election, Medrek won a single seat in the Council of People's Representatives, representing an electoral district in Addis Ababa.[1] This was allegedly due to lack of election transparency. Medrek won 30% of the individual vote nationwide but it received only one seat in parliament because of Ethiopia's winner takes all system for each constituency.[2]

The coalition was formed in 2008 by four parties and 2 politicians:[3]

In December 2009 Medrek was joined by the largest opposition party, the Unity for Democracy and Justice, led by Birtukan Mideksa.[4] Medrek supported liberal democracy and a federal Ethiopia as well as making Afan Oromo the co-official language of Ethiopia alongside Amharic.[5]

For the 2010 elections, they listed eight constituent parties, including three parties that had been part of the UEDF:[6]

The coalition was led by Bertukan and its chairman is Merera Gudina.