Gallifrey: A Blind Eye

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A Blind Eye
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Gallifrey
Release no. 1.4
Written by Alan Barnes
Directed by Gary Russell
Produced by Jason Haigh-Ellery
Gary Russell
Length 74 minutes
Release date May 2004 (2004-05)

Gallifrey: A Blind Eye is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The series is set on the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey.


During the affair on Gryben, President Romana met an untrustworthy "knowledge broker" named Mephistopheles Arkadian. Now he has invited her to a meeting on board a World War II era Earth train, Europe, 1939. In exchange for helping him with a problem he's gotten himself into, he's willing to give the Time Lords information about the Free Time terrorists. Time is about to jump tracks. And Leela will discover what really happened to her lost husband.


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