Karnataka Legislative Assembly election, 2013

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Karnataka Legislative Assembly Election, 2013
2008 ←
5 May 2013 → 2018

All 224 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka
113 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 70.23%
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Siddaramaiah1.jpg Kumaraswamy.jpg Jagadish Shettar.jpg
Leader Siddaramaiah H.D.Kumaraswamy Jagadish Shettar
Leader's seat Varuna Ramanagara Hubli-Dharwad Central
Seats before 80 28 110
Seats won 122 40 40
Seat change Increase42 Increase12 Decrease70

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader B. S. Yeddyurappa B. Sriramulu
Party KJP BSR Congress
Leader's seat Shikaripura Bellary Rural
Seats won 6 4

2013 Karnataka Election.svg

Chief Minister before election

Jagadish Shettar

Elected Chief Minister


The Fourteenth legislative assembly election was held on 5 May 2013 to elect members from 223 constituencies in the Indian state of Karnataka. Five major political parties contested the election: Indian National Congress (INC), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Janata Dal (Secular) (JD(S)), B. S. Yeddyurappa's Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP) and B. Sriramulu's Badavara Shramikara Raitara Congress Party (BSRCP). Though Karnataka has 224 assembly constituencies, elections were held only for 223 seats. The election for the Piriyapatna constituency was postponed to 28 May 2013 due to the death of the BJP candidate for the seat.[1] The voter turnout in the state was 70.23%.[2]

The INC under the leadership of the erstwhile Janata Parivar leader Siddaramaiah won the election with an absolute majority of 122 seats (including the Piriyapatna seat), 9 more than the majority mark of 113.[1][3] As a result, the INC returned to power on its own after nine years with Siddaramaiah becoming the Chief Minister.[4][5]


In 2008, the BJP under the leadership of B. S. Yeddyurappa, a powerful Lingayat leader, won 110 seats, emerging as the single largest party.[6] As the party did not have a majority of its own, having not won 113+ seats, it had to form a government with the support of a few independent MLA's.[7] The BJP thus came to power for the first time ever in South India. Yeddyurappa became the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

However, the five years in which BJP was in power in Karnataka was not smooth and was mired in many controversies. A few months after coming to power, the BJP launched Operation Kamala which encouraged Congress and JD(S) MLA's to defect to the BJP to boost its strength in the assembly. Yeddyurappa had to face many revolts over his style of functioning from the Reddy brothers (Karunakara, Somashekara and Janardhana) and B. Sriramulu, a BJP faction led by a BJP turncoat Balachandra Jarkiholi and the old-time BJP loyalists led by Ananth Kumar.[8] To add to BJP's miseries, many of the party's legislators, including Yeddyurappa, were accused of corruption, nepotism and a MLA in sexual harassment. Janardhana Reddy was arrested in the Bellary illegal mining scam in 2011 and since kept in Chanchalguda Central Jail.[9] Some BJP leaders like Katta Subramanya Naidu, Ess Enn Krishnaiah Setty and even Yeddyurappa were imprisoned for some time for their role in individual land scams. Yeddyurappa was even accused of encouraging illegal mining, though he was cleared later by the High Court of Karnataka.[10][11] Other BJP leaders like R. Ashoka,of corruption, but were not convicted and jailed. BJP ministers and legislators like M. P. Renukacharya, Haratal Halappa, K. Raghupathi Bhat, Krishna Palemar, Laxman Savadi and C. C. Patil were involved in sex scandals.

In its five years of rule, the BJP had three Chief Ministers. Yeddyurappa was forced to resign as Chief Minister by the BJP High Command in July 2011 due to his alleged involvement in corruption.[12] He was replaced by his handpicked successor and loyalist D. V. Sadananda Gowda, who faced a challenge from Jagadish Shettar, the Chief Minister choice for Yeddyurappa's opponents in the BJP.[13] However, Gowda soon fell out with Yeddyurappa and the latter began to revolt against him, threatening to quit the BJP if Gowda was not removed.[14] Under pressure from Yeddyurappa and his loyalists, the BJP High Command replaced Gowda with Shettar, only 11 months after he became Chief Minister.[15] Shettar was another Lingayat BJP leader whom Yeddyurappa opposed becoming his successor just less than a year ago as they were from the same caste.[15] But Yeddyurappa fell out with Shettar too subsequently.

