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Kylie Platt

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Kylie Platt
Kylie Turner.jpg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Paula Lane
Duration 2010–16[1]
First appearance Episode 7410
26 August 2010
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Where's Kylie? (2012)
Classification Present; regular (departing)
Occupation Waitress
Nail Technician
Home 8 Coronation Street

Kylie Platt (also Turner) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Coronation Street, played by Paula Lane. She was introduced as Becky McDonald's (Katherine Kelly) half-sister, making her on-screen debut on 26 August 2010. Lane landed the role, with executive producer Phil Collinson describing her as a brilliant casting. He also revealed that Kylie would have "major storylines" during her first six months in the serial. Lane created her approach to her portrayal from her own past experiences whilst growing up. Lane impressed the producers and had her contract extended until July 2012. On 5 June 2014 it was announced that Lane is expecting her first baby, Lane filmed her exit in November. Kylie made her exit on 25 December 2014. Lane returned to filming on 25 March 2015, and Kylie returned on 29 May 2015. In January 2016, it was revealed that Lane would go on maternity leave once again, following the announcement she was pregnant with her second child. In February 2016 it was reported that Lane quit the show permanently and will be filming her final scenes in June of that year just in time to go on her second maternity leave.[1][2][3][4]

Kylie's backstory includes growing up in a broken home, living below the poverty threshold, and weak relationships with her estranged mother and sister. Kylie is characterised through her "full on personality" and has a feisty attitude. She has often been described as a "gobby female" who wants a better life and ultimately she is driven by money. Kylie has a son, Max (Harry McDermott), who was placed into foster care. She had the child at a young age and she was not ready for the responsibility. Becky helps Kylie retrieve custody of Max. In one of her first big storyline arcs, Kylie sells her son to Becky for £20,000. The storyline was branded controversial by media outlets and Lane found it hard to compress her emotions whilst filming the plot. Lane said Kylie's sheer audacity was highlighted when she dared to blackmail her barren sister for more cash.

Kylie remained off-screen for episodic blocks in her first six months. Producers devised a storyline to give her permanent residence on Coronation Street, when she was revealed as the fiancée of David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd). The development was to offer viewers "something new" and both actors have praised their pairing as a positive move. The storyline played the resurgence of Kylie's love of money. Kylie has also engaged in feuds with Gail and Tina McIntyre, played by Helen Worth and Michelle Keegan respectively. Gail's attempt to sabotage her son's wedding to Kylie proved unsuccessful. It was a change in direction for the character, with the lure of money insufficient for her to leave "someone she loves". Kylie also became a murderer in Coronation Street's live episode on 23 September 2015 when she struck her evil ex-boyfriend Callum Logan (Sean Ward) over the head with a large steel wrench and killing him. Callum's body is now hidden in the manhole in the garage which is now Gail's bedroom. Kylie has been well received by most critics for her image as a "gobby chav". The general reaction to her pairing with David has also been positive. However, the Daily Mail has criticised Kylie for her deceit and branded some of her material as "dull". Lane won Best Newcomer at the 2011 National Television Awards for her portrayal. She also garnered other nominations in awards ceremonies oriented to magazines.



Kylie's backstory includes growing up in a broken home, living below the poverty threshold, and weak relationships with her estranged mother, Cath, and sister, Becky (Katherine Kelly). She has often been described as a "gobby female" who wants a better life and ultimately she is driven by money. Kylie has a son, Max (Harry McDermott), with Callum Logan (Sean Ward) who was placed into foster care. She had the child at a young age and she was not ready for the responsibility. Callum used to give her drugs and she therefore ran away and squatted in a house without the owner knowing. This is where Becky found her in 2010.


Becky confronts Kylie after a bad reference that she provided to an adoption agency. At first, Kylie pretends that she has a privileged life in order to impress Becky but it soon emerges that she is on the streets. She moves into the Rovers Return Inn and instantaneously sparks a conflict with Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh). Becky and Steve soon discover that she has a four-year-old son called Max, who is currently with foster parents. She sells Steve's motorbike and tries to sleep with him but Steve turns her down and offers her money for a flat, threatening to tell Becky what she did if she doesn't take it.

