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Position of Andhra Pradesh in India
Position of Telangana in India

This is a list of satellite television channels in Telugu language (spoken in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) broadcasting at least throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.


State Owned[edit]

General entertainment channels[edit]

Movie channels[edit]

Music channels[edit]

Comedy channels[edit]

  • Gemini Comedy - 24Hrs comedy entertainment channel from Sun TV Network
  • ETV Plus - 24Hrs comedy entertainment channel from ETV Network

Women's channels[edit]

  • Vanitha TV - women's channel from Rachana Television

Lifestyle channels[edit]

  • ETV Abhiruchi - 24Hrs Telugu food & cooking channel from ETV Network

Health & Fitness Channels[edit]

Religious channels[edit]

News channels[edit]

  • No.1 News - news channel from MSR Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd
  • TV9 - news channel from Associated Broadcasting Company
  • ETV Andhra Pradesh - news channel from ETV Network
  • ETV Telangana - news channel from ETV Network
  • Gemini News - news channel from Sun TV Network
  • NTV - news channel from Rachana Television
  • TV5 News - news channel from Sherya Broadcasting Pvt Ltd
  • HMTV - 24Hrs news channel from Hyderabad Media House
  • Sakshi TV - news channel from Sakhi newspaper
  • ABN Andhra Jyothi - news channel from Andhra Jyothi newspaper
  • Mahaa News - news channel from Monica Broadcasting PVT LTD
  • Studio N News - news channel from Narne Network
  • I News
  • CVR News - news channel from Image Broadcasting India Pvt. Ltd
  • 10TV - CPM party news Channel
  • 6TV - news channel from LCGC Broadcasting
  • Express TV
  • 99 TV
  • Raj News Telugu - news channel from Raj Television Network
  • V6 News - 24Hrs news channel from Visaka Industries Media Group

Kids' channels[edit]

Infotainment and sports channels[edit]


  • Astro Vaanavil - There were selected time slot to show Telugu movie and shows.


Top five Telugu Channels in India[edit]

This is a list of top five Telugu Channels in India as per BARC ratings.[1]

Rank Channel name Weekly ratings (000s)
Week 24 (2016)
1 ETV Telugu 428851
2 Zee Telugu 410178
3 Maa TV 363366
4 Gemini TV 352338
5 Gemini Movies 189714

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