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Li Chen
Chinese name 李晨
Pinyin Lǐ Chén
[lì ʈʂʰə̌n]
Born (1978-11-24) November 24, 1978 (age 39)
Beijing, China
Ethnicity Han
Alma mater Beijing Qunxing Biaoyan Art School
Years active 1997–present
Label(s) Huayi Brothers
Partner(s) Fan Bingbing

Li Chen (Chinese: 李晨, born 24 November 1978), also known as Jerry Li, is a Chinese actor. He is best known for being a cast member in the variety show Keep Running. Li is also known for his roles in television series Beijing Love Story (2012), Beijing Youth (2012) and The Good Fellas (2016); as well as films Ultimate Rescue (2008), which won him the China Movie Channel Media Awards and Aftershock (2010). Li made his directorial debut in 2017 with Sky Hunter.


Li made his acting debut in the 1997 television series, Seventeen Year-Olds Don't Cry, and was remembered for his role as a young, energetic and pure boy. Li's career went quiet for several years, in which time he embarked on several unsuccessful business ventures and flirted with the idea of becoming a racing car driver.[1] In 2002, under the recommendation of his mentor Lü Liping, Li got the role of Qi Beile in the palace romance drama 13th Princess and started to re-gain attention. Though the drama wasn't a huge success, Li got attention for his performance and was subsequently cast in several productions.[1] In 2006, he rose to fame again for his performance in the 2006 drama Soldiers Sortie,[2] and was signed onto Huayi Brothers.[1] Li was then cast in the film Assembly (2007) by Feng Xiaogang.[3]

In 2008, Li starred in the television film Ultimate Rescue where played a rough-edged taxi driver who is caught in the thick of a spontaneous rescue mission, and was widely praised for his realistic portrayal.[4] Li was nominated at the International Emmy Awards for Best Actor, and won the Best Newcomer award at the China Movie Channel Media Awards. He continued his upward trajectory with several high profile films and television series including My Chief and My Regiment (2009) and Aftershock (2010); his performance in the latter resonated with the audience and earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Hundred Flowers Awards.[5]

Li then co-starred in the romantic drama Beijing Love Story (2012), which he also acts as producer.[6] The series was popular during its run, recording 1 billion views and had a cult following online.[7] The same year, he starred in Beijing Youth, the third installment of Zhao Baogang's Youth trilogy.[8] The drama won positive reviews all-round for its realistic portrayal of youth.[9] Li experienced a surge in popularity, and was named 'Artist of the Year' at the China TV Drama Awards.[10][11]

In 2014, Li became a cast member of the variety program Keep Running, which had explosive popularity in China and launched Li into a household name.[12]

Li then co-starred in war drama The Good Fellas, which he also acts as the creator cum executive producer. The series was filmed back in 2013, but only got its release in 2016.[13] Li's efforts paid off, and The Good Fellas won the Best Television Series award at the Shanghai Television Festival.[14]

In 2017, Li starred in the historical drama The Advisors Alliance, playing Cao Pi.[15] The same year, he launched his directorial debut, Sky Hunter, which is China's first aerial warfare film.[16]

Li is currently filming 7 Days Alive in Las Vegas, Nevada[17]. A co-production produced by Harel Goldstein[18] and Chinese production house Pilot Media[19].

Personal life[edit]

Li Chen and actress Fan Bingbing got engaged on September 16, 2017.[20]

Li Chen's fiancé Fan Bingbing has been accused of tax fraud[21] and has been reported as missing from social media[22].



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1997 Hua Ji Yu Zi 花季·雨季 Wang Xiaotian
1998 Sui Sui Ping An 岁岁平安 Zhao Gen
2000 Cong Bing Dian Dao Fu Dian 从冰点到沸点 Yang Tao
2001 Qing Chun Zi Dan 青春子弹 Qing Tong
Mei Gui Hei Ke 玫瑰黑客 Yao Xiaolei
2003 Sky of Love 情牵一线 Student Cameo
Wei Xian Shao Nv 危险少女 Guan Xiaoyang
2004 Hua Zhu Cuo 花烛错 Yan Jun Television film
Zhen Shu Shan 珍珠衫 Jiang Xingge
2005 Zhong Ji Yu Xi 终极游戏 Qiao Ran
2006 On the Wings of an Angel 天使的翅膀 Li Xiaoyao
Boy Rush Out 男孩向前冲 He Xiaofeng
Assembly 集结号 Liu Cameo
2007 Chen Mo De Jiao Liang 沉默的较量 Lei Xiaoyu
2008 Ultimate Rescue 极限救援 Liu Wu Television film
Desires of the Heart 桃花运 Guan Xiang
Li Zheng 立正 Xiao Le
The Shaft 地下的天空 Song Daming
2009 Six Sisters in the War 沂蒙六姐妹 Han Dazhuang
2010 Aftershock 唐山大地震 Fang Da
Watch Out For The Bear 熊出没注意 Sha Li
Love on Lushan Mountain 庐山恋 Ma Jiang
If You Are the One 2 非诚勿扰2 Celebrity Cameo
Struggle 奋斗 Lu Tao
2011 Yang Shan-zhou 杨善洲 Zhou Bo
The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 Zhang Guotao
Love is Not Blind 失戀33天 Cameo
2013 Saving General Yang 忠烈楊家將 Yang Yanhui
2014 Breakup Buddies 心花路放 Rich Playboy Cameo
2015 Hurry Up Brother Film 奔跑吧!兄弟 Himself
Let's Get Married 咱们结婚吧 Li Xiang
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe 九层妖塔 President Wang
2016 MBA Partners 梦想合伙人 Jun Cheng
When Larry Met Mary 垚知马俐 Cameo
I Am Not Madame Bovary 我不是潘金莲 Police
2017 Sky Hunter 空天猎 Wu Di Also director
2018 The Faces of My Gene 祖宗十九代 Zhang Baishun