All these incidents (corruption, scandals, revolts, constant change of the Chief Minister) resulted in stagnation of development and governance in the state which made many people turn against the BJP. To add to this, the BJP was accused by the opposition parties and media of propagating communalism by "saffronising" education, introducing a bill banning cow slaughter, encouraging moral policing and being soft on some Hindu groups. The Congress and the JD(S) became stronger as a result and achieved success in polls, while the BJP was pushed to 3rd place behind JD(S).[16] In the by-election to the Udupi Chimagalur Lok Sabha seat held in March 2012, the Congress won.[17]

Yeddyurappa did not have any post in the BJP after he was removed as Chief Minister. After unsuccessful appeals to the BJP High Command to give him a suitable post that befits his stature such as the State Party President or reinstate him as Chief Minister, Yeddyurappa quit the BJP in November 2012 and formed his own party, the Karnataka Janata Paksha (KJP).[18] Many of his loyalists quit along with him. Previously, Sriramulu quit the BJP in 2011 to form the Badagara Shramika Raitala Congress (BSR Congress) after Janardhana Reddy was imprisoned.[19] These splits in the BJP further added to the BJP's woes.


The election was held in a single phase on 5 May 2013 for 223 out of total 224 seats. A voter turnout of 70.23 was recorded.[20] 50,446 polling stations were set up for the 4.18 crore voters in Karnataka. Election in the constituency of Periyapatna had been adjourned due to the death of the BJP candidate, Sannamogegowda, a day before polls.[21]


Votes were counted on 8 May.[21] Following the defeat, Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar submitted his resignation on 8 May.[22] Governor H. R. Bharadwaj later appointed INC legislative leader Siddaramaiah as the next chief minister.[23]

e • d Summary of results of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly election, 2013 [24]
Political Party Flag Seats
Won Net Change
in seats
 % of
Votes Vote % Change in
vote %
Indian National Congress Flag of the Indian National Congress.svg 223 122 Increase 43 54.46 1,14,73,025 36.6 Increase 1.8
Janata Dal (Secular) 222 40 Increase 12 17.86 63,29,158 20.2 Increase 1.1
Bharatiya Janata Party 222 40 Decrease 72 17.86 62,36,227 19.9 Decrease 13.9
Karnataka Janata Paksha 204 6 Increase 6 2.68 30,69,207 9.8 Increase 9.8
Badagara Shramika Raitala Congress 176 4 Increase 4 1.79 8,44,588 2.7 Increase2.7
Samajwadi Party 27 1 Increase 1 0.45 1,05,948 0.3 Decrease 0.6
Karnataka Makkala Paksha 7 1 Increase 1 0.44 55,867 0.2 Increase 0.2
Sarvodaya Karnataka Paksha 6 1 Increase 1 0.44 10,9039 0.4 Decrease 0.1
Independents 1217 9 Increase 3 4.02 23,13,386 7.4 Increase 0.5
Total 224 Voters 4,36,00,000 Turnout 3,13,52,454 (70.23 %)

List of winning candidates[edit]

The election results for each constituency are as follows.[25]

