Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Zakho

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Lishana Deni
לשנא דני Lišānā Denī
Pronunciation[liˈʃɑnɑ ˈdɛni]
Native toIraq
RegionZakho, Iraq
Language codes
ISO 639-3lsd
ELPLishana Deni

The Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Zakho[1][2][3] is a dialect of Northeastern Neo-Aramaic originally spoken by Jews in Zakho, Iraq. Following the exodus of Jews from the Muslim lands, most speakers now live in Israel, principally Jerusalem and surrounding villages.

Rakhma speaking Jewish Neo-Aramaic (Lishana Deni)


It is unknown exactly how person markers are established as either pronominal affixes, or agreement markers. There are two explanations. The first relies on synchronic change, using evidence from Classical Syriac. This analysis reveals that the same person marker may simply behave differently in different syntactic environments. The second explanation suggests that there is no clear-cut dichotomy between pronominal affixes and agreement markers at all, citing transitional cases as an example.[4]

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