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VS election campaign in support of the Red-Green Alliance
See also Left Socialist Party (Sweden), Left Socialist Party (Belgium) and Left Socialist-Revolutionaries (Russia).

Left Socialists (Danish: Venstresocialisterne) was a political party in Denmark. VS works on what it calls a 'undogmatic revolutionary and Marxist basis'.

It was formed in 1967 as a split from the Socialist People's Party (SF).[1] VS was represented by the letter "Y" on the electoral ballots. VS members of parliament were respected and are well remembered for their principled positions and their striking personalities.[citation needed] The VS is most remembered for its part in the anti-nuclear movement that led to the Danish government banning nuclear energy and for its ambitious energy proposals.[citation needed] From 1984 to 1992 VS had a youth wing, Venstresocialisternes Ungdom.

In 1989 the Left Socialists founded the Red-Green Alliance with the Communist Party of Denmark and Socialist Workers Party to contest in elections. At its last congress in 1998 the Left Socialists transformed itself from a party to an association. Since then, VS concentrates most of its work towards building of the Red-Green Alliance. It still publishes Solidaritet (Solidarity) and maintains a website, but except for that it has little activity of its own.

Election results[edit]

Election Seats Percent
1968 4 2.0%
1971 0 1.6%
1973 0 1.5%
1975 4 2.1%
1977 5 2.7%
1979 6 3.7%
1981 5 2.7%
1984 5 2.7%
1987 0 1.4%
1988 0 0.6%


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