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This is a list of digital camera brands. Former and current brands are included in this list. With some of the brands, the name is licensed from another company, or acquired after the bankruptcy of an older photographic equipment company. The actual manufacture of a camera model is performed by a different company in many cases. In many cases brands are limited to certain countries. Not all brands of devices that can take digital images are listed here, including many industrial digital camera brands, some webcam brands, brands of cell phones that feature cameras, and brands of video cameras that can take digital stills. Defunct brands are listed separately.

Active consumer camera brands[edit]

As of February 2015, these brands offer some combination of compact digital cameras, bridge camera, digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs), and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILCs):

Flag Country Brand Notes
Australia Australia Blackmagic Design Digital video cameras, pro and consumer
Canada Canada VisionTek IP Cameras. Ranging from various megapixel and types of cameras. Commercial & Small Business cameras.
China China Aigo Compact digital cameras
China China Advert Tech Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) - IP Camera. Ranging from megapixel quality cameras to High Definition Cameras. It also goes by the name of Advert CCTV
China China Foscam IP Cameras
Denmark Denmark Phase One Medium-format cameras and digital camera backs
France France Thomson Waterproof digital camera
Germany Germany AgfaPhoto Compact digital cameras
Germany Germany Leica C-Lux, D-Lux, V-Lux, and the new Leica X1 compacts, S-series DSLRs, and the digital rangefinder M Series including the full-frame M9
Germany Germany Medion Consumer electronics digital cameras
Germany Germany Minox Compact digital cameras
Germany Germany Praktica Compact digital cameras
Germany Germany Rollei Compact digital cameras
Germany Germany Tevion Compact digital cameras and trail cameras
Germany Germany Traveler Compact digital cameras
India India Vageeswari Wooden field camera
Japan Japan Canon Ixus and Powershot compact digital cameras, Vixia camcorders, EOS M MILC and Digital EOS/Digital Rebel DSLRs
Japan Japan Casio Exilim compact digital cameras
Japan Japan Epson Japan-only digital rangefinder camera; previously offered compact digital cameras
Japan Japan Fujifilm FinePix compact digital cameras and X-series MILCs
Japan Japan Nikon Coolpix compacts, Nikon 1 series MILCs, and D-series DSLRs
Japan Japan Olympus C-, D-, FE-series, Tough and Stylus compact digital cameras; E-series DSLRs based on the Four Thirds System; and two series of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras based on the Micro Four Thirds System, the PEN digital series and OM-D series
Japan Japan Ricoh Caplio and other compacts and the unique GXR MILC
Japan Japan Panasonic Lumix compact digital cameras and Lumix DMC-G MILCs (based on the Micro Four Thirds System)
Japan Japan Pentax Optio compacts, K-series DSLRs, Pentax Q MILC, and the 645D medium-format DSL
Japan Japan Sigma Compact digital cameras and SD-series DSLRs
Japan Japan Sony Cyber-shot compact digital cameras, α DSLRs, and Sony NEX MILCs
South Korea South Korea Samsung Compact digital cameras and NX-series MILCs
Sweden Sweden Hasselblad Medium-format cameras (H System); mirrorless medium-format cameras (X System); lenses; multi-shot digital backs; photographic equipment
Sweden Sweden Memoto Wearable lifelogging camera
Taiwan Taiwan BenQ Compact digital cameras, bridge digital cameras
Taiwan Taiwan Genius Compact digital cameras
United States United States Bell & Howell Compact digital cameras
United States United States GE Name licensed by General Imaging; Compact digital cameras, bridge digital cameras
United States United States GoPro Highly compact personal-use rugged action cameras
United States United States HP Compact digital cameras manufactured by VistaQuest Corp.
United States United States Kodak Manufactured by JK Imaging; compact digital cameras, bridge digital cameras
United States United States Lytro Light field sensing cameras
United States United States Polaroid Compact digital cameras made by other manufacturers
United States United States Vivitar Compact digital cameras

Other active brands[edit]

These brands offer only non-camera digital imaging devices, or non-consumer digital cameras:

Defunct brands[edit]

These brands no longer produce digital imaging products:

  • Apple - compact digital camera
  • Acer - compact digital cameras
  • Autographer, OMG Life - wearable digital camera
  • Chinon - one early digital camera
  • Concord - compact digital cameras
  • Cool-iCam - compact digital cameras
  • Contax - produced one DSLR, several high quality SLR and galileian viewfinder models and two compact digital cameras
  • CyberPix
  • Gateway - compact digital cameras
  • HP Photosmart - compact digital cameras; left market in November 2007[1]
  • Imacon - digital camera backs; purchased by Hasselblad
  • Intel - produced one compact digital camera
  • Konica - compact digital cameras
  • Konica Minolta - compact digital cameras and DSLRs; assets relating to digital imaging were transferred to Sony in 2006
  • Largan - compact digital cameras
  • LG - compact digital cameras
  • Minolta - compact digital cameras and two unique DSLRs, acquired by Sony in early 21st century
  • Maxell - compact digital cameras
  • Microtek - compact digital cameras
  • Nintendo - Game Boy Camera - no longer offers digital camera accessory
  • Nytech - compact digital cameras
  • Premo - made cameras in the 1800's. Bought out by Kodak in the early 1900's
  • Sanyo - compact digital cameras
  • SiPix - compact digital cameras
  • UMAX - compact digital cameras
  • Yakumo - compact digital cameras
  • Mnyaga - compact digital cameras

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