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Jeow bong with kaipen (popular Lao combination)

Jeow bong (Lao: ແຈ່ວບອງ, Thai: แจ่วบอง; RTGSChaeo Bong) is a sweet and spicy Lao chili paste made with Lao chilies, galangal and other ingredients commonly found in Laos. Its distinguishing ingredient, however, is water buffalo skin.[1]

It is eaten usually by dipping Lao sticky rice or a raw/parboiled vegetable in it. It's also a condiment for a Lao riverweed snack called Kaipen. Jeow bong lasts for a long time, does not spoil easily and can be either on the spicier or sweeter side, depending who makes it. Characteristically, it is both sweet and spicy.

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