After visiting Max at his foster parents' home, she takes him home but has to return him until Becky helps her get custody. Unfortunately Becky is more of a mother to Max than Kylie and, after stealing money from the till at Roy's Rolls, sets off to Cyprus on holiday and leaves Max with Becky. She returns a couple of weeks later with a new boyfriend, Demetri. She tells Becky that she has come back for Max, intending to take him to live in Cyprus, leaving Becky heartbroken. Kylie sees Becky's desperation as she cannot have children and offers her Max for £20,000. Becky complies and Kylie leaves. Max goes missing when a tram crashes into Coronation Street. Becky is hysterical with worry and after hours of searching, Kylie turns up, revealing that she took Max and demanding another £5,000. Becky steals the money from Dev Alahan's (Jimmi Harkishin) Corner Shop, giving it to Kylie and threatens to kill her if she ever sees her again.

Kylie returns as the fiancée of David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) whom she met in Tenerife. Kylie enjoys winding his mother Gail (Helen Worth). Kylie is delighted when David's grandmother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) agrees to sign her salon over to him. Later, after a row with her mother-in-law, Becky attacks and beats up Kylie and David. On Kylie's hen night, Gail pays her £1,000 not to marry David; Gail thinks that it has worked when Kylie does not arrive for the wedding. Just as Gail is about to tell David that Kylie has "cold feet", Kylie bursts into the room "dressed to the nines" in a red and black dress. She and David get married — much to Gail's and Nick's annoyance — keeping the money that Gail gave her, telling everyone that it was a gift from Gail for her and David's honeymoon. Kylie admits to social services that Becky and Steve paid her £25,000 to keep Max. She later teases Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) because Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey) dumped Tina for Xin Proctor (Elizabeth Tan) by playing Chinese music, noting Xin's nationality, and Tina attacks Kylie and a fight erupts.

David goes on a hairdressing course. While he is away, Kylie seduces several men and Gail tells her to stop. Gail locks Kylie out so she insults Gail, and Audrey sacks her. Kylie and her friend, Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley), go to a bar where she sees Audrey with Marc Selby (Andrew Hall) who unbeknownst to Kylie, is a transvestite. She films this and blackmails Audrey. Kylie takes Nick's keys and bolts herself inside the house. David returns and manages to get inside.

After repairing the frosty relationship with her sister and in-laws, Kylie wins back custody of Max and he moves in with her and David with Becky visiting regularly. When Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) reveals that she is pregnant with Becky's ex-husband Steve's twins, Kylie supports her and helps her concoct a plan to clear her name after Tracy accuses Becky of causing her to miscarry the babies in December 2011. The sisters relationship became close and Kylie was heartbroken when Becky left the street on 23 January 2012 to start a new life in Barbados.

In February 2012, Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers) an ex-boyfriend of Audrey's returns to the Street and Kylie learns about his past as a conman, she distrusts him and with David attempts to convince Audrey that reconciling with him is not a good idea. Weeks later, Audrey asks for David to sign the salon back over to her so she can release some funds to go on a round the world cruise, however Kylie tells David that Lewis will just con the money from Audrey again and David refuses. After a long battle, Kylie and David oust Audrey from the salon and rename it "Kylie & David's"; however the stress causes Audrey to suffer a heart attack, prompting David to blame Kylie, which leads her to get drunk at the Bistro and leave the street with Max, feeling angry and hurt.

Kylie is absent for over two weeks and the mystery of her whereabouts is solved when ITV released a 'special mini-episode' on called 'Where's Kylie?' which detailed her working in a strip club.

