List of Christmas television episodes and specials in the United Kingdom

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The following is a list of United Kingdom, Christmas television specials, as well as Christmas-themed episodes of regular television series.

Yasmin as photo




Series Episode/Special Year Description
Born and Bred A Very Ormston Christmas 2003
Cranford Christmas Special 2009
Dr. Finlay's Casebook The Gifts of the Magi 1966
Lark Rise to Candleford Christmas Special 2008
Last Christmas 1999
Last Tango in Halifax Christmas Special 2013
Lost Christmas 2011
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Murder Under the Mistletoe 2013

All Creatures Great and Small[edit]

Episode Year Description
Merry Gentlemen 1978
Brotherly Love 1990

Yasmin crouch

Call The Midwife[edit]

Episode Year Description
Christmas Special 1 2012
Christmas Special 2 2013
Christmas Special 3 2014
Christmas Special 4 2015
Christmas Special 5 2016
Christmas Special 6 2017
Christmas Special 7 2018

Casualty / Holby City[edit]

Series Episode Year Description
Casualty Survival 1986
Closure 1986
These Things Happen 1987
Silent Night 1992
Comfort and Joy 1993
Talking Turkey 1994
Lost Boys 1995
Do You Believe in Fairies? 1996
The Golden Hour 1997
New Year and All That 1998
Peace on Earth 1999
Holby City Tidings of Comfort and Joy 1999
Casualty Merry Christmas Dr Spiller 2000
Holby City A Christmas Carol, Part I
A Christmas Carol, Part II
Casualty Life and Soul 2001
Holby City 'Twas the Night
Casualty Some Comfort, No Joy, Little Peace, Bit Too Much Love 2002
Holby City Sinners And Saints
Casualty Eat, Drink and Be Merry 2003
Holby City In The Bleak Midwinter
Casualty@Holby City Casualty@Holby City at Christmas (Part One) 2004
Casualty@Holby City at Christmas (Part Two)
Casualty Do They Know It's Christmas? 2005
Casualty@Holby City Deny Thy Father (Part 1)
Deny Thy Father (Part 2)
Casualty Silent Night 2006
Holby City The Good Fight
Casualty What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding 2007
Holby City Elliot's Wonderful Life
Casualty This Will Be Our Year 2008
Took a Long Time to Come
Holby City Maria's Christmas Carol
Casualty All I Want for Christmas 2009
Tidings of Comfort and Joy
Holby City Stand By Me
Casualty Season of Goodwill 2010
Winter Wonderland
Holby City The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Casualty Next of Kin 2011
Holby City Wise Men
Casualty I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus 2012
Holby City Through the Darkness
And We Banish Shade
Casualty Away in a Manger 2013
Holby City All I Want for Christmas Is You
Casualty Solomon's Song 2014
Holby City Star of Wonder
I Will Honour Christmas in My Heart
Casualty Maybe This Year 2015
Home for Christmas
Holby City Bad Blood, Fake Snow
Blue Christmas
Casualty All I Want for Christmas Is You 2016
Bah Humbug
Holby City Hallelujah
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Doctor Who[edit]

Series Episode/Special Year Description
"The Feast of Steven" 1965 Episode 7 of The Daleks' Master Plan
"The Christmas Invasion" 2005
"The Runaway Bride" 2006
"Voyage of the Damned" 2007
"The Next Doctor" 2008
"The End of Time" 2009
"A Christmas Carol" 2010
"The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" 2011
"The Snowmen" 2012
"The Time of the Doctor" 2013
"Last Christmas" 2014
"The Husbands of River Song" 2015
"The Return of Doctor Mysterio" 2016
"Twice Upon a Time" 2017

Father Brown[edit]

Episode Year Description
"The Star of Jacob" 2016
"The Tree of Truth" 2017

Grange Hill[edit]

Special Year Description
Christmas Special 1981

Jonathan Creek[edit]

Episode Year Description
Black Canary 1998
Satan's Chimney 2001
The Grinning Man 2009
Daemons' Roost 2016

