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Location of the London Borough of Southwark within London

The list of people from the London Borough of Southwark includes residents who were either born or dwelt for a substantial period within the borders of this modern London borough. It does not comprise notable individuals who only studied at educational institutions in the area, such as the Camberwell School of Art and the Dulwich College. Several of the men and women listed have been honoured with blue plaques in various parts of the borough, including more than 50 commemorative plaques awarded by the Southwark Council since 2003.[1]

In 1965, the Metropolitan Borough of Southwark, the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell, and the Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey were amalgamated to form the London Borough of Southwark. Located in the eastern part of South London, it is, along with the City of London, the oldest part of Greater London, with a history of civilisation that dates back to the Roman times.[2] One of the 32 London boroughs, it constitutes several urban and suburban neighborhoods, including Bermondsey, Bankside, Camberwell, Dulwich, Peckham, Nunhead, Rotherhithe, Walworth, and The Borough, located at the southern bank of the river Thames. The 2001 census recorded the population of Southwark to be nearly 244,866 residents, sixty-three per cent of whom are whites, sixteen per cent black African and 8 percent black Caribbean. For a decade, between 1997 and 2007, the borough's population grew at three times the rate of England as a whole. Sixty per cent of the borough's inhabitants are currently known to live in social housing.[3]

Notable residents[edit]

Key to "Notes" regarding the residents' affiliation to Southwark:

Letter Description
B Indicates that the resident was born in Southwark.
D Indicates that the resident died in Southwark.

Citations in the Notes box refer to the information in the entire row.

Academia and research[edit]

Scientist Michael Faraday
Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Michael Faraday Chemist and physicist, who invented the electric motor Newington B[6]
Clement le Neve Foster Geologist and mineralogist Camberwell B[7]
Benjamin Jowett Classical scholar, who served as Master of Balliol College, Oxford Camberwell B[8]
Anthony James Leggett Physicist, who received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics for work on superfluidity Camberwell B[9]
Alfred Marshall Economist, who wrote the popular textbook, Principles of Economics (1890) Bermondsey B[10]
Robert Recorde Physician and mathematician, who invented the "equals" sign (=) in 1557 Southwark D[11]
Edward Burnett Tylor Anthropologist, who is affiliated with the sociocultural evolutionism Camberwell B[12]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Comedy icon Charlie Chaplin
Actress Emma Thompson lived with ex-husband, Kenneth Branagh, in Camberwell
Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Jenny Agutter Film and television actress, who won an Emmy Award and a BAFTA Camberwell [13]
John Boyega Film actor currently starring in FOX series, 24: Live Another Day, alongside fellow British-American actor, Kiefer Sutherland. Peckham
Edward Alleyn Actor of the Elizabethan theatre, who founded Dulwich College and Alleyn's School Dulwich [14]
Pete Bennett Winner of Big Brother 7 television reality series Camberwell B[15]
Kenneth Branagh Actor and film director, who won an Emmy Award and an Oscar nomination Camberwell [16]
Michael Caine Actor, recipient of two Academy Awards, a BAFTA, and four Golden Globe Awards Rotherhithe B[6]
Charlie Chaplin Actor, comedian and filmmaker, an honoree of two Academy Awards Walworth B[17]
Pat Coombs Character actress, who worked in film, radio and television Camberwell B[18]
Madeline Duggan Character actress, well known for work in a BBC soap opera, EastEnders Bermondsey B[19]
Jenny Eclair Comedian, actress and novelist Camberwell [20]
Chiwetel Ejiofor Actor, with especial prominence on the London stage Camberwell [21]
Leslie Grantham Television actor, well known for work in a BBC soap opera, EastEnders Camberwell B[22]
Patricia Hayes Comedy actress, prominent for her work in television Camberwell B[23]
Lynette Hemmant Artist and illustrator Camberwell [24]
Albert Houthuesen Artist of still-lives, landscapes, seascapes, and portraits Camberwell [25]
Terry Jones Comedian, actor and filmmaker, best known as member of the Monty Python team Camberwell [26]
Boris Karloff Actor, best recognised as Frankenstein's monster in the 1931 film Frankenstein Camberwell B[27]
Martin McDonagh Playwright and film director, an Academy Award winner Camberwell B[28]
Erin O'Connor Fashion model Camberwell [29]
Samuel Palmer Romantic landscape painter, etcher, printmaker and writer Newington B
Claude Rains Actor and film star, winner of a Tony Award Camberwell B[30]
Tim Roth Film actor Dulwich B[31]
Thomas Sangster Film and Voice Actor Southwark [32]
Nicholas Serota Art curator, serving as director of Tate Gallery Camberwell [33]
Siouxsie Sioux Singer-songwriter of Siouxsie and the Banshees Southwark B
John Stainer Organist, composer, and professor of music at University of Oxford Southwark [34]
Tommy Steele Entertainer who brought rock music to the UK Bermondsey B
Emma Thompson Actor and screenwriter, winner of Oscars, BAFTAs, an Emmy, a Golden Globe Award Camberwell [16]
Steve Chandra Savale Musician Camberwell B
Mark Wallinger Sculptor, a YBA known for the Ecce Homo (1999), and State Britain (2007) sculptures Camberwell [35]
Florence Welch Singer/ Songwriter (Florence + The Machine) Camberwell B[36]

