Gurdjar language

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Not to be confused with Gujari language.
Native to Australia
Region Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
Native speakers
1 (2007)[1]
Kurtjar (Gunggara)
Rip (Ngarap, Areba)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
gdj – Gurdjar
aea – Areba
Glottolog ribg1235[2]
AIATSIS[3] G33 Kurtjar, Y107 Areba

Gurdjar (Kurtjar) is a Paman language of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. There are two dialects, Gurdjar proper (Gunggara), and Rip (Ngarap, Areba).[4] Kunggara is another name for one or the other.[3]


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