# Constituency Winning candidate Political party Votes secured Margin Runner up Incumbent MLA
1 Nippani Shashikala Annasaheb Jolle Bharatiya Janata Party 81,860 18,662 Kakaso Pandurang Patil (INC)
2 Chikkodi Sadalaga Prakash Babanna Hukkeri Indian National Congress 1,02,237 76,588 Basavanni Rudrappa Sangappagol (BJP)
3 Athani Laxman Savadi Bharatiya Janata Party 74,299 24,879 Mahesh Iranagouda Kumathalli (INC)
4 Kagwad Bharamgoud Alagoud Kage Bharatiya Janata Party 41,784 2,887 Shrimant Balasaheb Patil (JD(S))
5 Kudachi P. Rajeev BSR Congress 71,057 46,234 Ghatage Shama Bhima (INC)
6 Raybag Aihole Duty of han Mahalingappa Bharatiya Janata Party 37,535 829 Pradeep Ramu Malagi (IND)
7 Hukkeri Umesh Vishwanath Katti Bharatiya Janata Party 81,810 57,326 Ravi Basavaraj Karale (INC)
8 Arabhavi Balachandra Laxmanrao Jarkiholi Bharatiya Janata Party 99,283 75, 221 Utagi Ramappa Kareppa (INC)
9 Gokak Jarkiholi Ramesh Laxmanrao Indian National Congress 79, 175 28,005 Ashok Ningayyaswami Pujari (JD(S))
10 Yemakanmardi Satish Laxmanarao Jarakiholi Indian National Congress 70,726 24,350 Astagi Maruti Mallappa (BJP)
11 Belgaum North/Uttar Fairoz Nuruddin Saith Indian National Congress 45,125 18,210 Renu Suhas Killekar (MES)
12 Belgaum South/Dakshin Sambhaji Lakshman Patil Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti 54,426 6,310 Abhay Patil (BJP)
13 Belgaum Rural Sanjay B Patil Bharatiya Janata Party 38,322 1,335 Kinekar Manohar Kallappa (MES)
14 Khanapur Arvind Chandrakant Patil Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti 37,055 16,152 Rafique Khatalsab Khanapuri (INC)
15 Kittur Inamadar Danappagouda Basanagouda Indian National Congress 53,924 18,290 Suresh Shivarudrappa Marihal (BJP)
16 Bailhongal Vishwanath I. Patil Karnataka Janata Paksha 40,709 3,621 Jagadish (BJP)
17 Saundatti Yellamma Anand alias Vishwanath C Mamani Bharatiya Janata Party 46434 16,042 Ravindra bhupalappa Yaligar (INC)
18 Ramdurg A. M. Pattan Indian National Congress 42,310 4,984 Mahadevappa Shivalingappa Yadawad (BJP)
19 Mudhol Govind Karjol Bharatiya Janata Party 64.727 5,178 Timmapur Ramappa Balappa (INC)
20 Terdal Umashree Indian National Congress 70,189 2,599 Siddu Savadi (BJP)
21 Jamkhandhi Siddu B Nyamagouda Indian National Congress 49,145 21,152 Jagadish Gundagunti (IND)
22 Bilagi J. T. Patil Indian National Congress 66,655 11,238 Muragadesh Rudrappa Nirani (BJP)
23 Badami Chimmanakatti Balappa Bhimappa Indian National Congress 57,446 15,113 Mahantesh Gurpadappa Mamadappur (JDS)
24 Bagalkot Meti Hullappa Yamanappa Indian National Congress 68,216 2,900 Charantimath Veeranna Chandrashearayya (BJP)
25 Hungund V. S. Kashappanavar Indian National Congress 72,720 15,797 Doddagouda G Patil (BJP)
26 Muddebihal Appaji Urf C. S. Nadagoud Indian National Congress 34,747 12,202 Vimalabhai Jagdevrao Deshmukh (BJP)
27 Devara Hipparagi Aminappagouda Patil Indian National Congress 36,231 8,096 Somannagouda B. Patil (BJP)