Due to David's depression, his brother Nick (Ben Price) took him to the strip club where Kylie was working in May 2012 and later went back to rescue Kylie, bringing her home to David. However, Nick's girlfriend Eva suspected that the two had actually spent the night together after finding the hotel bill for the room that Nick booked for Kylie and accused them both of cheating, resulting in Eva and Nick's break-up; although David believed Kylie and Nick. Kylie makes friends with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) however she eventually discovers he is a drug dealer and so he offers her some. Kylie is shocked and angrily declines his offer and tells his mother Michelle. Initially Michelle thought that Kylie offered Ryan drugs but catches him snorting cocaine, forcing Michelle to apologize to Kylie.

David approaches Kylie about starting a family, and after attempting to say no, she agrees but continues taking the pill. She later admits this to David and the couple briefly separate after Kylie presumes that he had sex with his ex-girlfriend Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) when in reality he slept on her sofa. Kylie consoles in her brother-in-law Nick, and after he splits with his fiancée Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) on Christmas Day, they have sex. Kylie regrets it and agrees to keep it a secret from David, reconciling with him, only to discover that she is pregnant a month later. She plans to have an abortion after being unsure of the paternity, but David discovers her positive pregnancy test and after talking with Nick, Kylie decides to keep the child in the hope that David is the father. Lewis Archer (Nigel Havers) discovers what Kylie has done and blackmails her into getting Gail's bank details, or he will tell David about Kylie and Nick; she does so and Lewis takes £40,000 from Gail. Gail later discovers that Kylie helped Lewis and Kylie is forced to tell her that she had sex with another man, and Gail tells Kylie to tell David the baby might not be his, though she does not know Kylie had sex with Nick. After a heated row with Gail, Kylie goes over to The Rovers Return Inn where she gets very drunk and is rude to Eva's mother, Stella Price (Michelle Collins). She drunkenly climbs onto a table but accidentally falls off and is immediately rushed to hospital. Kylie suffers spinal pains and internal bleeding, and is told she may lose the baby. Fortunately, the baby survives, much to David's delight, but the whole accident leads to Nick telling Gail that he was the man who slept with Kylie.

In April 2013, David and Kylie are told that they are expecting a girl, and decide to tell Nick and Leanne. Leanne shows her happiness, but Nick and Kylie just look guilty. In May, David takes Max and Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote) and Chesney Brown's (Sam Aston) baby, Joseph to the park, where he collapses and suffers an epileptic fit. Max manages to work David's mobile phone and ring Nick, who comes and helps David. David is left devastated about the thought of this happening when the baby is born, so asks fellow midwife Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou) whether there can be any tests done on the unborn baby to see if she has epilepsy. This panics Kylie, but Marcus reveals that there are no tests that can be done until the baby is born.

Unbeknownst to Kylie, David overhears a conversation between her and Gail discussing her night with Nick in June 2013 - which leads to David starting a vendetta against Nick and Leanne, resulting in David trying to kill Nick in a car accident involving both of them. Nick is left in a coma, and David is left with only minor injuries. David is wracked with guilt following the accident. While Nick is still in a coma, Kylie gives birth to Lily Platt with the help of Gail, David, Leanne and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton). When Nick came round from the coma, he blackmails David into doing a DNA test for Lily otherwise he will go to the police. He does and it shows that David is the father. However, Kylie notices the closeness between David and his ex-girlfriend Tina, so decides to confront her. The confrontation soon gets physical when the pair start a catfight in the middle of The Rovers. Kylie accidentally slaps Eva during the fight, and is barred by Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard). The next day, Kylie apologises to Tina for the fight, and begs her to tell her what is going on behind her back. Tina keeps her mouth shut, and Kylie learns the dreadful truth from Nick. At Lily's christening, everything is revealed about Nick and Kylie's one-night stand and David attempting to kill Nick. Leanne therefore flees Weatherfield, and the Platt family disown David.

