Jeow bong

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Jeow Bong
Jeow Bong - Laotian chili dip.jpg
Jeow Bong - Laotian chili dip
TypeSauce, Dip
Place of originLaos
Region or stateLuang Prabang
Main ingredientspepper flakes, garlic, galangal, fish sauce, shredded water buffalo or pork skin

Jeow Bong or Jaew Bong (Lao: ແຈ່ວບອງ, Thai: แจ่วบอง; RTGSChaeo Bong) also called Luang Prabang chili sauce is a sweet and savory Lao chili paste originating from Luang Prabang, Laos.[1][2] Jeow Bong is made with sundried chilies, galangal, garlic, fish sauce and other ingredients commonly found in Laos.[3] Its distinguishing ingredient, however, is the addition of shredded water buffalo or pork skin.[4]

It is eaten usually by dipping Lao sticky rice or a raw/parboiled vegetable in it. It's also a condiment for a Lao riverweed snack called Kaipen. Jeow bong lasts for a long time, does not spoil easily and can be either on the spicier or sweeter side, depending who makes it. Characteristically, it is both sweet and spicy.


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