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Korvatunturi kesällä.jpg
Korvatunturi seen from southwest, i.e. from the Finnish side
Highest point
Elevation 486 m (1,594 ft)
Prominence 210 m (690 ft)
Coordinates 68°04′25″N 29°18′55″E / 68.07361°N 29.31528°E / 68.07361; 29.31528Coordinates: 68°04′25″N 29°18′55″E / 68.07361°N 29.31528°E / 68.07361; 29.31528
Finland adm location map.svg
Location within Finland
Location Savukoski, Lapland, Finland

Korvatunturi is a fell in Lapland. It is located within Urho Kekkonen National Park in the municipality of Savukoski. Its name literally means “Ear Fell” in Finnish due to its unique shape.

Characterised by its thick pine forest, frozen lakes and hundreds of thousands of reindeer which roam the land,[1] Korvatunturi stands 486 metres above sea level. It has three peaks, with the middle one between Finland and Russia's borders. Since Korvatunturi is located within the boundaries of the country, all visitors are required to secure written permission from the Finnish Border Guard.[2] There are also no roads that directly lead to the fell, but there are hike trails that provide access, such as the one found in the Savukoski area.[3]

Cultural Significance[edit]

Korvatunturi in winter

Korvatunturi is best known as the home of Father Christmas (or Joulupukki in Finnish). According to Finnish Folklore, this land is the location of Father Christmas’ secret workshop, where toys, trinkets and gifts are made and eventually wrapped by gnomes. Known for their good-natured demeanour and their rôle as guardians of homes, these gnomes are also responsible for analysing weather patterns for the yearly gift-giving trip around the world.[2] People have also said that the ear-shaped structure of the fell allows Father Christmas to hear the wishes of every child on Earth.[4] In popular media, this legend has been adapted into the film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

For post to Father Christmas Korvatunturi has postal code 99999 Korvatunturi, even though all post sent to this address will actually be carried to Santa Claus Village at Rovaniemi.

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A 360 degree panorama from Korvatunturi, the building is a watchtower of the Finnish Border Guard


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