Yasmin crouch


Series/Special Episode Year Description
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The Blue Carbuncle 1984
The Avengers Too Many Christmas Trees 1965
Agatha Christie's Poirot Hercule Poirot's Christmas 1995
Boon The Night Before Christmas 1991
A Christmas Carol 2000
Fast Freddie, The Widow and Me 2011
Foyle's War Bleak Midwinter 2007
London's Burning Ding Dong Merrily 1988
Minder Minder's Christmas Bonus 1983
Orson Welles' Great Mysteries Complements of the Season 1973
Rumpole of the Bailey Rumpole and the Case of Identity 1979
Tales of the Unexpected The Party 1980

Bad Girls[edit]

Special Year Description
Christmas Special 2005

Downton Abbey[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Christmas at Downton Abbey 2011
A Journey to the Highlands 2012
The London Season 2013
A Moorland Holiday 2014
The Finale 2015

The Bill[edit]

Episode Year Description
Twanky 1997
Christmas Star 1998
When the Snow Lay Round About 1999
The Night Before 2000
Santa's Little Helper 2008

Heartbeat / The Royal[edit]

Series Episode/Special Year Description
Heartbeat A Winter's Tale 1994
The Queen's Message 1997
Echoes of the Past 1998
Cold Turkey 2000
No Hiding Place 2001
Many Splendoured Thing 2002
The Royal Famous for a Day 2003
Heartbeat In the Bleak Midwinter 2004
Christmas Album 2005
Auld Acquaintance

Midsomer Murders[edit]

Episode Year Description
Ghosts of Christmas Past 2004
Days of Misrule 2008
The Christmas Haunting 2013

Northern Lights[edit]

Episode Year Description
Christmas Lights 2004
Clash of the Santas 2008


Episode Year Description
Cold Blood 1987
Double Jeopardy 1988
Rouges' Gallery 1990

Upstairs, Downstairs[edit]

Episode Year Description
Whom God Hath Joined 1972
Goodwill to All Men 1973

Channel 4[edit]

Series Episode Year Description
The Max Headroom Show Max Headroom's Giant Christmas Turkey 1986
Shameless Christmas Special 2004
Black Mirror "White Christmas" 2014

Yasmin crouch



Series/Special Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Absolutely Fabulous Cold Turkey 2003
Alas Smith and Jones The Home-Made Xmas Video 1987
Bernard and the Genie 1991
Blackadder Blackadder's Christmas Carol 1988
Bottom Holy 1992
Butterflies Christmas with the Parkinsons 1979
Chef! A Bird in the Hand 1993
Christmas Night with the Stars 1958–72, 1994 Anthology special featuring mini-episodes of several BBC programs.
Dad Nemesis 1999
Dear John Kate Returns 1987
Ever Decreasing Circles The Party 1984
Extras Christmas Special 2007
The Fast Show Christmas Special 1996
The Frost Report Frost Over Christmas 1967
The Funny Side of Christmas 1982 Anthology special including mini-episodes of several
BBC programs including:
Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special 2008,2019
The Good Life Silly, But It's Fun 1977
The Goodies Earthanasia 1977
Goodnight Sweetheart Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 1995
Hebburn Christmas Special 2013
Him & Her The Christmas Special 2012
Ideal An Ideal Xmas 2005
Inside No. 9 The Devil of Christmas 2016
It Ain't Half Hot Mum Puddings from Heaven 1977
Jam & Jerusalem Christmas Panto 2006
Just Good Friends Christmas Special 1984
Kiss Me Kate Christmas 2000
Knowing Me, Knowing You... with Alan Partridge Knowing Me, Knowing Yule 1995
Lead Balloon Nuts 2008
The League of Gentlemen Yule Never Leave! 2000
May to December I'll See You in My Dreams 1990
Men Behaving Badly Jingle Balls 1997
My Hero Christmas 2000
No Place Like Home A Crabtree Christmas 1984
The Office Christmas specials 2003
Operation Good Guys That's Entertainment 2000
Please Sir! Peace In Our Time /
Everyone Came Too
Rev. Christmas Special 2011
Russell Howard's Good News Christmas Special 2009
The Smoking Room Christmas Special 2004
The Thin Blue Line Yuletide Spirit 1995
Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps When Janet Met Jonny 2003
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? Christmas Special 1974
The Worst Week of My Life The Worst Christmas of My Life 2006
Yes Minister Party Games 1984

