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President of the
Republic of Zambia
Flag of the President of Zambia.svg
Presidential Flag
Edgar Lungu January 2015.jpg
Edgar Lungu

since 25 January 2015
Term length5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holderKenneth Kaunda
Formation24 October 1964
DeputyVice-President of Zambia

The President of Zambia is the head of state and the head of government of Zambia. The office was first held by Kenneth Kaunda following independence in 1964. Since 1991, when Kaunda left the Presidency, the office has been held by five others: Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata, and current President Edgar Lungu. In addition, Acting President Guy Scott served in an interim capacity after the death of President Michael Sata.

Since 31 August 1991 the President is also the head of government, as the position of Prime Minister was abolished in the last months of Kaunda's presidential term.

The President is elected for a term of five years. Since 1991, the officeholder has been restricted to two consecutive terms.

Presidents of Zambia (1964–present)[edit]

No. President Took office Left office Time in office Party Election
Kenneth Kaunda
Kaunda, KennethKenneth Kaunda
(born 1924)
24 October 19642 November 199127 years, 9 daysUNIP1968
Frederick Chiluba
Chiluba, FrederickFrederick Chiluba
2 November 19912 January 200210 years, 61 daysMMD1991
Levy Mwanawasa
Mwanawasa, LevyLevy Mwanawasa
2 January 200219 August 2008 †6 years, 230 daysMMD2001
Rupiah Banda
Banda, RupiahRupiah Banda
(born 1937)
19 August 200823 September 20113 years, 35 daysMMD2008
Michael Sata
Sata, MichaelMichael Sata
23 September 201128 October 2014 †3 years, 35 daysPF2011
Guy Scott
Scott, GuyGuy Scott
(born 1944)
28 October 201425 January 201589 daysPF
Edgar Lungu
Lungu, EdgarEdgar Lungu
(born 1956)
25 January 2015Incumbent4 years, 360 daysPF2015


Latest election[edit]

Rank by time in office[edit]

Rank President Time in office
1 Kenneth Kaunda 27 years, 9 days
2 Frederick Chiluba 10 years, 61 days
3 Levy Mwanawasa 6 years, 230 days
4 Edgar Lungu 4 years, 360 days
5 Rupiah Banda 2 years, 325 days 3 years, 86 days
Rupiah Banda 126 days (Acting)
6 Michael Sata 3 years, 35 days
Guy Scott 89 days (Acting)

Living former Presidents[edit]

There are two living former Zambian Presidents and one living former acting president:

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