The Platt family cannot cope with their treatment towards David, and welcome him back with open arms, but Kylie and Nick aren't happy with their decision. Nick eventually allows him back into the family for Max and Lily's sake only, but Kylie goes into a major meltdown. She gets drunk and makes a fool of herself at Max's nativity play, leading to her arguing with Gail. On Christmas Day 2013, Kylie is nowhere to be found. With the Price and Platt families coming together for Christmas dinner, it is up to David for find Kylie, who is by the Red Rec. He manages to persuade her to come to Christmas dinner. Once there, the pair are shocked when Nick slaps Leanne over a Christmas cracker joke. When David starts acting unusually, Kylie confronts him, and he tells her he cannot forgive her for sleeping with Nick. Kylie resorts to drowning her sorrows in The Rovers, where she goads Tina, and makes a pass at Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis). Kylie is then shouted at by Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), and when Tina insults her for sleeping with Nick, Kylie punches her in the face. The pair descend into another catfight, and the police arrive and arrest Kylie for punching Tina. Kylie therefore spends Christmas night in a cell.

Kylie continues to push those close to her away and tells Gail she can be trusted alone with her children. However, she soon turns to drink and does not notice Max trying to boil some pasta. David realizes Kylie is asleep with Max and Lily and arrives just in time to turn the gas off. After a heart-to-heart, Kylie tells David she still loves him and the pair get back together. David then moves back in with Kylie.

Kylie goes to meet her old friend after hearing that her ex-boyfriend, Callum, is on the scene after spending time in prison. The two meet up and Callum soon offers her drugs. At first, Kylie refuses, but cannot resist, since her son, Max, has ADHD and cannot cope. Eva has been coming to these meetings, and tries to prevent Kylie from taking anymore drugs from Callum. Eventually, Kylie tells Callum, in an aggressive manner, that she doesn't want anymore drugs and tells him to stop stalking her, which he had been doing. Kylie soon goes back to him for more drugs. At this point, Eva informs David what she has been doing and where she has been going, after questioning her whereabouts when she keeps on disappearing. David catches her in the act and strictly forbids her from ever entering hers and Callum's meet up point ever again.

On Christmas Eve, Callum goes to the Platt household, and waves a bag of drugs in her face. Showing her commitment to David, and staying clear of drugs, she takes the bag and empties it all over the street outside the house. Callum gets angry, whereas Kylie is calm and appears to be pleased with herself. On Christmas Day, whilst the Platt family have their Christmas, Callum crashes their day, and tells the family of Kylie's secrets still kept from David, and he kicks her out. After not seeing Kylie for a while, the Platts and Callum all start to worry of her whereabouts. David becomes certain that she is living with Callum in his flat, but discovers that she is not after breaking in. David wants to bring her home for Max and Lily's sake. In The Rovers, Callum tells David that it is a race to find her, and he will win. David continually searches for Kylie. He gets a call from a local shop, informing him that she has been stealing and that they have her in captivity. David rushes over, only to find out that it was not Kylie, but her friend, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) stealing Kylie's identity. She tells him that Kylie stayed with her for a while until they argued and she left. David eventually tells Max the truth that he has no idea when she will return, or if she ever will. The Platts continue life without her.

Kylie first appeared back on the street in 2015 the day after the horrific Victoria Court fire. She did not say anything but was spotted by David's niece, Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) and later fled the street again on a bus to an unknown location. She later returns to the street when David and Nick track her down. She is appalled to hear that Callum has joint custody of Max. Callum starts terrorising the Platts from then on, including using Bethany as his drugs mule and then blackmailing her, hiring thugs to attack and frighten Audrey in her salon, kidnapping and beating David and even severely beating up Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) when he crosses Callum. The Platts are ashamed when David's sister Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) stand by Callum as his girlfriend throughout most of his antics, however stops when she realises he has been hiding a gun in Max's bedroom. In an attempt to stop his reign of terror, Sarah sends a text to Callum from Kylie's mobile phone, knowing that he still has feelings for Kylie, to try and convince him to stop. However, events take a sinister turn when Callum physically attacks Sarah violently, and as he pins Sarah down on the floor, Callum is struck over the head with a wrench by Kylie, killing him. Sarah is mortified and phones David. The three attempt to cover up the murder, however Sarah is sent back to work as she is in complete hysterics. David and Kylie then bury Callum's body in a manhole in the floor of Gail's new annexe, agreeing that they must so it for Max an Lily's sakes. David and Kylie are mortified the following week when the builders cement over the manhole, meaning that Callum will always be in the house and they will never be able to move.