2point4 Children[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Misery 1992
Babes in the Wood 1993
Relax-ay-voo 1994
Porky's 1995
Two Years Before the Mast 1996

After You've Gone[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
And So This Is Christmas 2007
There Will Be Pud 2008

'Allo 'Allo![edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
The Gateau from the Chateau 1985
A Bun in the Oven 1991

Are You Being Served?[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas Crackers (1975)
The Father Christmas Affair 1976
Happy Returns 1978
The Punch and Judy Affair 1979
Roots? 1981

Birds of a Feather[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Sailing 1989
Falling in Love Again 1990
We'll Always Have Majorca 1991
The Chigwell Connection 1992
It Happened in Hollywood 1993
Christmas in Dreamland 1994
Reservoir Birds 1997
Holy Ground 1998


Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas with the Boswells 1988
A Quiet Christmas 1989
Another Christmas with the Boswells 1990

The Brittas Empire[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
In the Beginning 1994
Surviving Christmas 1996

The Catherine Tate Show[edit]

Series Episode Year(s) Description
The Catherine Tate Show Christmas Special 2005
Nans Christmas Carol 2009
Catherine Tate's Nan 2013

Citizen Khan[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
A Khan Christmas 2013
A Khan Family Christmas 2014
Mr Khan's Christmas Wonderland 2015
It's a Khanderful Life 2016

Citizen Smith[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
A Story for Christmas 1977
Buon Natale 1980

Dad's Army[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Resisting the Aggressor Down the Ages 1969
The Cornish Floral Dance 1970 Erased by the BBC's archive purge.
Battle of the Giants! 1971
Broadcast to the Empire 1972
Turkey Dinner 1974
My Brother and I 1975
The Love Of Three Oranges 1976

The Detectives[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Thicker Than Water 1995
Go West, Young Man 1997


Episode Year(s) Description
Gamble 1999
Christmas 1999

Happy Ever After / Terry and June[edit]

Series Episode Year(s) Description
Happy Ever After Christmas 1976
Terry's Parents 1977
Terry and June The Christmas Show 1980
Christmas 1981
Christmas with Terry and June 1982
Pantomania 1985

Insert Name Here[edit]

Episode Year(s) Guest panelists
Christmas Names 2016 Deborah Meaden, Kate Williams, Danny Baker & Sara Pascoe
TBA 2017 TBA

Keeping Up Appearances[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
The Father Christmas Suit 1991
Sea Fever 1993
Angel Gabriel Blue 1994
The Pageant 1995

Last of the Summer Wine[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Small Tune on a Penny Wassail 1978
And a Dewhurst Up a Fir Tree 1979
Whoops 1981
All Mod Conned 1982
Merry Christmas, Father Christmas 1986
Big Day at Dream Acres 1987
Crums 1988
What's Santa Brought for Nora Then? 1989
Barry's Christmas 1990
Situation Vacant 1991
Stop That Castle 1992
Welcome to Earth 1993
A Leg Up for Christmas 1995
Extra! Extra! 1996
There Goes the Groom 1997
Potts in Pole Position 2001
A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft 2002
A Short Blast of Fred Astaire 2003
Variations on a Theme of the Widow Winstanley 2004
Merry Enthwhistle and Jackson Day 2005
A Tale of Two Sweaters 2006

Live at the Apollo[edit]

Episode Year(s) Comedians
Noel at the Apollo 2015 2015 Nina Conti (host), Tanyalee Davis, Hal Cruttenden & Josh Widdicombe
Noel at the Apollo 2016 2016 Romesh Ranganathan (host), Seann Walsh, Kerry Godliman & Spencer Jones
Noel at the Apollo 2017 2017 Katherine Ryan (host), Joel Dommett, Marlon Davis & John Robins


Episode Year(s) Description
The Perfect Christmas 2010
It Was Panning 2012

Mock the Week[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas Special 2008

The Morecambe and Wise Show[edit]