28 Basavana Bagewadi Shivanand Patil Indian National Congress 56,329 19,676 Bellubi Sangappa Kallapa (BJP)
29 Babaleshwar M. B. Patil Indian National Congress 62,061 4,355 Patil Vijugouda (JDS)
30 Bijapur City Makbul S. Bagawan Indian National Congress 48,615 9,380 Basanagouda R Patil (JDS)
31 Nagathan Raju Alagur Indian National Congress 45,570 667 Devanand Phulsing Chavan (JDS)
32 Indi Yashavantarayagouda Patil Indian National Congress 58,562 33,302 Ravikanth Sankappa Patil (KJP)
33 Sindgi Bhusanur Ramesh Balappa Bharatiya Janata Party 37,834 1,188 Managulli Marappa Channaverappa (JDS)
34 Afzalpur Malikayya Venkayya Guttedar Indian National Congress 38,093 5,238 M. Y. Patil (KJP)
35 Jevargi Ajay Singh Indian National Congress 67,038 36,700 Dodappa Gouda patil (BJP)
36 Shorapur Raja Venkatappa Nayak Indian National Congress 65,033 4,075 Narasimha Nayak (JDS)
37 Shahpur Guru Patil Shiraval Karnataka Janata Paksha 5,796 SHARANABASAPPAGOUDA DARSHANPUR (INC)
38 Yadgir Dr. Maalakareddy Indian National Congress 9,104 VEER BASWANT REDDY (KJP)
39 Gurmitkal Baburao Chinchanasoor Indian National Congress 1,650
40 Chittapur Priyank Kharge Indian National Congress 31,191
41 Sedam Dr. Sharanprakash Patil Indian National Congress 11,895
42 Chincholi Dr Umesh G. Jadav Indian National Congress 26,060
43 Gulbarga Rural G. Ramkrishna Indian National Congress 7,218
44 Gulbarga South Dattatraya C. Patil Revoor (Appu Gouda) Bharatiya Janata Party 9,970
45 Gulbarga North Qamar ul Islam Indian National Congress 20,121
46 Aland Bhojaraj Ramchandra Karnataka Janata Paksha 17,114
47 Basavakalyan Mallikarjun Sidramappa Khuba Janata Dal (Secular) 15,893
48 Humnabad Rajashekhar Basavaraj Patil Indian National Congress 24,500
49 Bidar South Ashok Kheny Karnataka Makkala Paksha 47,763 15,788 Bandeppa Khashempur
50 Bidar Gurupadappa Nagamarpalli Karnataka Janata Paksha 2,571
51 Bhalki Eshwara Khandre Indian National Congress 9,669 D.K. Sidram
52 Aurad Prabhu B. Chavan Bharatiya Janata Party 23,191
53 Raichur Rural Thipparaju Bharatiya Janata Party 3,270
54 Raichur Dr S. Shivaraj Patil Janata Dal (Secular) 7,871
55 Manvi G. Hampayya Sahukar Ballatagi Indian National Congress 6,987
56 Devadurga A. Venkatesh Naik Indian National Congress 3,700
57 Lingasugur Manappa D. Vajjal Janata Dal (Secular) 1,286
58 Sindhanur Badarli Hampanagouda Indian National Congress 13,016
59 Maski Pratapgowda Patil Indian National Congress 19,147
60 Kushtagi Doddanagouda Hanamagouda Patil Bharatiya Janata Party 3,037
61 Kanakagiri Shivaraj Sangappa Tangadagi Indian National Congress 5,052
62 Gangavathi Iqbal Ansari Janata Dal (Secular) 29,789
63 Yelburga Basavaraj Rayareddy Indian National Congress 16,900
64 Koppal K. Raghavendra Basavaraj Hitnal Indian National Congress 26,788
65 Shirahatti Doddamani R. Shidlingappa Indian National Congress 315
66 Gadag H. K. Patil Indian National Congress 33,727
67 Ron G. S. Patil Indian National Congress 18,227
68 Nargund B. R. Yavagal Indian National Congress 8,585
69 Navalgund N. H. Konaraddi Janata Dal (Secular) 2,669
