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Founded 2007, Rising Voices and Álvaro Ramírez Ospina
Focus Self-representation and Citizen journalism
Area served
Latin America
Website [1]

Hiperbarrio comprises a small group of digital communities that use free media self-publishing tools on the Internet in order to practice and promote new forms of self-representation and participation in the Knowledge Society.

By means of blogs, podcasts, YouTube and dotSUB[1] video, young people from peripheral areas in Colombia learn to think critically and to publish their own stories, experiences, and views about themselves and their surroundings. HiperBarrio engages people in the gathering the Cultural and historical memory of their local neighborhoods, the Fine Arts, Free Culture Self-expression and Citizen journalism.

What motivates and inspires their work are issues of transparency in social exchanges, the defense of The Public Good and the cooperation and participation of all human beings and specially those historically neglected and underprivileged. Through different projects the participants become authors and engaged participants in their social and geographic environments. HiperBarrio is part of Global Voices Online Advocacy Program which through Rising Voices gathers, and links 22 groups scattered throughout the world.