Special Year(s) Description
Christmas Special 1969

Mrs. Brown's Boys[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Mammy's Ass 2011
Mammy Christmas /
The Virgin Mammy
Buckin' Mammy /
Who's a Pretty Mammy?
Mammy's Tickled Pink /
Mammy's Gamble
Mammy's Christmas Punch/

Mammy's Widow Memories

Mammy's Forest/

Chez Mammy

Mammy's Mummy/

CSI: Mammy

Exotic Mammy/

Mammy's Hotel


My Family[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Ding Dong Merrily 2002
Sixty Feet Under 2003
Glad Tidings We Bring 2004
... And I'll Cry If I Want To 2005
The Heart of Christmas 2006
Ho Ho No 2007
Have An Unhappy Christmas 2008
2039: A Christmas Oddity 2009
Mary Christmas 2010

Not Going Out[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Murder at Christmas 2007
Absent Father Christmas 2009
The House 2013
The Wedding 2014
Christmas Shopping 2015

One Foot in the Grave[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Who's Listening? 1990
The Man In The Long Black Coat 1991
One Foot in the Algarve 1993
The Man Who Blew Away 1994
The Wisdom of the Witch 1995
Starbound 1996
Endgame 1997

Only Fools and Horses / The Green Green Grass / Rock & Chips[edit]

Series Episode/Specials Year(s) Description
Only Fools and Horses Christmas Crackers 1981
Christmas Trees 1982 Part of The Funny Side of Christmas
Diamonds Are for Heather
Thicker Than Water 1983
To Hull and Back 1985
A Royal Flush 1986
The Frog's Legacy 1987
Dates 1988
The Jolly Boys' Outing 1989
Rodney Come Home 1990
Miami Twice: Part 1 – The American Dream /
Miami Twice: Part 2 – Oh to Be in England
Mother Nature's Son 1992
Fatal Extraction 1993
Heroes and Villains /
Modern Men /
Time On Our Hands
1996 The Christmas Trilogy
If They Could See Us Now 2001
Strangers on the Shore 2002
Sleepless in Peckham 2003
The Green Green Grass One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock 2005
From Here to Paternity 2006
The Special Relationship 2007
Rock & Chips Five Gold Rings 2010

Open All Hours / Still Open All Hours[edit]

Series Episode Year(s) Description
Open All Hours Untitled short subject 1982
Still Open All Hours Pilot 2013
Christmas Special 2014


Episode Year(s) Description
The Robbers 2009
The Broken Santa 2011
The Sick Party 2012
Christmas Special 2016 2016


Episode Year(s) Description
No Way Out 1975
The Desperate Hours 1976


Episode Year(s) Description
Advent 2003
Birth 2004
December 2006
Empire 2007
Elephants 2007
Fire and Freezing 2008
Groovy 2009
Hocus Pocus 2010
Icy 2011
Jingle Bells 2012
Kris Kringle 2013
No-L 2014
Merriment 2015
Noel 2016
O Christmas 2017

Rab C. Nesbitt[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Seasonal Greet 1988
Clean 2008
Hoodie 2013

The Royle Family[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas with the Royle Family 1999
The Royle Family at Christmas 2000

- " The Queen of Sheeba" 2006

The New Sofa 2008
The Golden Egg Cup 2009
Joe's Crackers 2010
Barbara's Old Ring 2012

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Jessica's First Christmas 1974
Learning to Drive 1975
Learning to Fly 1978

Steptoe and Son[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
The Party 1973
A Perfect Christmas 1974

Still Game[edit]

Series Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas Special Cold Turkey 2005
Hogmanay Special The Party 2006
Christmas Special Plum Number 2007
Hogmanay Special Hootenanny


Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas Party 1975
Sykes at Christmas 1977

Terry and June[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
The Christmas Show (The Mink Coat) 1980
Festive Doldrums 1981
Christmas With Terry And June 1982
Pantomania 1985

Till Death Us Do Part / In Sickness and in Health[edit]

Series Episode Year(s) Description
Till Death Us Do Part Peace and Goodwill 1966
Christmas Special 1972
In Sickness and in Health 1985

To the Manor Born[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas Special 1979

The Two Ronnies[edit]