70 Kundgol Channabasappa Satyappa Shivalli Indian National Congress 21,072
71 Dharwad Vinay Kulkarni Indian National Congress 53,453 17,975 Amrut Ayyappa Desai
72 Hubli-Dharwad (East) Abbayya Prasad Indian National Congress 13,154
73 Hubli-Dharwad (Central) Jagadish Shettar Bharatiya Janata Party 58,201 17,480 Dr. Mahesh Nalwad
74 Hubli-Dharwad (West) Arvind Bellad Bharatiya Janata Party 13,154
75 Kalaghatagi Santosh Lad Indian National Congress 45,661
76 Haliyal R. V. Deshpande Indian National Congress 5,939
77 Karwar Santeesh Sail Krishna Independent 35,880
78 Kumuta Sharada Mohan Shetty Indian National Congress 420
79 Bhatkal Mankala Subba Vaidya Independent 27435
80 Sirsi Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri Bharatiya Janata Party 3,059
81 Yellapur A. H. Shivaram Indian National Congress 24,492
82 Hangal Manohar H. Tahasildar Indian National Congress 66,324 5,686 C M Udasi C M Udasi
83 Shiggoan Basavaraj Bommai Bharatiya Janata Party 9,503
84 Haveri Rudrappa Manappa Lamani Indian National Congress 30,208
85 Byadagi Basavaraj Neelappa Shivannanavar Indian National Congress 13,359
86 Hirekerur U. B. Banakar Karnataka Janata Paksha 2,616
87 Ranebennur K. B. Koliwad Indian National Congress 53,780 6,788 R. Shankar G. Shivanna
88 Hadagali P. T. Parameshwaranaik Indian National Congress 40,810
89 Hagaribommanahalli L. B. P. Bheemanaik Janata Dal (Secular) 125
90 Vijayanagara Anand Singh Bharatiya Janata Party 30,637
91 Kampli T. H. Suresh Babu BSR Congress 34,396
92 Siruguppa B. M. Nagaraja Indian National Congress 65,490
93 Bellary B. Sreeramulu BSR Congress 33,294
94 Bellary City Anil Lad Indian National Congress 18,200
95 Sandur E. Tukaram Indian National Congress 34,631
96 Kudligi B. Nagendra Independent 24,803
97 Molkalmur S. Thippeswamy BSR Congress 7,169
98 Challakere T. Raghumurthy Indian National Congress 23,123
99 Chitradurga G. H. Thippareddy Bharatiya Janata Party 26,718
100 Hiriyur D. Sudhakar Indian National Congress 1,205
101 Hosadurga B G Govindappa Indian National Congress 20,017 Gulihatti D. Shekar
102 Holalkere H. Anjaneya Indian National Congress 12,864
103 Jagalur H. P. Rajesh Indian National Congress 36,890
104 Harapanahalli M. P. Ravindra Indian National Congress 8,406
105 Harihara H. S. Shivashankar Janata Dal (Secular) 19,053
106 Davanagere North S. S. Mallikarjun Indian National Congress 57,280
107 Davangere South S. Shivashankarappa Indian National Congress 40,158
108 Mayakonda K. Shivamurthy Indian National Congress 694
109 Channagiri Vadnal Rajanna Indian National Congress 1,773
110 Honnali D. G. Shantana Gowda Indian National Congress 18,830
111 Shimoga Rural Sharada Pooryanaik Janata Dal (Secular) 10,109
112 Bhadravathi Appaji Gowda. M.J Janata Dal (Secular) 44,099
113 Shimoga K. B. Prasanna Kumar Indian National Congress 278
114 Thirthahalli Kimmane Ratnakar Indian National Congress 1,343
115 Shikaripura B. S. Yeddyurappa Karnataka Janata Paksha 69,126 15,000 H. S. Shanthaveerappagowda
