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This is a list of tartans from around the world. The examples shown below are generally emblematic of a particular association. However, for each clan or family, there are often numerous other official or unofficial variations. There are also innumerable tartan designs that are not affiliated with any group, but were simply created for aesthetic reasons.

British noble and regimental tartans[edit]

Tartans in this section are those of the current or former British royal family, of individual British nobility members, and of British military regiments that use traditional Scottish attire, mostly Highland regiments.

Image Association Origin Country Notes
Royal Stewart tartan.png House of Stuart/Stewart Highlands Clans, Scottish royalty Scotland The Royal Stuart (or Royal Stewart) tartan, first published in 1831, is the best-known tartan of the royal House of Stuart/Stewart, and is one of the most recognizable tartans. Today, it is worn by the regimental pipers of the Black Watch, Scots Guards, and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, among other official and organisational uses. It is commonly worn by the general public as general British symbol, though in theory it is the individual property of Elizabeth II.
Ye principal clovris of ye clanne Stewart tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png House of Stuart/Stewart Highland clans, Scottish royalty Scotland Another "royal" tartan of the House of Stuart/Stewart. It was referred to by George V as "my personal tartan",[This quote needs a citation] though it appears in the Vestiarium Scoticum at least 23 years before his birth. While the work's historical claims have been shown to be spurious, it described the design as the "clanne Stewart tartan", and the work was popular, so the tartan would have been familiar before George's birth in 1865. It is worn officially today by the regimental pipers of the Scots Guards, and remain in common civilian use as a Stewart/Stuart clan tartan. It

For additional Stuart/Stewart tartans, see the Clan Stuart entry below.

Prince of Rothesay tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Duke of Rothesay Highland clans; Scottish royalty Scotland The individual tartan of the Duke of Rothesay, a dynastic title of the heir-apparent to the British (and formerly separate Scottish) throne; currently Prince Charles.
Black Watch or Campbell tartan.svg Black Watch British military; roots among the Highland clans Scotland This is officially used by: the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 Scots); Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment); and 42nd Regiment of Foot. The tartan is also among the most common in civilian use, especially popular for evening-wear, owing to its muted tones.
HamiltonTartan.gif William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton Lowlands, Scottish nobility Scotland

Scottish clan tartans[edit]

The tartans in this list are those ascribed to particular clans of Scotland, including Highland, Lowland, Isles, and Borders clans. Their status varies widely; armigerous clans generally accept them, while some have been officially adopted or rejected by a clan chiefs.

Image Association Origin Country Notes
Armstrong tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Armstrong Borders clans Scotland
Barclay tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Barclay Lowland clans Scotland
Brodie tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Brodie Lowland clans Scotland
Bruce tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Bruce Lowland clans Scotland
Buchanan tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Buchanan Highland clans Scotland
Cameron tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Cameron Highland clans Scotland
Amcient campbell.png Campbell Highland clans Scotland This is the so called "Old Campbell" which is a lightened form of the Black Watch regimental tartan, adopted by Clan Campbell


