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Xbox Entertainment Studios

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Xbox Entertainment Studios
Company typeSubsidiary
Founded2012; 12 years ago (2012)
DefunctOctober 29, 2014; 9 years ago (2014-10-29)[1]
HeadquartersSanta Monica, California, United States
Key people
Nancy Tellem (president)
ParentXbox Game Studios

Xbox Entertainment Studios was a short-lived American television and movie studio based in Santa Monica, California created internally by Microsoft Studios in 2012, in order to create "interactive television content" for Xbox Live.[2]

On July 17, 2014, Microsoft confirmed that the studio would be closing.[3] On October 29, 2014, both the vice president and the president of the company departed, and the company was officially closed.[1]


At time of closure, Xbox Entertainment Studios was developing their first projects: a documentary about the video game crash of 1983,[4] a science-fiction drama titled Humans and a live action television series based on the Halo franchise in collaboration with film producer Steven Spielberg.[5] Future projects were to have included a remake of the BBC sci-fi series Blake's 7,[6] a reboot of the Canadian children's hospital documentary series Little Miracles, and an autobiographical series about rapper Nas.[7] The studio also intended to co-produce certain live events for Xbox Live, including future editions of the Call of Duty Championship, the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant and the VGX.[8]

Before the closure was announced, the studio released a street soccer focused reality series titled Every Street United to coincide with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Before closing, it released the video game documentary Atari: Game Over and the series spun off from Halo.[3]

In September 2014, The Hollywood Reporter reported that AMC was in talks to acquire the rights to revive Humans and that casting was underway.[9]

Several years after its closure, it was revealed that the studio were developing additional projects before closing, such as an adult animated series based on the Conker franchise.[10]

Original programming[edit]

Xbox Entertainment Studios developed original films and series in collaboration with a variety of studios:


Title Genre Premiere Episodes Length
Every Street United Reality/Sports June 15, 2014 1 season, 8 episodes 25-31 min.
Halo: Nightfall Drama November 11, 2014 1 season, 5 episodes 23-29 min.


Title Genre Premiere Length
Atari: Game Over[11] Documentary November 20, 2014 66 min.


Title Genre Premiere Format Length
Bonnaroo 2014 Live Festival Experience[12] Live Music June 12, 2014 Special (Live Event) 72 hrs.
Miss Teen USA 2014[13] Beauty pageant August 2, 2014 Special (Live Event) 120 min.

Cancelled Series[edit]

Title Genre Producer(s) Director(s) Premiere Episodes Time
3-2-1 Contact[14] Educational Sesame Workshop 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
A Walk in Your Shoes[14] Reality Breakthrough Entertainment 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Big Kids[14] Comedy 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Blake's 7 Remake[15] Sci-fi-drama Georgeville TV Martin Campbell 02009TBA 2014 02009TBA 02009TBA
Conker's Big Break[14] Adult comedy 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Cro[14] Edutainment Sesame Workshop 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
The Electric Company[14] Educational Sesame Workshop 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Untitled Halo live-action series[16] Live-Action Steven Spielberg TBA 02009TBA 2014 02009TBA 02009TBA
Humans[17] Sci-Fi Kudos TBA 02009TBA 2015 8 Episodes 60 min.
Little Miracles[14] Reality Breakthrough Entertainment 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Out There[14] Teen drama Sesame Workshop 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Sponk![14] Game show 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009TBA
Square One[14] Edutainment Sesame Workshop 02009TBA 02009TBA 02009 60 min.
Street Dreams [18] Biography TBA TBA 02009TBA 2014 02009TBA 30 min.


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