Character development[edit]

Creation and characterisation[edit]

Kylie remained off-screen for episodic blocks in her first six months. Producers devised a storyline to give her permanent residence on Coronation Street, when she was revealed as the fiancée of David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd). The development was to offer viewers "something new" and both actors have praised their pairing as a positive move. The storyline played the resurgence of Kylie's love of money. Kylie has also engaged in feuds with Gail and Tina McIntyre, played by Helen Worth and Michelle Keegan respectively. Gail's attempt to sabotage her son's wedding to Kylie proved unsuccessful. It was a change in direction for the character, with the lure of money insufficient for her to leave "someone she loves".

Kylie was created as the "tearaway" half-sister of established character Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly). Actress Paula Lane was cast in the role and immediately received praise from executive producer Phil Collinson who described her as "brilliant".[5] Lane has stated she draws inspiration from her own past, as an angle to portray Kylie.[6] Lane's first scenes aired on 26 August 2010.[7] Lane later signed a new contract with the serial, which was later extended and meant Kylie would stay into July 2012.[8] Lane was delighted because it gave her the chance to "go full throttle with the character."[9]

"She's vulnerable because of her tough upbringing and people want her to do well. She wasn't ready to be a mum and is money obsessed because she never had any growing up, she is a wild child but she's also a businesswoman. She wants the best things in life and is angry that others have had it given to them on a plate"

—Paula Lane on Kylie.[10]

Kylie was initially described as having a "full on" personality, similar to Becky. She was also labelled a "firecracker".[5] Lane described her as a "messed up girl, dragged up by an alcoholic mother". In her life she had to "fight for survival".[11] Lane has also expressed her admiration of Kylie's "comedy". She has also said Kylie is "quite witty" and amid confrontation is "quick off the mark and won't let someone stamp her down."[12] Viewers of the serial later observed Kylie to be as evil as Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford). Lane said that the comparison was taken too far because Kylie has not murdered anyone, although she acknowledged that Kylie comes across as evil.[13] She also stated: "Kylie will be a thorn in Becky and Steve's sides for a long time to come".[13]

Kylie and Becky's characterisation and backstory are similar. Lane felt it was important to portray certain differences between the two. This was to prevent the audience becoming bored through repetition. This was done through Kylie making the opposite choice Becky would make.[14] In April 2011 Lane further described her as "volatile" because "you never know what she'll do next."[10] Kylie proved to be unpredictable. Lane admitted it was fun to play her because "It's difficult to imagine how she will react to things." Through her relationships she is shown to be a "chancer" who wants to have fun and has "the bottle for anything." One of Kylie's main motivations in life is money and she develops a taste for better things in life. Lane also predicted that Kylie would do anything "if the price was right."[10] Lane opined that everyone's perception of Kylie is "she's conniving and only out for what she can get." Kylie gained such a reputation as a trouble-maker that Lane was often asked by members of the public to behave herself.[9] Lane describes Kylie's redeeming qualities the fact she is "bright and she's a grafter."[15]

Introduction and selling Max[edit]

Upon her introduction, Kylie was described as being a big character in her first six months of storylines.[5] When she arrives she ruins Becky and Steve McDonald's (Simon Gregson) plans for adoption. Kylie and Becky violently clash over the incident, and Lane received bruising from filming the scenes.[11] The scenes were so violent that they were toned down before transmission. Lane said that the fight was her favourite set of scenes for Kylie.[16] Kelly described Kylie and Becky as having a love-hate relationship, but at the time Becky "wants to kill her".[17] Lane also sees Kylie as a "mixed-up girl", stating that she feels sorry for her.[6] Lane herself stated that Kylie loves her sister but "feels resentful" that Becky left home when Kylie was only eight. "Becky was like a mother to Kylie."[18]