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1997 Seventeen Year-Olds Don't Cry 十七岁不哭 Jian Ning
1998 Working Diary 打工日记 Qing Miao
Ni Zai Na Li Dou Liu 你在哪里逗留 Hu Ke
1999 Xing Jing Ben Se 刑警本色 Mei Ying
2002 Only You 非你不可 Da Zhong
2003 13th Princess 十三格格 Qi Beile
Chang Ge 歌唱 Cao Huoxing
Sheng Ming Ying Ni Er Mei Li 生命因你而美丽 Du Yuan
2004 Suddenly Turn Hostile 变脸 Shen Han
2005 The Clock is Ticking 危情24小时 Fang Jin
The Vinegar Tribe 醋溜族 Ah Hua Cameo
Li Hun Guan Si 离婚官司 Wang Ziyi Cameo
The Phantom Lover 夜半歌声 Zhuo Nan Cameo
2006 Yi Zhen Jian Xie 一针见血 Fan Dong
May Flower 五月的鲜花 Zhou Beiji
Soldiers Sortie 士兵突击 Wu Zhe
2007 You Duo Shao Ai Ke Yi Chong Lai 有多少爱可以重来 Jiang Bei
2008 Top-secret Escort 绝密押运 Lu Tao
2009 My Chief and My Regiment 我的团长我的团 Zhang Lixian
The Line 生死线 Long Wenzhang
2010 Nie Yuan 孽缘 Li Baoquan
Shrimp Preach 虾球传 Xia Qiu
2011 Windmill 风车 Liang Chen
Barber 理发师 Lu Pingsheng
2012 Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事 Wu Di also producer
Beautiful Day 风和日丽 Liu Shijun
My Best Sidekick 我的非常闺密 Qiao Ni Cameo
Beijing Youth 北京青年 He Dong
Hot Girls 麻辣女兵 Chen Xiong Cameo
2013 Marry to Love 嫁给爱情 Ma Mingyu
Angel Is Coming 今夜天使降临 Sun Jiacheng
The Distance to Love 到爱的距离 Li Rui also producer
2014 Divorce Lawyers 离婚律师 Lu Chen Cameo
All Quiet in Peking 北平无战事 Qi Mutang Guest appearance
Cosmetology High 美人制造 Yuan Tiangang
Mr. Goodman - A Story of Emotion Care 好男儿之情感护理 Ye Shilong Cameo
The Empress of China 武媚娘传奇 Li Mu Special appearance
2015 My Sunshine 何以笙簫默 Barber Cameo
Strawhat Police 草帽警察 Liu Wusi
City of Angels 天使的城 Li Feixiang
Xiucai Encountered Soldiers 春江英雄之秀才遇到兵 Long Qianyan
Three Dads 三个奶爸 Yu Zheng
Boys to Men 爸爸快长大 Cui Zheng
2016 The Good Fellas 好家伙 Shi Guang also producer
2017 The Advisors Alliance 军师联盟 Cao Pi
2018 7 Days Alive 七日生 Lee

Variety show[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2013 Singing All Over the World 唱游天下第二季 Host Season 2
2014–present Keep Running 奔跑吧兄弟 Cast member
2015–2016 Challenger's Alliance 挑战者联盟



Year English Title Chinese Title Album Notes
2008 "Decision" 决定 The Line OST
2011 "By Your Side" 在你身边 Struggle OST
"I Do" 我愿意
2012 "Living" 活着 Beijing Youth OST
2015 "Teenage Dream" 少年梦 Xiucai Encountered Soldiers OST

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2008 5th China Movie Channel Media Awards Best New Actor Ultimate Rescue Won [23]
2009 47th International Emmy Awards Best Performance by an Actor Nominated [24]
2010 5th Huading Awards Newcomer Award N/A Won [25]
2011 4th China Student Television Festival Most Popular Actor N/A Won [26]
2012 31st Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actor Aftershock Nominated [27]
5th China Image Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Saving General Yang Nominated
8th Huading Awards Best Actor (Youth) Beijing Youth Won [28]
4th China TV Drama Awards Television Figure of the Year Beijing Love Story, Beijing Youth Won [29]
2014 2nd Asia Rainbow TV Awards Outstanding Actor Beijing Youth Won [30]
9th National Top-Notch Television Production Ceremony Top 10 Actors Angel is Coming Won
2015 7th China TV Drama Awards Special Contribution Award N/A Won
2016 18th Huading Awards Best TV Actor N/A Won [31]
23rd Beijing Student Film Festival Most Popular Actor MBA Partners Won [32]
2018 9th China Film Director's Guild Awards Best Director Sky Hunter Nominated [33]
23rd Huading Awards Nominated [34]
Best New Director Won [35]
25th Beijing College Student Film Festival Students' Choice Award for Favorite Director Won [36]


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