116 Sorab S. Madhu Bangarappa Janata Dal (Secular) 21,225
117 Sagar Kagodu Thimmappa Indian National Congress 71,960 41,248 B. R. Jayanth
118 Baindur K. Gopala Poojary Indian National Congress 28,277
119 Kundapur Halady Srinivas Shetty Independent 40,621
120 Udupi Pramod Madhwaraj Indian National Congress 39,524
121 Kaup Vinay Kumar Sorake Indian National Congress 1,855
122 Karkala V. Sunil Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party 58,402 4,254 T. D. Raje Gowda
123 Sringeri D. N. Jeevaraj Bharatiya Janata Party 3,452
124 Mudigere B. B. Ningaiah Janata Dal (Secular) 635
125 Chikkamagalur C. T. Ravi Bharatiya Janata Party 10,988
126 Tarikere G. H. Srinivasa Indian National Congress 899
127 Kadur Y. S. V Datta Janata Dal (Secular) 43,000
128 Chikkanayakanahalli C. B. Sureshbabu Janata Dal (Secular) 11,139
129 Tiptur K. Shadakshari Indian National Congress 11,602
130 Turuvekere M. T. Krishnappa Janata Dal (Secular) 8,925
131 Kunigal D. Nagarajaiah Janata Dal (Secular) 3,037
132 Tumkur City S. Rafeeq Ahmed Indian National Congress 3,608
133 Tumkur Rural B. Suresh Gowda Bharatiya Janata Party 1,572
134 Koratagere P. R. Sudhakara Lal Janata Dal (Secular) 18,155
135 Gubbi S R Shrinivas (Vasu) Janata Dal (Secular) 7,244
136 Sira T.B.Jayachandra Indian National Congress 74089 14,681 B.Sathyanarayana (JDS) T.B. Jayachandra (INC)
137 Pavagada K. M. Thimmarayappa Janata Dal (Secular) 4,863
138 Madhugiri K. N. Rajanna Indian National Congress 75,086 14,427 M. V. Veerabhadraiah
139 Gauribidanur N. H. Shivashankara Reddy Indian National Congress 49,831
140 Bagepalli S. N. Subbareddy Independent 30,755
141 Chikkaballapur Dr K. Sudhakar Indian National Congress 74,914
142 Sidlaghatta M. Rajanna Janata Dal (Secular) 15,479
143 Chintamani J. K. Krishnareddy Janata Dal (Secular) 1,773
144 Srinivasapur K. R. Rameshkumar Indian National Congress 83,426 3,893 G. K. Venkatashivareddy
145 Mulbagal G. Manjunatha Independent 33,734
146 Kolar Gold Field Y. Ramakka Bharatiya Janata Party 26,022
147 Bangarpet S. N. Narayanaswamy Indian National Congress 28,567
148 Kolar R. Varthur Prakash Independent 12,591
149 Malur K. S. Manjunath Gowda Janata Dal (Secular) 57,645 18,769 Krisshnaiah Setty Es. En. Maluru
150 Yelahanka S. R. Vishwanath Bharatiya Janata Party 75507 18,300 Gopalakrishna MN (INC)
151 Krishnarajapuram B. A. Basavaraja Indian National Congress 106299 24001 N. S. Nandiesha Reddy
152 Byatarayanapura Krishna Byre Gowda Indian National Congress 32,000 Krishna Byre Gowda
153 Yeshwanthpur S. T. Somashekhar Indian National Congress 120380
154 Rajarajeshwari Nagar Munirathna Indian National Congress 18,813
155 Dasarahalli S. Muniraju Bharatiya Janata Party S. Muniraju
156 Mahalakshmi Layout K. Gopalaiah Janata Dal (Secular) 66,127 15,370 N. L. Narendrababu
157 Malleshwaram Dr. C.N. Ashwath Narayan Bharatiya Janata Party 57,609 21,066 B. K. Shivaram
158 Hebbal R. Jagadeesh Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party 5,136