It is then revealed that Kylie has a son, Max (Harry McDermott), who is in foster care. Lane said that this happened because Kylie "was drinking with his dad and not looking after him". Kylie loves Max but is too "young and naive" too cope with motherhood.[18] Kylie snatches Max while on a visit; Lane opined it was a spur of the moment decision, but "she couldn't bear to lose him". Becky helps Kylie regain custody of him. The "turning point" in the storyline was attributed to scenes in which Kylie stands up in court and vows to change. Lane said that they were "touching" scenes, which included a rare moment in which Kylie applauds Becky for being "a great sister".[19] Lane stated that when she gets Max back, Kylie takes advantage of Becky.[18] In another storyline Kylie makes a pass at Steve.[20] Gregson who plays him opined that in Kylie's mind she thought "that fat bald guy wants a bit". He also said that Steve was "extremely shocked" but was not interested.[20] Steve decides not to say anything to Becky because he doesn't trust Kylie and knows that she will take Max away from Becky. Gregson said that in Steve's opinion "she's been trouble from the start and he's sure that's not going to change."[20]

Kylie plays on the fact that Becky is desperate for a child and offers to sell Max to her.[21] Gregson said that he felt it immoral to buy a child, but stressed "Kylie isn't an ordinary mother – she only cares about herself." He said that Steve believes Max would be better off with Steve and Becky. Steve is the first to take Kylie seriously; Gregson believed this was because Kylie has "proved herself ruthless" and "not the best mum".[22] Lane defended Kylie's actions because she did "love her son", but she makes the money-making scam because she is "immature and irresponsible".[23] Lane herself was so shocked by the storyline that it made her over-emotional on set, to the point where she had to take breaks from filming scenes.[23] After selling Max for twenty thousand pounds, Kylie travels abroad, but later reappears during the serial's live episode. She demands more money, which Becky has to steal.[24]

Marriage to David Platt[edit]

In late 2010 Jack P. Shepherd, who plays fellow character David Platt, revealed his desire for more scenes with Lane as he thought that they worked well together.[25] In January 2011 it was announced that Kylie would marry David in a "shock storyline". Revealing the news whilst interviewed on talk show Loose Women, Lane said that the pair would meet off-screen in Tenerife. Though she had not read the scripts, Lane thought they would be "a really good combination". Coronation Street publicity said it would make "exciting viewing" for fans. They further stated: "Kylie and David are trouble as individuals so the thought of the two of them getting together is a nightmare prospect for both their families [...] there is no end to the trouble they will cause for everyone."[26] Lane also revealed that the storyline was implemented because there was no other plausible way for Kylie to return. They did not carry on with the scenario with Becky and Steve, because the viewers needed "something new".[14] Lane was happy with the direction of the storyline because it paved the way for more "explosive" material. Kylie was also tipped to be the one in control of the relationship.[27] She also acknowledged that certain aspects of their relationship would mirror Becky and Steve's relationship, in the sense that when Kylie is with David, a "loved up" nicer side to Kylie surfaces.[14]

"They work very much in sync with each other and know what the other one is thinking. When one comes up with an idea that's a little bit mischievous, the other gets it straight away and they egg each other on. They could be very happy together and living in wedded bliss, but everyone around them may not feel the same way about their relationship because they do everything for their own benefit and not for other people!"

