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South India
Linguistic classification: Dravidian
Glottolog: bada1263[1]

Kannada dialects, in the broad sense incorporating the Kannada–Badaga languages, are spoken in and around Karnataka.

Kannada dialects and languages[edit]

There are about 20 dialects of Kannada, including Kundagannada, Havigannada, and Are Bhashe.

Kannada proper[edit]

Dialects of Kannada proper fall into four groups:[2]

Coastal dialects 
Mangalore Kannada, Halakki, Barkur, Havyaka, Kundagannada, Sirsi Kannada, Ankola Kannada, {see also Goan Komarpant}
Northern Dialects
Dharwad Kannada, Sirsi Kannada, Gulbarga Kannada, Bagalkot Kannada
Are Bhashe or Gowda Kannada, Tiptur, Rabakavi, Najangud
South Karnataka
Aruvu, Bangalore Kannada, Soliga, Kannada Kurumba, Gowdra Bhashe


Badagu is the Kannada-related language spoken by the Badaga community in the Nilgiri region in Tamil Nadu and it is considered as an independent Dravidian language.

See also : R-colored vowel in Badaga


Holiya, also called Holar, Hole, Holu, Golari-Kannada, is the Kannada-related language spoken by a small section of people (500) in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.[3]


Urali is also close to Kannada.

Study of Kannada languages and dialects[edit]

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