List of Imerina monarchs

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Monarchy of Madagascar
Coat of arms of the Merina Kingdom.svg
Coat of Arms (1896–97)
Ranavalona III
First monarch Radama I
Last monarch Ranavalona III
Formation 6 July 1810
Abolition 28 February 1897
Residence Ambohimanga (spiritual)
Rova of Antananarivo (political)

Below is a list of Imerina monarchs.

Early monarchs in the Merina line[edit]

Below is a list of the line of Merina monarchs that ruled in the Central Highlands of Madagascar and from whom were issued the first true monarchs of a united Madagascar in the 19th century. Before the uniting of Madagascar, succession was based on the current monarch's designation of an heir, typically from among his or her own children. As such, the list below represents a direct genealogical line from the last 19th-century queen of Madagascar to some of the earliest known rulers identified in the 15th century or before. Prior to the 16th century, detailed information about the names and dates of Merina rulers becomes less consistent. Genealogy in this early period are derived primarily from oral history, while later names and dates are verifiable from primary sources. These combined sources provide the following list of Merina rulers preceding Andrianampoinimerina's unification of Imerina in the Central Highlands and his son Radama I's successful conquest of the majority of Madagascar, bringing the island under his rule.

Asterisks denote names drawn from oral history without substantive evidence to verify the ruler's life or reign, viz., legendary or semi-legendary monarchs.

Monarchs of the Kingdom of Madagascar (1810–1897)[edit]

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Notes Family Image
Radama I
  • the Great
1793 – 27 July 1828
(aged 35)
6 July 1810 27 July 1828 Son of Andrianampoinimerina Merina Radama I of Madagascar
Ranavalona I 1778 – 16 August 1861
(aged 83)
1 August 1828 16 August 1861 Wife of Radama I Merina Ranavalona I of Madagascar
Radama II (1829-09-23)23 September 1829 – 12 May 1863(1863-05-12) (aged 33) 16 August 1861 12 May 1863
Son of Ranavalona I Merina Radama II of Madagascar
Rasoherina 1814 – 1 April 1868
(aged 54)
12 May 1863 1 April 1868 Wife of Radama II Merina Rasoherina of Madagascar
Ranavalona II 1829 – 30 July 1883
(aged 54)
1 April 1868 30 July 1883 Wife of Radama II Merina Ranavalona II of Madagascar
Ranavalona III (1861-11-22)22 November 1861 – 23 May 1917(1917-05-23) (aged 55) 30 July 1883 28 February 1897
Niece of Ranavalona II Merina Ranavalona III of Madagascar

Monarchs family tree[edit]

Radama I
King of Madagascar
Ranavalona I
Queen of Madagascar
Andriamihaja Rainiharo
Radama II
King of Madagascar
Queen of Madagascar
Prime Minister of Madagascar
Ranavalona III
Queen of Madagascar
Prime Minister of Madagascar
Ranavalona II
Queen of Madagascar

After the fall[edit]

Niece and heir apparent of the Queen Ranavalona III, Marie-Louise, in 1900

After the fall of the Royal House, and the death of the last ruling Sovereign, Queen Ranavalona III's heir apparent, Marie-Louise, remained. She died childless in 1948.[1]

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