Chisholm tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Chisholm Highland clans Scotland
Colquhoun tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Colquhoun Lowland clans Scotland
Comyn tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Comyn Lowland clans Scotland
Cranstoun tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Cranstoun / Cranston Borders clans Scotland
Crawford tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum - plate).png Crawford Lowland clans Scotland
Cunningham tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Cunningham Lowland clans Scotland
Davidson Half Tartan, Modern Davidson Highland Clans Scotland Most popular tartan of the Clan Davidson.
Douglas tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Douglas Lowland clans Scotland
Drummond tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Drummond Lowland clans Scotland
Dunbar tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Dunbar Lowland clans Scotland
Dundas tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Dundas Lowland clans Scotland
Erskine tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Erskine Lowland clans Scotland
Farquharson tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum) (Stewart - 'The Setts').png Farquharson Highland clans Scotland Based on the Black Watch tartan.
Forbes tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Forbes Lowland clans Scotland
Fraser tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Fraser Lowland clans Scotland
Gordon tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Gordon Borders clans Scotland
Graham tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Graham Borders clans Scotland
Grant tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Grant Highland clans[1] Scotland
Gunn tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Gunn Highland clans Scotland
Hamilton tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Hamilton Lowland clans Scotland
Hay tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Hay Lowland clans Scotland
Home tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Home Borders clans Scotland
Johnston(e) Tartan.svg Johnstone / Johnston / MacIan Borders clans Scotland Sometimes also rendered Johnson, though this surnames often has non-Scottish origins.
Kerr tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Kerr Borders clans Scotland
Lamont tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Lamont Highland clans Scotland
Lauder tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Lauder Lowland clans Scotland
Leslie tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Leslie Lowland clans Scotland
Lindsay tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum - plate).png Lindsay Lowland clans Scotland
MacArthur tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacArthur Highland clans Scotland
MacDonald of the Isles tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacDonald Highland clans Scotland
Clanranald tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacDonald of Clanranald Highland clans Scotland
MacDougall tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacDougall Highland clans Scotland
MacDuff tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacDuff Highland clans Scotland
MacGregor tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacGregor Highland clans Scotland
MacFarlane tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacFarlane Highland clans Scotland
MacIntyre tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacIntyre Highland clans Scotland
MacKay tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacKay Highland clans Scotland
MacKenzie tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Mackenzie Highland clans Scotland
MacKinnon tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Mackinnon Highland clans Scotland
MacKintosh tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Mackintosh Highland clans Scotland
MacLachlan tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacLachlan Highland clans Scotland
MacLaren Tartan.jpg MacLaren Scotland [2]
MacLean tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacLean Highland clans Scotland
MacLeod tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacLeod Highland clans Scotland
MacNab tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Macnab Highland clans Scotland
MacNeil tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png MacNeil Highland clans Scotland , but not recognized by the current chief as a clan tartan.
Macneil of Barra tartan (Clan Macneil).jpg Macneil of Barra Highland clans Scotland One of two official tartans of the Clan Macneil.
Macneil of Colonsay tartan (Clan Macneil).jpg Macneil of Colonsay Highland clans Scotland One of two official tartans of the Clan Macneil.
MacNicol or Nicolson tartan (Logan).png MacNicol / Nicolson / MacNeacail Isle of Skye Scotland Called MacNicol or Nicolson tartan
MacPherson tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Macpherson Highland clans Scotland
MacQuarrie tartan (J. Grant).png MacQuarrie Highlands Scotland
MacQueen tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Macqueen Highland clans Scotland
MacQueenTartan.png Macqueen Scotland Image shows both Macqueen tartan setts. The black-red-yellow is better known while the blue-red-yellow is considered to be an "artifact variant".
MacTavish Tartan (Modern Red).jpg MacTavish / Thompson Highlands Scotland
Maxwell tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Maxwell Borders clans Scotland
Menzies tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Menzies Highland clans Scotland
Montgomery tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Montgomery Lowland clans Scotland
Munro tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Munro Highland clans Scotland
Muir or More tartan.png Muir Highlands Scotland California State tartan, seen below, is based upon this pattern.
Murray tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Murray Highlands Scotland
Ogilvie tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Ogilvy / Ogilvie Lowland clans Scotland
Oliphant tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Oliphant Lowland clans Scotland
Ramsay tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum - plate).png Ramsay Lowland clans Scotland
Robertson tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Robertson Highland clans Scotland
Rose tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum - plate).png Rose Highland clans Scotland
Ruthven tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Ruthven Lowland clans Scotland
Scott tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Scott Borders clans Scotland
Seton tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Seton Lowland clans Scotland
Sinclair tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Sinclair Lowland clans Scotland
Clan Stewart tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Stewart/Stuart Highland clans Scotland For additional Stewart/Stuart tartans, see Royal Stuart, above.
Sutherland tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Sutherland Highland clans Scotland
Urquhart tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Urquhart Lowland clans Scotland
Wallace tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Wallace Lowland clans Scotland This pattern dates back to 1842. It is also known as "Wallace Dress" or "Wallace Red", and is used on the 3M brand Scotch tape.
Wemyss tartan (Vestiarium Scoticum).png Wemyss Lowland clans Scotland
Wood Tartan.jpg Wood Lowland clans Scotland Incorporates the colors of the Duke of Fife and Angus district tartans – areas with which the Woods are historically connected.[3]

Scottish non-clan family tartans[edit]

Tartans in this list are ascribed to specific families or surnames, though not to Scottish clans; they range in date from 21st century to considerably older.

Image Association Origin Country Notes
McCandlish, red, 1255x1255 square.png McCandlish Loch Lomond area, Wigtownshire, and Ayrshire Scotland Registered with STA in 1992 (no. 3324) and STR in 2009 (no. 5216). Also exists in green, grey, and arisaid (white-field) variants.[4]
MacFie tartan (w2r24g4r2g32r2g4r24y2).png McPhee Colonsay Scotland
Oliver tartan.gif Oliver Borders area Scotland
Park tartan pattern.jpg Park Scotland

Non-Scottish family tartans[edit]

These are (mostly modern) tartans created for families without a direct connection to Scotland.


See Cornish kilts and tartans § Family tartans.

Organisational tartans[edit]

Tartans in this list are modern ones pertaining to particular commercial, non-profit, and military organisations. (For the Highland regiments, see above.)

Image Association Origin Country Notes
Burberry pattern.svg Burberry Check Company design England Created in the 1920s, this pattern is known as the "Burberry check". It was originally used as a lining in the company's trench coats.
Usafr tartan.jpg US Air Force Reserve Pipe Band Strathmore Woollen Company United States Adopted by the band in the early 1990s. Although it has no official US Military recognition, it has been widely accepted by US servicemen with Air Force connections. Originally created in 1988 as Lady Jane of St Cirus. A variation of this is named US Forces Thurso.
DunBrochTartan.jpg DunBroch/Merida Disney United States Created for the 2012 film Brave

Regional tartans[edit]

Tartans in these lists were created (mostly in modern times) for particular national and sub-national jurisdictions, most often officially, though with some exceptions.


See Regional tartans of Canada.


See Cornish kilts and tartans § National tartans.

United States[edit]

See List of U.S. state tartans.

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