—Paula Lane on Kylie and David's dynamic.[28]

David's mother Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth) is shocked to learn the identity of his mystery fiancée, and disapproves of Kylie. The pair repeatedly clash in scenes that serve as comic relief.[14] Gail dislikes Kylie because she "knows her type", and the fact that she is related to Becky does not bode well. Lane said that Gail's reaction was understandable because Kylie is not the epitome of "the perfect daughter-in-law." She added that because Gail is so possessive of David, "it doesn't bode well for the future." Shepherd added that they are "the match made in hell" and revealed that David lets her do as she pleases because he is in love with her.[29] He later said that David appeared obsessed and shared the similar dynamic he had with previous girlfriend Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). He concluded: "I think he's keener on her than she is on him."[15] David fools Kylie into believing he owns a salon. Lane explained "Kylie sees an opportunity for a better life, but not in a money-grubbing, scheming way. She does love David, and she's not doing anything wrong." Kylie sees the situation as an "added bonus".[29] After Kylie finds out the truth, the pair come up with a plan to "wheedle" his grandmother Audrey Roberts's (Sue Nicholls) salon off her.[15]

Gail tries to use the fact that Kylie gave Max up against her. Lane revealed that it did not work because Kylie revealed her past hardships and gained sympathy from David. The scenes also offered viewers the chance to gain a better perspective on who Kylie is and learn about her past.[28] The night before their wedding, Gail unsuccessfully tries to pay Kylie one thousand pounds to leave for good. Lane said that Kylie had the audacity to come back after "£25K for Max" so "£1000 to give up a salon and someone she loves is nothing", though she still keeps the money.[28] Up until this point Kylie had been "playing the game with Gail", but she was not on "Kylie's radar". Kylie then realises how determined Gail is to ruin her wedding. Lane said "Gail has taken a pretty intense disliking to Kylie, so of course Kylie is going to fight her corner — that's the kind of girl she is."[30]

When the pair marry, Lane described them as still being on the "honeymoon period", equating to more lust than love. She opined that the serial had developed a "lovely relationship" which had "explosive chemistry".[28] David decides Kylie should have Max back. Lane explained that it was not the right time because Kylie still wasn't ready for responsibility. Kylie "doesn't want to mess with the little boy's head anymore" and accepts he is safe with Becky. However David is "inquisitive" about the situation, but Kylie "brushes over" the hurt she really feels.[28]


In February 2016, Lane announced her departure from Coronation Street, expected to air later in the year[1][2][3][4]


Lane won Best Newcomer at the 2011 National Television Awards for her portrayal of Kylie.[31][32] In February 2011, she was nominated for Best Actress in the 2011 All About Soap Bubble Awards.[33] Kylie was nominated in the category of "Villain of the Year" at the 2011 Inside Soap Awards.[34] Digital Spy chose the moment Kylie reveals Max is her son as their "Picture of the day".[35] Sue Crawford of the Daily Mirror describes Kylie as a "seducer, brawler, thief and seller of her own son" and said that she is "one seriously troubled girl".[6] Tony Stewart of the same publication said that the Kylie and David pairing was "brilliant". He also branded Kylie as "the ultimate chav" and a "gobby girl".[36] Susan Hill of the Daily Star similarly called her a "gobby chav".[9] Colin Robertson writing for The Sun labels Kylie as a "wild child".[37] When Tina and Graeme asked Kylie to keep their immigration scam a secret, Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail quipped it was "a bit like asking Katie Price and Kerry Katona to stay out of the papers."[38] Stephen also disliked Kylie's scenes during her fling with Gary. She said that they were "as interesting a double act as a kosher Pinky and Perky" and made the week's episodes dull.[39] Mandy Appleyard writing for television magazine Buzz said "conniving Kylie" has done some dreadful things since arriving. She added that between Kylie and David they had "seduced, brawled, lied, blackmailed, stolen and cheated."[15]

Julie Richardson writing for Orange U.K. said she "loves a good TV scrap" and the serial had "a corker" with Becky and Kylie's fight. She also branded Kylie a "low-life".[40] Tony Stewart of the Daily Mirror said that Kylie was right to taunt Tina as a loser. Though when Tina attacked her, he quipped that she should have kept "her chav trap shut and not wind up the fiery girl".[41] Hill also praised the fight, adding that it looked dramatic and was "one hell of a catfight".[42] Stewart's Daily Mirror colleague Jim Shelley bemoaned Kylie's return because it "absolutely ruined" Becky's feud with Tracy.[43]


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