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Jeannie Hopkirk (Annette Andre)

Jean "Jeannie" Hopkirk is a fictional character from the 1969 ITC British cult paranormal series Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). She is portrayed by Annette Andre.


Jeannie is the young widow of Marty Hopkirk and works as a secretary at the Randall and Hopkirk private investigation office. She is an attractive woman with neat blonde hair and a petite frame and build. Jeannie can prove a very useful assistant in Jeff Randall's work and she has saved him many times from dangerous situations. She is highly resourceful and able as a secretary but often she appears as very naive and vulnerable, which has put her own life in danger on many occasions.

In the third episode, "All Work and No Pay", she believes the poltergeist of Marty really is smashing up her apartment, when it is merely the Foster brothers using their electronic equipment to deceive her into thinking so. She believes that they are spiritualists who indeed have the ability to contact her deceased husband. In episode 8, "Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying?", she again believes the enemy when they pretend that Marty's spirit needs to be exorcised. True to her nature she is as helpful as possible and unknowingly aids them, placing her in another difficult situation.

Later in episode 15, "The Man from Nowhere", Jeannie goes as far as partly to believe that an imposter is actually her deceased husband Marty in spirit, again emphasising her vulnerability.


In the remake, Jeanie (Emilia Fox) was portrayed as a far stronger individual than in the original series; originally a waitress at a high-class restaurant, she quit her job after Marty's death - here Marty was her fiance rather than her husband - and joined Jeff at the agency, where she demonstrates a significant intellect. She is also an efficient hand-to-hand fighter, often easily disarming armed men with a kick. In another contrast to the original series, she rejects any idea that Marty might still be with her in some form, briefly having Jeff committed when he claims to see Marty's ghost shortly after Marty's death.