159 Pulakeshinagar R. Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy Janata Dal (Secular) 10,100
160 Sarvagnanagar Kelachandra Joseph George Indian National Congress 69,673 46819 Padmanabha Reddy
161 CV Raman Nagar S. Raghu Bharatiya Janata Party 8,419
162 Shivajinagar R. Roshan Baig Indian National Congress 49,649 20,855 Nirmal Surana
163 Shanthi Nagar N. A. Haris Indian National Congress 54,342 19,000 K. Vasudeva Murthy
164 Gandhinagar Dinesh Gundurao Indian National Congress 22,607
165 Rajajinagar S. Suresh Kumar Bharatiya Janata Party 39,291 14,767 R. Manjula Naidu (INC)
166 Govindrajnagar Priya Krishna Indian National Congress 42,460 H. Ravindra
167 Vijayanagar M. Krishnappa Indian National Congress 76,891 32,462 V. Somanna (BJP)
168 Chamarajpet B. Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan Janata Dal (Secular) 30,162
169 Chickpet R. V. Devraj Indian National Congress 12,000
170 Basavanagudi L. A. Ravi Subramanya Bharatiya Janata Party 19,720
171 Padmanabhanagar R. Ashok Bharatiya Janata Party 20,123 l.s.chethan gowda
172 BTM Layout Ramalingareddy Indian National Congress 49,048
173 Jayanagar Sunil Yadav Bharatiya Janata Party 12,600
174 Mahadevpura Aravind Limbavali Bharatiya Janata Party 1,10,244 6,149 A C Srinivas Aravind Limbavali
175 Bommanahalli Sathish Reddy M Bharatiya Janata Party 86,552 25,852 Nagabhushana C
176 Bangalore South M Krishnappa Bharatiya Janata Party 102,207 16,825 R. Prabhakara Reddy
177 Anekal B Shivanna Indian National Congress 105,464 40,182 A. Narayanaswamy
178 Hoskote M. T. B. Nagaraj Indian National Congress 85,238 7,139 B. N. Bachegowda
179 Devanahalli Pilla Munishamappa Janata Dal (Secular) 70,323 1,942 Venkataswamy
180 Doddaballapur T. Venkataramanaiah Indian National Congress 38,877 1,447 B. Munegowda
181 Nelamangala K. Srinivasamurthy Janata Dal (Secular) 60,492 15,103 Anjanamurthy
182 Magadi H. C. Balakrishna Janata Dal (Secular) 74,821 14,359 A. Manjunath
183 Ramanagaram H. D. Kumaraswamy Janata Dal (Secular) 25,398
184 Kanakapura D. K Shivakumar Indian National Congress 31,426
185 Channapatna C. P. Yogeshwara Samajwadi Party 6,464
186 Malavalli P. M. Narendraswamy Indian National Congress 61,869 538 Dr. K. Annadani
187 Maddur D. C. Thamanna Janata Dal (Secular) 80,926 31,958 Madhu G. Madegowda
188 Melukote K. S. Puttannaiah Sarvodaya Karnataka Paksha 3,848
189 Mandya M. H. Ambarish Indian National Congress 90,329 42,937 M. Srinivas
190 Shrirangapatna A. B. Ramesha Bandisiddegowda Janata Dal (Secular) 55,204 13,624 Ravindra Srikantaiah
191 Nagamangala N. Chaluvarayaswamy Janata Dal (Secular) 89,203 20,363 Suresh Gowda (INC)
192 Krishnarajpet Narayana Gowda Janata Dal (Secular) 56,784 9,243 K.B. Chandrashekhar (INC)
193 Shravanabelagola C. N. Balakrishna Janata Dal (Secular) 87,185 24,142 C. S. Puttegowda (INC)
194 Arsikere K. M. Shivalinge Gowda Janata Dal (Secular) 76,579 29,361 B. Shivaramu (INC)
195 Belur Y. N. Rudresha Gowda Indian National Congress 48,802 7,529 K. S. LINGESHA (JDS)