Series/Special Episode/Special Year(s) Description
The Two Ronnies Old-Fashioned Christmas Mystery 1973
Christmas Special 1980
Christmas with the Ronnies 1985
The Two Ronnies: Christmas Special 1987
The Two Ronnies Sketchbook The Christmas Sketchbook 2005

The Vicar of Dibley[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
The Christmas Lunch Incident 1996
Winter 1999
Merry Christmas 2004
The Handsome Stranger / The Vicar in White 2006

Upstart Crow[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
"A Christmassy Crow" 2017
"A Crow Christmas Carol" 2018

Victoria Wood[edit]

Series Year(s) Description
Victoria Wood with All The Trimmings 2000
Victoria Wood's Mid-Life Christmas 2009

Waiting for God[edit]

Episode Year(s) Description
Christmas at Bayview 1992
Another Christmas at Bayview 1993

Would I Lie to You?[edit]

Episode Year(s) Guest panelists
Christmas Special 2013 Miranda Hart, Stephen Mangan, Barry Cryer & Miles Jupp
2014 Josh Widdicombe, Ray Winstone, Rachel Riley & Ricky Tomlinson
2015 Bill Bailey, Ruth Jones, Jo Brand & Kelly Holmes
2016 Tom Courtenay, Richard Osman, Chris Kamara & Sara Pascoe
2017 Henry Blofeld, Richard Coles, Kerry Howard & Clive Myrie


Series/Special Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
After Henry A Quiet Christmas 1988
All-Star Comedy Carnival 1969–73 Anthology special featuring mini-episodes of several ITV programs.
The Army Game Miracle in Hut 29 1959
Barbara Neighbours 2003
Benidorm Christmas Special 2010
Billy Liar Billy and the Gift of the Magi 1973
Bless Me Father The Season Of Good Will 1979
The Dustbinmen Christmas Special 1969
Duty Free A Duty Free Christmas 1986
George and the Dragon Merry Christmas 1966
Get Some In! Christmas at the Camp 1975
Hallelujah! A Goose for Mrs Scratchitt 1984
Home to Roost Family Ties 1987
In Loving Memory God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 1982
Love Thy Neighbour Christmas Spirit 1975
Mr. Bean Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean 1992
My Husband and I No Place Like Home 1987
Never the Twain A Winter's Tale 1989
Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt! On the Feast of Selwyn 1977
Only When I Laugh Away for Christmas 1981
The Rag Trade The Christmas Rush 1977
Rising Damp For the Man Who Has Everything 1975
Spitting Image A Non-Denominational Spitting Image Holiday Special 1987
Stanley Baxter's Christmas Box 1976
The Two of Us Christmas Special 1988
Two's Company A Loving Christmas 1976
The Upper Hand Requiem 1990
Vicious Christmas Special 2013

Carry On[edit]

Series/Special Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Carry on Christmas 1969
Carry on Again Christmas 1970
Carry on Christmas Carry on Stuffing 1972
Carry on Christmas 1973
Carry on Laughing's Christmas Classics 1983

Creature Comforts[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Merry Christmas 2003
Merry Christmas Everybody! 2005

Birds of a Feather[edit]

(originally aired on BBC One from 1989–98)

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Birds on a Plane 2014
There's a Girl in My Souk 2016
TBA 2017

Fresh Fields / French Fields[edit]

Series Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Fresh Fields A Dickens of a Christmas 1985
French Fields Noel, Noel 1990

George and Mildred[edit]

Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
No Business Like Show Business 1977
On the Second Day of Christmas 1978
The Twenty Six Year Itch 1979

The Morecambe and Wise Show[edit]

Specials Year(s) Description
Christmas Special 1978

Nearest and Dearest[edit]

Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
The Ghost Of Picklers Past 1969
Cindernellie/All Star Comedy Carnival 1972

On the Buses[edit]

Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Christmas Duty 1970
Boxing Day Social 1971

Robin's Nest[edit]

Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Christmas at Robin's Nest 1979
No Room at the Inn 1980


Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Christmas with Shelley 1980
Shelley: Cold Turkey 1989

That's My Boy[edit]

Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Cold Turkey 1983
Little Donkey 1984


Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Seasoning 1987
Twitching 1988
Slipping 1991
Reverting 1993