Engineering and technology[edit]

Famous motorcycle designer Edward Turner's Blue Plaque unveiled in 2009 at his former residence, 8 Philip Walk, Peckham, London SE15. He also ran a motorcycle shop in Peckham High Street.
Charles Babbage, "the father of the computer"[37]
Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Charles Babbage Victorian mathematician, inventor of the first mechanical computing machine Walworth B[6]
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Victorian engineer, who designed Great Western Railway and SS Great Britain Rotherhithe [6]
Marc Isambard Brunel Engineer, known for designing the construction of the Thames Tunnel Rotherhithe [38]
Edward Turner Engineer, who designed Ariel and Triumph motorcycles and Daimler cars Camberwell B [2]

Journalism and media[edit]

Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Jeremy Bowen Reporter and television presenter, best known as a war correspondent for the BBC Camberwell [39]
Peter Preston Editor of The Guardian (1975–95) and a chairman of International Press Institute (1995–97) Camberwell [40]
Zoe Williams Reporter and columnist for The Guardian and the New Statesman Camberwell [41]


Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Enid Blyton Children's author, with popular work like the Famous Five and Secret Seven series East Dulwich B[6]
Robert Browning Victorian poet and playwright, known for mastery of dramatic verse Camberwell B[42]
Camilla Dufour Crosland Victorian poet, novelist and writer on social and historical subjects, who died in: East Dulwich B[43]
Harry Buxton Forman Victorian bibliographer,editor,Shelley scholar Camberwell [44]
Charles Dickens Victorian novelist, journalist and social campaigner Southwark [6]
Chris Harris Consultant, Futures Thinker and Author of Hyperinnovation and Building Innovative Teams Camberwell [45]
Philip Massinger Playwright of works such as A New Way to Pay Old Debts and The Roman Actor Southwark D[46]
John Ruskin Art critic, social theorist, painter and writer Denmark Hill [47]
Hester Thrale Diarist and author, whose writings illuminate life in 18th-century England Southwark [48]
Mary Wollstonecraft Author and feminist, known for writing A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) Newington Butts [6]

Politics and government[edit]

Politician Joseph Chamberlain
Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Lord Eric Avebury Liberal Member of Parliament, 1962–70; Liberal Democrat Representative peer, 1999- Camberwell [49]
Joseph Chamberlain Liberal and Liberal Unionist politician, entrepreneur and imperial statesman Camberwell B [50]
Jack Jones General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union, 1968–77 Denmark Hill [51]
Harriet Harman Labour Member of parliament, 1983-; Leader of the House of Commons, 2007- Dulwich [52]
Simon Hughes Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (1983-) and party President (2004-) Bermondsey
Sir Timothy Laurence Naval officer, Equerry to Queen Elizabeth (1986–89), and husband of Princess Anne Camberwell B[53]
Henry Thrale Anchor Brewery heir, Member of Parliament (1765–80), Sheriff of the City of London Southwark [48]
Larry Whitty Labour politician; General Secretary of the Labour Party (1985–94) Camberwell [54]


Preacher C.H. Spurgeon
Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Hester Biddle Quaker pamphleteer, preacher and traveller Bermondsey D[55]
Edmund Bonner Bishop of London, known for persecuting heretics in Queen Mary I's Catholic rule Southwark D[56]
John Harvard English Clergyman, first benefactor to College, 1639 named Harvard University in his honour Southwark B[57]
Mother Mary Potter Founder of the Little Company of Mary in 1877. On 8 February 1988, Pope John Paul II proclaimed her Venerable. Bermondsey B[58]
Charles Spurgeon Reformed Baptist preacher and eponym for Spurgeon's College Elephant and Castle [59]


Rio Ferdinand, former captain of England
Name Notability District [4] Notes [5]
Bobby Abel Cricketer (1881–1904), who played as an opening batsman for the England cricket team Rotherhithe B[6]
John Bostock Footballer, who plays as a midfielder for OH Leuven Camberwell B[60]
Rio Ferdinand Footballer, who plays as a centre-back for Queens Park Rangers. Was also a former captain of England Peckham B[61]
Duncan Goodhew Swimmer, winner of gold and bronze medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics Camberwell B[33]
David Haye Boxer, former WBA heavyweight champion, former unified world cruiserweight champion and former European cruiserweight champion Bermondsey
John Keene Cricketer (1897–1907), who played as a bowler for Surrey, Worcestershire, and Scotland B
Nosher Powell Boxer and actor Camberwell B[62]
Martin Ruane Wrestler, known as "Giant Haystacks" and a European Union Heavyweight Champion Camberwell B[63]
Kenny Sansom Footballer, who played as a left back for Arsenal and England Camberwell B[64]

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