Lady Grey (tea)

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Lady Grey tea
TwiningsLadyGrey low.jpg
A pile of Twinings' Lady Grey tea leaves
Main ingredients
Variationswith cornflower
Food energy
(per serving)
negligible kcal

Lady Grey tea is a trademarked variation on Earl Grey tea. Like Earl Grey, it is a black tea flavored with oil of bergamot.

Lady Grey tea is a modern invention, created by and trademarked [1] by Twinings in the early 1990s to appeal to the Nordic market, which found Earl Grey tea too strong in flavor. Lady Grey differs from Earl Grey in that it contains additional lemon peel and orange peel. It first went on sale in Norway in 1994 and in Britain in 1996.[2]

The Twinings blend contains black tea, orange peel, lemon peel, and citrus flavoring (bergamot).

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