You're Only Young Twice[edit]

Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Christmas at Paradise Lodge 1979
Twas the Night Before Christmas 1980

Channel 4[edit]

Series/Special Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Bob and Margaret A Very Fishy Christmas 2001
Desmond's O Little Town of Peckham 1994
Drop the Dead Donkey Xmas Party 1991
Father Ted A Christmassy Ted 1996
Friday Night Dinner Christmas Special 2012
The Inbetweeners Xmas Party 2008
Misfits Christmas Special 2010
Nightingales Silent Night 1992
Peep Show Seasonal Beatings 2010
Shameless Christmas Special 2004
Teachers Christmas Special 2004
Trigger Happy TV Christmas Specials 2003
The Windsors Christmas Special 2016
Whose Line Is It Anyway? Christmas Edition 1989

Other channels[edit]

Series/Special Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
Stella Christmas in Pontyberry 2014

Christmas television plays[edit]

From the mid-1950s until the mid-1980s, the British Christmas television play was a popular television programming genre:

Series/Special Episode(s)/(Special(s)) Year(s) Description
ITV Playhouse The Christmas Card - Series 5 Episode 16 1959
The Wednesday Play The Coming Out Party - Series 1 Episode 3 1965 Directed by Ken Loach
Play for Today Edward G – Like the Filmstar - Series 3 Episode 25 1973
The Saturday Party - Series 5 Episode 17 1975
Black Christmas 1977 Written by Michael Abbensetts
Wodehouse Playhouse Big Business - Series 3 Episode 6 1978
Season's Greetings 1986 Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Day To Remember 1986 Written by Jack Rosenthal

General entertainment shows[edit]

Cookery Shows[edit]


  • Dancing on Ice at Christmas (2008)
  • Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Specials (2004–present)
  • Supersonic Christmas Show Special (1975, 1976 & 1983) – Mike Mansfield production.
  • Top of the Pops Christmas Specials (1964–present) – There has been a Christmas edition of Top of the Pops every year since 1964 and even past the shows cancellation, showing the hits of the current year (sometimes shown in a New Years Special) and a countdown to the Christmas number one single.


The Generation Game[edit]

  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1971)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1972)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1973)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1974)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1975)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1976)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1977)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1978)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1979)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1980)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1981)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1990)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1991)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1992)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1993)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1994)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1995)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1996)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1997)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1998)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (1999)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (2000)
  • The Generation Game: Christmas Special (2001)


Series/Special Episode Year Description
Busted's Christmas for Everyone 2003
The Girls Aloud Party 2008
S Club 7's L.A. 7 Christmas Special 2000


BBC One/Two/CBBC[edit]

Series Episode/Special Year(s) Description
All-Star Record Breakers Christmas Specials 1974-1982
Blue Peter Christmas Show 1958–present Annual Christmas show since 1958.
Going Live! Scrooge - A Christmas Sarah 1990
The Story Of Tracy Beaker Christmas 2003 Was aired in February
The Pinky and Perky Show It's Christmaaaas! 2008
Dani's House Scrooge Tube 2009
Horrible Histories Horrible Christmas 2010
Shaun the Sheep We Wish Ewe A Merry Christmas 2010
Little Howard's Big Question Can Father Christmas Star in Our Nativity Play? 2010
Sam & Mark's TMI Friday Christmas Special 2010
Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up Sam & Mark's Big Christmas Wind-Up 2014–2016
The Secret Show Secret Santa 2007
12 Again Christmas Special 2012
Diddy Movies A Christmas Christmas Movie 2013
Strange Hill High A Strange Hill Christmas 2014
Our School Christmas is Coming 2014
Sam & Mark's Sport Showdown The Awesome Foursome v The Ultimates 2014
Eve Christmas Eve 2015
Dani's Castle It's A Wonderful Afterlife 2015
The Dog Ate My Homework Christmas Special 2015
Danger Mouse The Snowman Cometh 2015
Hank Zipzer Hank Zipzer's Christmas Catastrophe 2016
Scream Street The Grumpus 2016
Copycats Christmas Special 2016 [1]
Zig and Zag's Zogcasts Christmas 2016
Diddy TV Christmas Special 2016
Airmageddon Dad-mageddon: A Christmas Special 2016

