Gallifrey: Imperiatrix

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Big Finish Productions audio drama
Release no.2.5
Written byStewart Sheargold
Directed byGary Russell
Produced byJason Haigh-Ellery
Gary Russell
Length145 minutes
Release dateAugust 2005 (2005-08)

Gallifrey: Imperiatrix is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The series is set on the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey.


President Romana reveals to Leela that her husband's body has been discovered. Leela admits she renounced him, but still vows to avenge his death. Before she can act, the newly integrated Academy is rocked by a terrorist bombing. Dozens of students are killed, many of them aliens from temporal powers on a weak diplomatic footing with the Time Lords. The remaining alien students are immediately evacuated, but as their ships are leaving the spaceport, it too is bombed. Leela's oldest friend, K-9 Mark I, anticipates the explosion and his warnings save a few lives. However, he is destroyed in the blast, as well as many others in the crowded, panicked bay.

Leela suspects Darkel participated in these attacks for her own political gain. And indeed, she has initiated an election to challenge Romana for the Presidency. With Romana's support waning, Darkel is easily poised to overthrow her. Once again, Romana seeks advice from Imperiatrix Pandora, the ancient, evil Time Lord dictator with a limited presence within the Matrix. She speaks through K-9 Mark II, who is also keeping her restrained. Pandora explains that the only way to stop Darkel is to embrace the future that Romana fears most.

So shortly before voting commences to elect Candidate Darkel to the Presidency, Romana invokes obscure Gallifreyan law and declares herself Imperiatrix. She dissolves the democracy and secures indefinite, sole rule over the entire world. Just then, another explosion threatens all in attendance. K-9 manages to disarm it, but with his concentration broken, Pandora makes her escape. She seizes the Imperiatrix Imprimatur within Romana's body while simultaneously drawing bio-data out of the Matrix. Pandora weaves herself a corporeal body which emerges from Romana's. Pandora has resurrected into the form of Romana's first incarnation. Claiming to be the original Romana, Pandora declares herself to be the true Imperiatrix. With two separate and opposing Imperiatrix Romanas, allegiances are divided. The Dogma Virus will strengthen Pandora's forces, as it is now believed to be dormant within far more Time Lords than previously assumed. Even K-9 has been reprogrammed to obey Pandora. And Leela confronts the real Romana with a video showing her murdering her husband. As Leela is uncertain what elements within Romana may have caused her to do this, and because she is a friend, she can not avenge his death. Everyone is uncertain about the future, as the Gallifreyan Civil War begins.



  • This release came with a second disc containing an extra half-hour of the story. The remainder of the disc features interviews with the cast and crew.

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