196 Hassan H.S.Prakash Janata Dal (Secular) 61,306 4,196 H.K. Mahesh (INC)
197 Holenarasipur H. D. Revanna Janata Dal (Secular) 92,713 30,058 S.G. Anupama (INC)
198 Arkalgud A. Manju Indian National Congress 61,369 8,794 A.T. Ramaswamy (JDS)
199 Sakleshpur H. K. Kumaraswamy Janata Dal (Secular) 63,602 33,069 D Mallesh (INC)
200 Belthangady K. Vasantha Bangera Indian National Congress 74,530 15,741 Ranjan G Gowda (BJP)
201 Moodabidari K. Abhayachandra Indian National Congress 53,180 4,419 Umanatha Kotian (BJP)
202 Mangalore City North B. A. Mohiuddin Bava Indian National Congress 69,897 5,373 J. Krishna Palemar (BJP)
203 Mangalore City South J. R. Lobo Indian National Congress 67,829 12,275 N. Yogish Bhat (BJP)
204 Mangalore U. T. Khader Indian National Congress 69,450 29,111 Chandrahas Ullal (BJP)
205 Bantwal Ramanath Rai Indian National Congress 81,665 17,850 Rajesh Naik Ulipady (BJP)
206 Puttur Shakunthala T. Shetty Indian National Congress 66,345 4,289 Sanjiva Matandoor (BJP)
207 Sullia S. Angara Bharatiya Janata Party 65,913 1,373 B. Raghu (INC)
208 Madikeri Appachu Ranjan Bharatiya Janata Party 56,696 4,629 B. A. Jivijaya (JD(S))
209 Virajpet K. G. Bopaiah Bharatiya Janata Party 67,250 3,414 B. T. Pradeep (INC)
210 Periyapatna Held later[›] K Venkatesh Indian National Congress 59,957 2,088 K Mahadev(JD(S))
211 Krishnarajanagara Sa Ra Mahesh Janata Dal (Secular) 81,457 15,052 Doddaswamegowda (INC)
212 Hunsur H. P. Manjunath Indian National Congress 83,930 40,207 Kumaraswamy (JD(S))
213 Heggadadevanakote S. Chikkamadu Janata Dal (Secular) 48,606 12,498 Chikkanna (INS)
214 Nanjangud V.Srinivasa Prasad Indian National Congress 50,784 8,941 K. N. Keshavamurthy (JD(S))
215 Chamundeshwari G. T. Devegowda Janata Dal (Secular) 75,864 7,103 M. Sathyanarayana (INC)
216 Krishnaraja M. K. Somashekhar Indian National Congress 52,611 6,065 S. A. Ramdas (BJP)
217 Chamaraja Vasu Indian National Congress 41,930 12,915 H. S. Shankarelinge Gowda (BJP)
218 Narashimaraja Tanveer Sait Indian National Congress 38,037 8,370 Abdul Majid K. (SDPI)
219 Varuna Siddaramaiah Indian National Congress 84,385 29,641 Kapu Siddalingaswamy (KJP)
220 T Narasipura Dr H. C. Mahadevappa Indian National Congress 53,219 323 H. C. Mahadevappa (INC)
221 Hanur R. Nagendra Indian National Congress 55,684 11,549 Parimala Nagappa (JD(S))
222 Kollegal S. Jayanna Indian National Congress 47,402 10,193 N. Mahesh (BSP)
223 Chamarajnagar C. Puttarangashetty Indian National Congress 54,440 11,196 K. R. Mallikarjunappa (KJP)
224 Gundlupet H. S. Mahadeva Prasad Indian National Congress 73,723 7,675 C. S. Niranjan Kumar (BJP)

^ Held later: Poll adjourned due to death of BJP candidate, Sannamogegowda.[26]

Three candidates who failed to secure the Congress tickets were elected as independents: Santeesh Sail Krishna in Karwar, S N Subbareddy in Bagepalli, and G Manjunatha in Mulbagal.[27]
^ Note2: Includes the result of Periyapatna assembly seat election held later[28]


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