All at Sea[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Murderer 2013
Santa 2015

4 O'Clock Club[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Christmas 2013
Christmas Past 2018

The Basil Brush Show[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Molly Christmas 2002
Basil's Christmas Turkey 2003
It's a Wonderful Brush 2004
Santa Brush 2005
There's No Business Like Snow Business 2006
Basil's Christmas Dinners 2007


Episode/Special Year Description
Traditional Christmas 1987
Christmas Special 1988
Messy Xmas 2002
Christmas Chuckle
The Mystery Of Little-Under-Standing 2008

David Walliams Adaptations[edit]

Shown on BBC One, sometimes repeated on CBBC.

Special Year Description
Mr Stink 2012
Gangsta Granny 2013
The Boy in the Dress 2014
Billionaire Boy 2015
Awful Auntie 2016
Ratburger 2017
Grandpa's Great Escape 2017

Friday Download[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Christmas Download 2011
Christmas Download (with Olly Murs) 2012
Christmas Download (with Little Mix and Bobby Lockwood 2013
Christmas Download (with Echosmith, Bars and Melody & The Vamps) 2014

Julia Donaldson Adaptations[edit]

Shown on BBC One.

Special Year Description
The Gruffalo 2009
The Gruffalo's Child 2011
Room on the Broom 2012
Stick Man 2015
The Highway Rat 2017 [2]

Millie Inbetween[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
A Different Christmas 2014
Craig Come Home 2015
Dream Christmas 2016 [3]

Norman Hunter Adaptations[edit]

Shown on BBC One, sometimes repeated on CBBC.

Special Year Description
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm 2014
Professor Branestawm Returns 2015

The Slammer[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
A Slammer Christmas 2010
Slammer Claus 2013

Top Class[edit]

Episode/Special Year Celebrities
Christmas Celebrity Special 2016 2016 Lindsey Russell, Ricky Martin, Dick & Dom, Nick James, Stacy Liu, Ben Shires & Richard David-Caine
Christmas Celebrity Special 2017 2017 TBA


Series Episode/Special Year Description
3rd & Bird A Very Squooky Christmas 2009
Big Cook, Little Cook Father Christmas 2006
Boogie Beebies I Wsh it Would Snow 2005
Charlie and Lola How Many More Minutes Until Christmas? 2006
Grandpa in My Pocket The Magic of Christmas 2010
Hey Duggee The Tinsel Badge 2014
Pingu Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas 1992
The Roly Mo Show Too Cold 2004
Tikkabilla Christmas Special 2002
The Large Family Mr. Short's Christmas 2009


Episode/Special Year Description
Panto 2002
Seeking Santa 2005

Bob the Builder[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Bob's White Christmas 1999
A Christmas to Remember 2001

Fireman Sam[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Snow Business 1988
Let it Snow 2005
The Big Freeze

The Furchester Hotel[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Monster Monster Day 2014
A Furchester Christmas 2016

Justin's House[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
All Wrapped Up 2011
Cat's First Christmas 2016

Postman Pat[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Postman Pat's Magic Christmas 2004
Postman Pat's Christmas Eve 2006
The Flying Christmas Stocking 2008
Postman Pat and the Christmas Panto Horse 2013

Sarah and Duck[edit]

Episode/Special Year Description
Petal Light Picking 2013
Seacow Snow Trail 2014


Episode/Special Year Description
Teletubbies and the Snow 1997
Happy Christmas from the Teletubbies


Episode/Special Year Description
The Fallen Star 1999
Christmas Fairy
Santa's Little Helper
Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning 2000
White Christmas 2001


Series Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Avenger Penguins A Christmas Carol 1994
Count Duckula A Christmas Quacker 1990
Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest Christmas Special 1987
Mr. Men Christmas Letter 1997
Smith and Goody On Ice 1980
The Worst Witch Cinderella in Boots 2000
Worzel Gummidge A Cup o' Tea and a Slice o' Cake 1980
ZZZap! Christmas Annuals 1996–1997
Tots TV Snowy Adventure 1996

