List of massacres in Malaysia

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The following are a list of massacres that have occurred in Malaysia and its predecessors:

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Batang Kali massacre December 12, 1948 Batang Kali, Malaya 24 Killing of unarmed villagers by counter-guerrilla British Army troops.
Sook Ching February to July 1942 Japanese-occupied Malaya 70,000 Killing of ethnic Chinese populations in Malaya by the Imperial Japanese military, following similar actions in Singapore.
Parit Sulong Massacre January 23, 1942 Johor, Japanese-occupied Malaya Killing of Allied prisoners of war by the Imperial Japanese military.
Memali Incident November 19, 1985 Kampung Memali, Baling,
18 Killing of unarmed villagers by Royal Malaysia Police.