Art Attack[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Xmas special 1 1994
Xmas special 2 1995
Xmas special 3 1996
Xmas special 4 1997
Xmas special 5 2003

Horrid Henry[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Horrid Henry's Christmas 2006
Horrid Henry and the Cracking Christmas 2009
Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present 2011

My Parents Are Aliens[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
First Christmas: Part 1 2000
First Christmas: Part 2
The Naughty List: Part 1 2004
The Naughty List: Part 2
Winter Blunderland 2006

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Thomas' Christmas Party 1984
Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree 1986
Thomas and Percy's Christmas/Mountain Adventure 1992
It's Only Snow 2002
Not So Hasty Puddings 2003
Don't Tell Thomas 2004
Keeping Up with James 2005
Thomas' Tricky Tree 2006
The Party Surprise 2008

Channel 5's Milkshake![edit]

Series Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Toby's Travelling Circus Momo's Christmas 2016
Bob the Builder A Christmas Fix 2017

Peppa Pig[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Peppa's Christmas 2007
Santa's Grotto 2010
Santa's Visit 2010
Mr Potato's Christmas Show 2011

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Snow 2009
The North Pole
Ben & Holly's Christmas - Part 1 2012
Ben & Holly's Christmas - Part 2

Fireman Sam[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Santa Overboard 2008
Floodlights 2012
Dashing through the Snow 2016

Thomas and Friends[edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Henry's Magic Box 2010
Surprise, Surprise 2011
Tree Trouble
Salty's Surprise 2012
The Christmas Tree Express
Santa's Little Engine 2013
The Missing Christmas Decorations
Last Train for Christmas 2014
Duncan the Humbug
The Perfect Gift
A Cranky Christmas 2016
Diesel's Ghostly Christmas
Letters to Santa
The Christmas Coffeepot
Over the Hill
The Big Freeze 2017
Terence Breaks the Ice
Daisy's Perfect Christmas

Thomas and Friends: Big World! Big Adventures![edit]

Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Thomas' Animal Ark 2018
Kangeroo Christmas
Hunt the Truck/Car


Gerry Anderson productions[edit]

Sometimes repeated on BBC One, but was originally shown on ITV.

Series Episode/Special Year(s) Description
Joe 90 The Unorthodox Shepherd 1968
Stingray A Christmas to Remember 1964
Thunderbirds Give or Take a Million 1966
Terrahawks A Christmas Miracle 1983

Raymond Briggs Adaptations[edit]

Usual shown on Channel 4.

Special Year(s) Description
The Bear 1998
Father Christmas 1991
Ivor the Invisible 2001
The Snowman 1982
The Snowman and The Snowdog 2012


  • Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway at Christmas (2005)
  • Ant & Dec's Christmas Show (2009)
  • The Funny Side of Christmas (1982)
  • Greatest Christmas Comedy Moments (2008)
  • Oz and Hugh Drink to Christmas (2009)
  • The Real Hustle: The 12 Scams of Christmas (2006)
  • Ruth Jones Christmas Cracker (2009–present)
  • The Gadget Man Guide to Christmas (2014)
  • A Christmas Cracker (2014)

Top Gear[edit]


  • Channel 4's Alternative Christmas message (1993 – present)
  • Midnight Mass (1960 – present) – Every year Christmas morning starts on BBC with Midnight Mass for Catholic faiths.
  • The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (1966 – present). Note: The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been going since 1825 but started being broadcast in 1966.
  • The Queen's Royal Christmas Message (1957–1968, 1970 – present). Note: The Royal Christmas message has been read as far back as King George V in 1932 & 1935 over the radio, and then George VI in 1939, 1941–1942, 1945–1946, 1949 and 1951 up until Queen Elizabeth II read it on the radio from 1952 to 1956. It wasn't until 1957 that the event was televised.
  • Songs of Praise (1961 – present) – Every year songs of Praise celebrates advent Sunday's leading up to Christmas.
  • Text Santa (2011-2015)
  • Star Over Bethlehem (1977, 1979, 1981) - A live satellite transmission that featured Christmas music from around the world. USA contributions included remotes from a shopping mall in Columbia, South Carolina and the CBN studios in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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